Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Lu Zhiyuan paid no attention to Li Jiang and seemed to have made a decision. He grabbed the door and left.

Gu Ci remained silent throughout the journey, and Gu Ziyu’s eyes were filled with a hint of gloom. People who upset their mothers were always disliked in this world.

“Mom, why did Dad reject you?” Gu Ziyu asked.

Gu Ci tapped the steering wheel gently with her fingers. “Dad is an athlete who needs to train regularly. Besides… he was 25 when he fell in love with Mom. Now he’s only 20 and we don’t know each other well. It’s normal for him to refuse.”

Gu Ziyu was smart. It would be foolish to deceive him, so she could only tell the truth while still maintaining Lu Zhiyuan’s image.

“Uncle Li Jiang said that Dad has liked Mom for many years. If he’s secretly in love with you now, why would he refuse?”

“Secret love is a self-indulgence. Maybe Dad’s pride is too strong and he doesn’t want us to know,” replied Gu Ci.

Gu Ziyu, with his small head and big question mark, asked, “Mom, if you’re actively asking him to live together, and he likes you, he should welcome you.”

Gu Ci hesitated, unable to come up with a lie.

“Baby, to tell you the truth, your dad doesn’t like me yet,” she finally said.

“Ha!” Gu Ziyu was angry. “He really has no taste. Mom, don’t like him either.”

Gu Ci chuckled. “Then we wouldn’t have you.”

“It’s okay!”

“That’s not okay!” Gu Ci glanced at Gu Ziyu, who had a strong possessive streak and looked unhappy. “To have a baby, you need to like Dad too.”

Gu Ziyu’s gloomy face became lively with excitement. “Really?”


The visible joy in Gu Ziyu’s eyes and the previously disguised smile suddenly had a warmth to them. Gu Ci’s heart softened. This little baby was so easily satisfied.

Gu Ziyu knew that he wasn’t as important to his mom as her dad was, but occasionally being lied to by his mom made him happy enough. He would never be foolish enough to ask his mom who was more important, him or his dad.

A flashy sports car whizzed by and parked on the side of the road, forcing Gu Ci to stop her car. Gu Ci rolled down the window and her filter for Lu Zhiyuan from the previous life almost shattered.

“Lu Zhiyuan, are you crazy?”

Gu Ziyu thought to himself, Beautiful! The more his mother hated his father, the closer he would be to the number one spot in his mother’s heart.

Lu Zhiyuan got out of the car and said, “I changed my mind. You and the little one can come live with me.”


Lu Zhiyuan brought Gu Ci and Gu Ziyu back to the Global Sports Center and arranged for them to live downstairs. The downstairs was also a large flat with a similar interior design. Lu Zhiyuan said, “You can live here, but we need to agree on some ground rules.”

Gu Ziyu’s evaluation of Lu Zhiyuan fell from the bottom to the abyss. With a fake smile on his young face, he felt that playing cute in front of Dad might test his acting skills.

Your son and wife are staying at your house, and you’re setting ground rules. You’re really something.

Gu Ci nodded.”Go ahead.”

Lan Zhuyuan replied, “The competition period is over, and I need to start training again. You guys staying here cannot affect my daily training.”

“Of course!” Gu Ci raised an eyebrow. This was a given. As an athlete, no one could interfere with Lan Zhuyuan’s daily training. She didn’t need him to say it; she already knew.

She wanted to see Lan Zhuyuan’s spirited performance on the competition field. In her past life, he had been comatose for five years, and afterwards, she, who was physically and mentally disabled, had consumed all of his attention, causing him to never touch a race car again.

“My schedule is different from others, as I train at night,” said Lan Zhuyuan, unperturbed. “So, don’t go upstairs at night, but feel free to do as you please during the day.”

“Okay!” Gu Ci asked, “What else?”

“No outsiders allowed inside the house,” Lan Zhuyuan replied indifferently. “Unless I agree.”

“Okay!” Gu Ci thought this condition was too normal. She had thought Lan Zhuyuan would propose something more stringent. She knew him well. Racing drivers all have big hearts, and Lan Zhuyuan was no exception. He had a firm will and determination, and once he made a decision, it was difficult to change his mind.

Therefore, when Lu Zhiyuan initially refused her request to stay with him, she didn’t explain. “Lu Zhiyuan, why did you change your mind? I’ve known you for so many years, and I know your bottom line,” she said.

Li Jiang secretly thought, “Miss Gu Ci, you are actually Third Young Master’s bottom line.”

“At the engagement banquet of Gu Chuyun, with something like this happening, and you can’t go back to your own home. Do you want to wander the streets? After all, we grew up together. We can’t just stand idly by,” Lu Zhiyuan explained.

Gu Ci chuckled. “Then, Three Young Master, please give me some living expenses.”

Lu Zhiyuan fell into a subtle silence. He smiled and asked Gu Ci, “Miss Gu Er, when did we become such impolite acquaintances?”

“I’ll pay you back!” Gu Ziyu’s competitiveness suddenly emerged, and he felt that his mother could support herself.

Lu Zhiyuan couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the child’s determined face. He took out a black card and handed it to Gu Ci. “No need for that.”

After settling them in, Lu Zhiyuan took Li Jiang and left. Today, Lu Zhiyuan won the championship, and the Dynasty Racing Team had many celebration activities. After he left, Gu Ci took Gu Ziyu to go shopping. Despite having low material desires, Gu Ziyu insisted on buying the most high-end electronic devices, which cost over four million yuan for a set. Gu Ci looked at the black card given by Lu Zhiyuan suspiciously and said, “What if we max it out?”

“Is Dad really that stingy?” Gu Ziyu asked.

Gu Ci silently handed over the black card. Lu Zhiyuan looked at the spending notifications on his phone at the celebration event and raised an eyebrow with a sweet and indulgent smile. He also felt a bit inexplicably satisfied, “She really didn’t hold back.”

Gu Ci bought five million yuan worth of electronic devices for Gu Ziyu in one breath. Then they bought some daily necessities, clothes, shoes, and other items. Gu Ci enthusiastically helped dress up Gu Ziyu, specifically choosing big brands for him, including gentlemanly, casual, and cool styles. It was as if she wouldn’t stop until she maxed out the black card.

“Mom, I don’t go out much, so why do I need so many clothes?” Gu Ziyu asked.

“That’s why you need to go out more often in the future,” Gu Ci replied.

Gu Ziyu was speechless.

“You are Lu Zhiyuan’s son. It’s only natural to spend his money,” Gu Ci said.

Gu Ziyu could only indulge Gu Ci and let her satisfy her shopping desires. As they passed by the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, Gu Ci was stunned by a set of red cloud gauze cheongsam inside.

It had a slim fit, a standing collar, and was made of rare and exquisite red cloud gauze. The skirt was adorned with large embroidered roses that looked vivid and lifelike. Gu Ci fell in love at first sight and even felt a sense of excitement. Gu Ziyu said, “Mom, you are Lu Zhiyuan’s wife. It’s only natural to spend his money.”

“You make a good point,” Gu Ci raised an eyebrow. “Anyway, I’ll be his wife sooner or later. I might as well enjoy my rights in advance, right?”

“Let’s go!” Gu Ziyu pulled Gu Ci into the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, a high-end fashion brand owned by a renowned international designer named Ji Xuan. A set of his designs was highly coveted by women all over the world. The Dragon Phoenix Restaurant was also a favorite among socialites and wealthy daughters, and A-list celebrities who wore Ji Xuan’s designs usually borrowed them.

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