The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Zhi Yao had been able to transform into a human long ago.

But at that time, she was alone here and didn't understand anything.

It was this woman who suddenly appeared and told Zhi Yao that she was very beautiful, and asked her if she was interested in becoming a big star.

Zhi Yao didn't know what a star was. She just obediently followed her after the woman gave her very tasty bread and candy.

But Zhi Yao never expected that this woman...would actually try to sell her!

Pei Chiyao keenly sensed that something was wrong with the little fox in his arms. The little thing that was just sleeping peacefully in his arms just now, at this moment, had its front paws on the car window, its eyes staring fixedly outside without blinking, its body stiffly arched, its soft little white fur standing on end, making it look like a little sea urchin.

"What's wrong?" Pei Chiyao spoke in a low voice, trying to soothe the little fox.

Only then did Zhi Yao come back to her senses.

She retracted her gaze, "Mmph mmph mmph!" There's a super super bad woman outside!

The little one whined dissatisfiedly, her tone undulating, sounding almost like cursing.

Older Brother Sun in the driver's seat suddenly turned his head back, "Why do I feel like this fox is cursing?"

Pei Chiyao didn't say anything.

He raised his eyes and looked out the window. Aside from the director, there was only one obese, fat woman.

Could it be...the little thing recognized them?

The car stopped and the door opened. Pei Chiyao quickly got out of the car.

As soon as he got out of the car, he attracted the attention of everyone at the filming location.

"Movie star Pei is here!"

The director rubbed his hands eagerly and flew over, "Movie star Pei, I've already prepared lodging for you. You can have your assistant take a look to see if there's anything unsatisfactory. Let me know anytime and I can help arrange it here too. Or, would you like me to take you around here first?"

That voice...also sounded a little familiar.

As soon as Zhi Yao looked up, she was stunned!

Wasn't this director the one the bad woman brought her to see before?!

At that time, the director had quite the temper! His attitude was very impatient, and he almost chased them away. Fortunately, later she used her exquisite acting skills to impress him! Only then was she allowed to stay.

She didn't expect...he was so obsequious in front of Pei Chiyao!

Only then did Zhi Yao size up Pei Chiyao again.

What was Pei Chiyao's background?

The little fox raised her small head and gazed at Pei Chiyao.

With just one look, the little fox felt a little dizzy.

So handsome...

So good-looking...

Such a nice scent...

Little fox really likes him!

At the moment, Zhi Yao's little head couldn't think about much else, because her whole fox self was completely bewildered by Pei Chiyao.

Pei Chiyao didn't pay any attention to the director. He lowered his eyes and rubbed the little fox's head, but unexpectedly, what he felt when he touched her was wetness. He also saw her golden eyes filled with fascination.

This really is a rare sight - he could actually see "fascination" in a fox's eyes?

He flicked Zhi Yao's head and said, "So shameless."

She actually looked at him until she drooled.

Only then did the director notice the little bundle Pei Chiyao was holding.

When he saw it was a fox, he was startled, "This, this, this..."

The director had just opened his mouth to say something when Older Brother Sun pulled him aside to give him a lecture.

Immediately after, Zhi Yao sensed the director's doubtful and uncertain gaze.

However, Pei Chiyao had already sat down holding Zhi Yao.

Today was just the first day of filming, without any actual shooting.

Zhi Yao felt sleepy in Pei Chiyao's arms. The April weather was just right, the sunshine on her body was warm, and the little fox instantly wanted to take a nap.

"What a lazy fox, didn't you just wake up?" Pei Chiyao's voice sounded by the little fox's ear, but his voice was so nice, Zhi Yao became sleepier the more she listened, as if it were a lullaby.


"What a cute little fox! Can I pet it?"

This voice instantly jolted the half-asleep Zhi Yao awake from her dream. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the woman.

It was her?!

Lu Yi?!

It was her! She put drugs in her drink! And almost sent her to that ugly man's bed!

Zhi Yao's disgust instantly peaked!

While Pei Chiyao didn't even bat an eyelid.

Lu Yi was a little embarrassed, but still continued, "What a coincidence. The role I'm playing in this drama is also a little fox! I didn't expect Movie Star Pei to have a little fox too. It's so cute."

Lu Yi kept talking to herself. Seeing that Pei Chiyao had no reaction, she thought he accepted it. She reached out her hand to try to touch Zhi Yao.

Zhi Yao immediately let out a "Grrr", dodging Lu Yi's hand. She leapt onto Pei Chiyao's shoulder in one bound, baring her teeth fiercely at Lu Yi.

Lu Yi was instantly rather embarrassed. "Little fox, I didn't have any malice."

In that instant, she looked at Pei Chiyao in such a pitiful manner. Her appearance was as if the little fox not letting her pet it was an unforgivable crime.

"Get lost." Pei Chiyao finally spoke.

However, what came out of his 37 degrees lips were such cold words.

Lu Yi was completely incredulous about what she had heard.

"Mmph mmph mmph mmph!" Zhi Yao indignantly told Pei Chiyao about all the evil deeds Lu Yi had committed against her! Not caring if Pei Chiyao could understand or not!

In short, the more she cursed, the more delighted she was!

"Chirp chirp gobble chirp gobble! Wah wah wah! Meow!" She was so angry even cat language came out!

Perhaps the commotion here was too loud, finally alerting the director, Older Brother Sun and that fat woman.

The fat woman was scared out of her wits. She hurriedly pulled Lu Yi behind her, "What are you doing! That's Pei Chiyao. Is he someone you can just casually talk to?"

Lu Yi opened her mouth, wanting to say something but held back because there were too many people here. She was indignant.

It was precisely because he was Pei Chiyao that she wanted to talk to him!

However, what Lu Yi didn't know was...Pei Chiyao had the worst temper in the industry.

He was a child star, a genius in the entertainment industry, and the Pei family's eldest young master. He held the lifeline of the country's entire economy in his hands, with boundless power and prestige.

He was born with a silver spoon, accustomed to doing whatever he pleased.

Arrogance itself was Pei Chiyao's biggest label.

"Chirping away nonsense, those who don't know would think you're a silly bird." Pei Chiyao grabbed the little fox who was chirping away incessantly on his shoulder.

Although his actions looked rough, only Pei Chiyao and Zhi Yao knew he hadn't used any strength at all.

"You really dislike her?" Pei Chiyao raised his eyebrows, suddenly interested.

How could a fox have someone it disliked?

It was a bit interesting.

He raised his eyes and looked straight at Lu Yi for the first time.

Pei Chiyao's breath was completely blowing by Zhi Yao's ear. His voice was gentle, but his words made Lu Yi feel extremely frightened. "Then should I make her scram, okay?"

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