Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The shop assistant Xiaomei greeted Gu Ci with a smile and welcomed her. They both had a pair of snobbish eyes. Gu Ci was wearing only a few hundred yuan T-shirt and jeans, but her temperament was elegant and graceful. On the other hand, Gu Ziyu looked like a little prince from a wealthy family. Standing there, he seemed to say, “I am very expensive!”

“I want to try on this cheongsam,” Gu Ci pointed to the dress.

“Okay, please wait a moment!” Xiaomei hesitated for a moment and ordered someone to take down the cheongsam for Gu Ci to try on. Gu Ci and Gu Ziyu waited on the side, but unexpectedly, Gu Chuyun and several other girls were also in the store.

“Gu Ci, you actually came to Dragon Phoenix?” Chen Ying covered her mouth and smiled contemptuously. “Their high-end gifts start at three million yuan. Do you have that kind of money?”

Gu Chuyun and the other socialites stood there like stars surrounding the moon, smiling gently without saying a word, allowing others to humiliate Gu Ci.

Gu Ci’s face turned slightly cold, but she did not speak. Xiaomei, the shop assistant, could tell that there was a conflict between them and felt a headache coming on. She was most afraid of aristocratic ladies fighting in the store. No one could afford to offend them.

“Some people just have no self-awareness and don’t even know their own status. Dragon Phoenix does business by letting anyone in, lowering our standards and taste. Get Gu Ci out of here,” said Gu Chuyun, and her friends joined in, united against Gu Ci.

“Gu Ci, be smart and get out. Who do you think you are to enter Dragon Phoenix ?” said her friends, in agreement.

Gu Ci looked at them with deep, mocking eyes. Xiaomei was also very worried and hurriedly informed the store manager.

Gu Ziyu’s young face was covered with a sinister veil, secretive and ruthless. He was too young and cute, lacking the power to intimidate, but he coldly made a phone call.

Gu Chuyun arrogantly said, “Gu Ci, this is indeed a place you can’t afford. You better leave obediently and avoid embarrassing yourself.”

Gu Ci felt annoyed and asked Xiaomei, “Does Dragon Phoenix Restaurant still sell this dress?”

Xiaomei was very troubled. Gu Chuyun was a famous violinist throughout the country, and her friends were all wealthy and powerful. She couldn’t afford to offend them. But Gu Ci’s temperament was not something she could offend either.

Most importantly, she thought that Gu Ci would look like a fairy in this dress, and who wouldn’t like a pretty girl?

Gu Chuyun was slightly displeased. This store assistant was so short-sighted and couldn’t read the situation at all. “I’ll buy this dress. It’s just a matter of placing an order. You’ll get your commission,” she said.

The store manager, Anna, rushed over. She was the manager of Dragon Phoenix Restaurant.

“Anna, where did you hire this tactless shop assistant? They’re lowering our standards for the sake of commission. I’m buying this dress for Gu Ci today, but we won’t buy clothes from Dragon Phoenix Restaurant again,” Gu Chuyun threatened. “You’re not just losing a sale.”

Xiaomei felt very wronged, but she didn’t dare say anything.

Anna couldn’t afford to offend Gu Chuyun, so she adopted a tough attitude with Gu Ci and said, “Miss Gu Ci, I’m sorry, but this qipao was designed by our boss and is not for sale. Dragon Phoenix does not sell it. Please leave.”

Gu Ci sneered and pulled out Lu Zhiyuan’s black card. “I’ll ask again, does Dragon Phoenix sell this qipao or not?”

Anna was arrogant and contemptuous, but her face changed dramatically when she saw the black card. Cold sweat instantly dripped down her forehead as she asked, “How did you get this black card?”

Gu Ci looked at her coldly and mockingly. Before she could say anything, her phone, which had been in communication with Gu Ziyu, switched to a video call. A cold voice came through the screen.

“Anna, you’re fired!” The voice belonged to Ji Cheng, the boss of Dragon Phoenix, and it sounded like the cold wind blowing over an ice sheet. Gu Ziyu held his phone up to Anna’s face.

