Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Gu Chuyun was shocked. Jealousy and anger intertwined in her heart. She clenched her fists tightly, and hatred spread.

Gu Ci, you deserve to die!


Gu Ci and Gu Ziyu returned with a car full of shopping, which was brought to the Global Sports Center. They looked like they were going to stay there for a lifetime. Lu Zhiyuan laughed when he saw this.

“Miss Gu sure knows how to shop,” Li Jiang said in awe. One qipao cost 15 million, electronic products were 5 million, and there were some miscellaneous items.

“Is it too much?” Lu Zhiyuan said. “You hinted at her to buy whatever she wants.”

Li Jiang looked at Lu Zhiyuan speechlessly. Miss Gu treats you like an ATM, do you still need to hint at her?

Third Young Master, you’re really a lapdog, spending money to win a woman’s smile. You’re too foolish!

Gu Ci and Gu Ziyu returned to the Global Sports Center in the evening. The lights were just beginning to come on, and only Li Jiang was waiting for them downstairs. He had already arranged for someone to hang Gu Ci’s clothes in the closet, and everything was well-organized. All the electronic products were moved to the study, and many of them he had never seen before.

“Where’s your Third Young Master?” Gu Ci asked.

Li Jiang smiled. “Third Master…oh, Third Young Master is training.”

Gu Ci didn’t notice Li Jiang’s slip of the tongue. Gu Ziyu counted the electronic products, and Li Jiang asked, “Young Master, do you need my help?”

Gu Ci didn’t know if it was her misconception, but she felt that Li Jiang was a bit of a lapdog to Gu Ziyu. In her previous life, although Gu Ziyu was young, he was a legitimate young master and had a great deal of power. Li Jiang obeyed him without question. She could understand that. But in this life, Gu Ziyu was just a baby, so why were you still such a lapdog to him?

“No need!” Gu Ziyu said calmly.

“Okay, then I’ll go upstairs first,” Li Jiang said. “Miss Gu, if you need anything, call me. Third Young Master will be training all night, and he won’t have his phone with him.”

“Okay, I got it!” Gu Ci remembered something. “Li Jiang, what’s the limit for this black card?”

“There’s no limit,” Li Jiang smiled cryptically. “Third Young Master said you can spend as much as you want. He has plenty of money, so you can even buy a building if you want.”

Gu Ci was speechless.

She didn’t believe that Lu Zhiyuan would say that! After all, Lu Zhiyuan swore that he didn’t like her and they had been enemies since childhood. They hadn’t even fallen in love yet.

Gu Ziyu secretly added one point to Lu Zhiyuan’s score.

Back at the Gu family mansion, Gu Chuyun was furious when she heard from a private detective that Gu Ci and Gu Ziyu were living in the Global Sports Center, under the care of Lu Zhiyuan. She slammed her hand on the dressing table, causing the bottles of cosmetics and perfumes to fall over.

“Gu Ci, how dare you go to Lu Zhiyuan! How dare you!” Gu Chuyun was so angry that her face contorted.

Lu Zhiyuan was hers!

He belonged to her!

No one could take him away! Whoever coveted him, she would kill them!


At the Global Sports Center, Gu Ci helped Gu Ziyu take out the parts from the box. Gu Ziyu skillfully assembled them. He bought six 50-inch monitors and hung them on the wall.

Gu Ci watched his son deftly assembling something and asked Gu Ziyu, “Ziyu, how did you get in touch with Ji Cheng?”

“He hasn’t changed his phone number,” Gu Ziyu said lightly. “He will be mine sooner or later. Why not exploit him early?”

“Hasn’t he joined the Black Hawk Group yet?”

In the previous life, the Black Hawk Group was the world’s largest conglomerate, involved in finance, real estate, artificial technology, and biopharmaceuticals, dominating the industry and an entity that no one could afford to offend. Lu Shijie was able to defeat Lu Zhiyuan because of the support of the Black Hawk Group.

After Lu Zhiyuan’s death, Gu Ziyu supported Ji Cheng to seize power when he was five years old. On the night of Ji Cheng’s successful seizure of power with Gu Ziyu’s help, Gu Ci left this world.

“Mom, I just didn’t look at you for one night,” Gu Ziyu looked quietly at Gu Ci, without resentment or sadness. “You didn’t want me anymore.”

Gu Ci was stabbed by Gu Ziyu’s gaze. Her Ziyu had experienced so much hardship and sadness to have such a dead-eyed look. “Ziyu, I’m sorry!”

“Did you not want me because you saw me do something bad, and I’m not the good son you thought I was?” Gu Ziyu’s eyes were like the cold depths of autumn, chilling to the bone, asking about the confusion he had hidden in his heart.

“No!” Gu Ci felt bitter in her heart. She touched Gu Ziyu’s face, tears in her eyes. She gently pulled up Gu Ziyu’s shirt, revealing a truth she had never dared to face. Gu Ziyu’s chest and back were covered in scars.

These were the evidence of her hurting Gu Ziyu.

“Mom really can’t control herself, always hurting Ziyu. My existence seems to be your nightmare. That night, I knew you and Ji Cheng succeeded, and no one could hurt you in the future except for me. So I thought, if there was no mom, you would live better. This thought was uncontrollable, so I left you.”

Gu Ci looked at Gu Ziyu’s quiet eyes, her heart aching like a knife. “Ziyu, Mom didn’t not want you. Mom was just sick. Can you forgive Mom?”

“I don’t blame Mom!” Gu Ziyu awkwardly wiped away her tears, still quiet. “Mom, are you better now?”

Gu Ci nodded, holding her son’s cold little hand and kissing it.

“Then don’t leave Ziyu again.”

“I would never.”

Gu Ziyu thought to himself that he needed to become strong quickly, to become his mother’s protector. Although he disliked his father always occupying the first place in her heart, he would protect his father. As long as his father was okay, his mother would not get sick.

Gu Ci whispered, “Ziyu, Mom loves you.”

Gu Ziyu was stunned, looking at her in shock, forgetting to even fake a smile. This was the first time he heard Gu Ci say she loved him, a love he had longed for in his past life because after his father died, his mother went crazy.

In Gu Ziyu’s eyes, his mother only loved his father and not him, so she heartlessly abandoned him.

Gu Ziyu cried out in his heart that his mother was lying, that she didn’t love him at all. But it didn’t matter, he loved his mother. He smiled and said, “I love you too, Mom.”

His mother was lying. She loved him, but it didn’t matter. It was fine as long as he loved his mother.

That night, Gu Ci had a nightmare about her past life. She sat on the balcony with disheveled hair, with a blank expression. Outside the yard were people sent by Gu Chuyun and Lu Shijie to watch over them. Her face was scarred, with two thick and ugly scars running across her cheeks, and her hands were covered in ugly scars. Little Gu Ziyu brought a bowl of sweet soup and slowly fed her.

As he fed her, he told her stories, but Gu Ci had no reaction and was still blank. Suddenly, there was a strange music in the room, which stimulated her nerves and drove her insane. She knocked over the bowl in Gu Ziyu’s hand and started beating him wildly, as if she wanted to vent something. Gu Ziyu was beaten until his head was bleeding and his back was cut deeply by broken dishes and chopsticks, but he didn’t make a sound. He looked at Gu Ci with a sad, white face, watching her lose her mind. The music in the room finally stopped, and Gu Ci gradually calmed down. She saw Gu Ziyu lying in a pool of blood, rushed over to hold him, and roared angrily and helplessly. The blood-covered Gu Ziyu quietly and gently wiped away her tears and said, “Mom, don’t cry. Ziyu isn’t in pain…”

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