The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Pei Chiyao suddenly picked up Zhi Yao and held her tight against his hot, bare chest. Only then did Zhi Yao finally realize one thing: Pei Chiyao was naked!

She felt her entire body burning up as her mind grew dizzy. Never in her life had she been so close to a man before, let alone a naked, handsome man like this.

She was no longer pure...wuwuwu...

Luckily her fur was thick so no one could see her flushed face.

Pei Chiyao set Zhi Yao down on the ground. Zhi Yao immediately began staggering around, the dizzy fox completely disoriented. Her mind and vision were full of male sensuality.

She stared longingly at Pei Chiyao's eight pack abs, practically drooling.

So fair, she wondered what he tasted like.

*pant pant*

Pei Chiyao raised his hand and flicked Zhi Yao on the head. "Didn't expect you to be a little vixen. Could you be a mother fox?"

He had just finished washing up and when he bent over to catch Zhi Yao, he flipped up her tail to take a look.

How could Zhi Yao let anyone see such a private area? She bared her teeth ferociously, putting on an extremely fierce look to try and scare Pei Chiyao away. "Mmm mmm!" She was a girl! Men and women should not interact inappropriately! Don't come over here!

But how could Pei Chiyao possibly be afraid of Zhi Yao?

Seeing that she was about to lose her purity, Zhi Yao didn't even think before reaching out her claws to scratch Pei Chiyao.

But as fast as Zhi Yao was, Pei Chiyao was even faster.

He grabbed her little paw in one hand and flipped up her tail with the other. "It really is a little mother fox."

Older Brother Sun also squeezed over, wanting to take a look. "Let me see, let me see, Chiyao can even tell this?"


Older Brother Sun hadn't even touched a hair on the little fox before Pei Chiyao swatted him away.

I see.

Seeing Pei Chiyao's icy cold gaze, Older Brother Sun instantly understood.

This was his private possession. No one else, not even a hair, could touch it without permission.

Older Brother Sun awkwardly pulled his hand back and said to Pei Chiyao: "Chiyao, don't get me wrong. I'm not against you keeping it, but shouldn't you take her to the hospital first? What if the little mother fox has some kind of disease? That would be bad."

When Older Brother Sun said this, Zhi Yao did not react at all.

Pei Chiyao raised his hand and poked the little fox's soft ear. Zhi Yao still had no reaction.

His eyes narrowed, sensing something off about the little fox.

"To the hospital!"

Although they hadn't been together long, Pei Chiyao already understood Zhi Yao's personality well. She was a little fox who could understand human speech and was very shrewd. With Older Brother Sun saying she was diseased, how could she not have a reaction?

What Zhi Yao didn't know was that the only thought in her fox brain right now was five words—she was no longer pure!

By the time the car arrived at the pet hospital entrance and Pei Chiyao stepped inside, Zhi Yao finally regained her senses.

Seeing the vast white space filled with the smell of disinfectant, she felt an extreme sense of fear for some reason. Especially when they tried to put her into the equipment to examine her, alarm bells immediately went off in Zhi Yao's mind!

She violently thrashed about, looking at Pei Chiyao with eyes filled with disappointment.

"Mmm mmm!" Liar!! Big liar!!

After taking her purity, now he was going to send her to a lab for research! He was worse than that ugly man last night!

Mother was right! There wasn't a single good man!

Seeing Zhi Yao's nervousness, Pei Chiyao raised his hand, wanting to rub her head to comfort her, but...

Zhi Yao bared her sharp claws for a swipe, scratching Pei Chiyao's hand until it bled.

Bright red blood beads instantly seeped from his snow-white skin. Set against his extremely fair complexion, it created a strange beauty.

Seeing this, Older Brother Sun was shocked. "Good heavens! Chiyao, are you alright? I told you not to come. This little beast..."

"Shut up!" Pei Chiyao angrily snapped at Older Brother Sun.

He completely ignored his own injury, as if he couldn't even see it. He still reached out, wanting to touch Zhi Yao.

Zhi Yao snarled, not holding back at all as she swiped her claws again.

But this time, Pei Chiyao didn't dodge at all. "Be good. Don't be scared. It's just an examination, okay?"

He gazed down gently comforting the little fox in his arms with soft, soothing words.

Zhi Yao dumbly looked at Pei Chiyao.

Wasn't he angry?

She suddenly remembered scratching another human before.

That person had fiercely thrown her from two meters up. Thankfully she wasn't an ordinary fox so she didn't die.

But she was injured for a long time after that.

From then on, Zhi Yao never dared to leave Mother's side again.


Pei Chiyao's cold voice broke Zhi Yao from her thoughts. "Be good. Don't be afraid."

He gently stroked Zhi Yao over and over, his icy voice like shards of ice tapping together soothing her fearful heart.

He...he was like Mother!

The little fox's eyes grew moist.

"I'll be with you, okay?"

With Pei Chiyao accompanying her, Zhi Yao underwent a full examination.

The results were great. She was extremely healthy without any illnesses.

Only then did Older Brother Sun finally relax.

He tremblingly said to Pei Chiyao: "Chiyao, shouldn't you get your injury treated too? And just to be safe, get a rabies vaccine?"

But Pei Chiyao simply stood up and coldly replied: "No need."

He hugged the little fox tightly. Seeing her fall asleep in exhaustion, an unfamiliar gentleness filled Pei Chiyao's eyes.

As for the wound on his hand...

Pei Chiyao's lips quirked up coldly. "Now that you've marked me, don't even think about escaping me your whole life."

From the moment Pei Chiyao first saw Zhi Yao, he had an inexplicable sense of familiarity and possessiveness towards her.

It was as if this wasn't their first meeting.

The feeling was strange, yet Pei Chiyao didn't resist it. In fact, he liked it very much.

The whole ride back, Zhi Yao slept in Pei Chiyao's arms.

Pei Chiyao's scent of light sandalwood was wonderful, even better than the smell of delicious meat. She dreamed sweet dream after sweet dream accompanied by his fragrance.

Until...a familiar voice instantly woke Zhi Yao from her dreams.

"Director, about Zhi Yao's accident some time ago...Don't you think our little Yi is more suitable for this role? She's obedient, sensible, and got first place this year in Performance at University A! I feel she's much more fitting than that wretched Zhi Yao!"

That voice...It was!!!

Zhi Yao's eyes shot wide open.

Sure enough, that plump figure entered her sight.

She would never forget! She would always remember that vile woman!

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