Gu Ci looked at Gu Ziyu in surprise. Ten years later, Ji Cheng was the ruler of the Black Hawk Group, a dark king who was decisive and ruthless. Now, he was still a young man who had not yet seen the world. How did Gu Ziyu get in touch with Ji Cheng?

She never expected that Dragon Phoenix was Ji Cheng’s shop.

Ji Cheng’s handsome and aloof face appeared on the screen, and Anna was shocked and fearful. “Bo…Boss? I was wrong, I’m sorry. I didn’t know Miss Gu Ci had a black card. I…”

“Go to the personnel department and collect your compensation!” Ji Cheng said indifferently. “Xiao Mei, from today onwards, you are the manager of Dragon Phoenix. Similar incidents will not be tolerated in the future.”

A big pie suddenly dropped from the sky and landed on Xiao Mei’s head, who had just started her job. She was stunned, but thankfully she had gone through training and was able to keep her composure. “Yes, boss!” she said.


“Why?” Qiao Yamei screamed. She had always admired Ji Cheng, who was mysterious, handsome, and standing at the top of the pyramid. He was the dream closet of every woman. “Gu Ci clearly isn’t worthy. I’m your loyal fan and a VIP of Dragon Phoenix. You can’t betray us.”

Ji Cheng seemed to have heard a joke. “I designed the clothes, and I can sell them to whoever I want. Gu Chuyun just said that if I sold the qipao to Miss Gu Ci, you would no longer buy clothes from Dragon Phoenix. As you wish, Xiao Mei, put them on the blacklist. Dragon Phoenix will not do business with them.”

“Yes!” Xiao Mei, who was now the manager, straightened her back.

Gu Chuyun, Qiao Yamei, Chen Ying, and others were furious. Wearing Dragon Phoenix’s clothes was a symbol of being a socialite’s daughter, how could Dragon Phoenix put them on the blacklist?

“Mr. Ji, please calm down. What did we do to offend you?” Gu Chuyun asked in a gentle voice.

Gu Ziyu sneered and turned the phone around. Ji Cheng saw the little bun in the picture and, after being surprised, smiled warmly. “Little Bun, are you satisfied?”

“Yeah!” Gu Ziyu said. “I’m very satisfied.”

“Say hello to your sister for me!” Ji Cheng said gently. “This is the first qipao I designed this year. I hope to meet its owner someday.”

Gu Ziyu never let Ji Cheng see Gu Ci from beginning to end.

Ji Cheng hung up the phone and ignored Gu Chuyun and the others calling out to him.

Xiao Mei came forward sincerely and cheerfully. “Miss Gu Ci, let’s try on the qipao!”

Gu Ci nodded and followed Xiao Mei to try on the qipao. After she entered the fitting room, Xiao Mei came over and retrieved all the clothes that Gu Chuyun and the others had picked out. “I’m sorry, ladies. You’ve been put on Dragon Phoenix’s blacklist. Please leave, including Anna!”

Gu Chuyun and the others were shocked and angry. They never expected to be blacklisted by Dragon Phoenix.

Gu Chuyun glared at Gu Ziyu fiercely. Who was this guy? How was he able to get a hold of Ji Cheng? Gu Ci was just a powerless Cinderella, so how did she have a black card?

“Who are you?” Gu Chuyun asked angrily.

Gu Ziyu smiled innocently yet cruelly. “I’m Gu Ziyu, your nightmare.”

Gu Chuyun, Anna, and the others were politely and firmly asked to leave by Xiao Mei. This was a humiliating experience for Gu Chuyun, who hated Gu Ci. She asked Anna, “Whose black card is it?”

Anna looked bitter and also blamed Gu Chuyun. If she had known that Gu Ci knew Lu Zhiyuan, she wouldn’t have offended her. Now she had lost her job. She said with a bad temper, “It’s Lu Zhiyuan’s!”

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