Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Title: Does anyone know this song?

Author: MangChida

Who knows this song? I couldn’t record it because it was sang by my neighbor upstairs.


This is how it sounds like!


-How can people recognize the song from that?

-Isn’t that ‘Together’ by West Wing?

-Here’s another West Wing fan..….

-Write down the lyrics.

MangChida: I couldn’t hear well because it was from upstairs. What if I fell from the balcony and die if I leaned in more?

-So no lyrics…….

– MangChida:…


That’s how the pop song forum on the Internet turned silent.

Even spammers didn’t appear on the forum anymore. But a topic from the same author came again the next day and it eventually reached the trending topic.

Title: Continuation of the song I was finding yesterday!

Author: MangChida.

I found it. They performed in our apartment playground!

They haven’t debuted yet. They are a group called Brown Black. The title of the song was “Start”! It’s great!

I even got their first autograph!




-What’s the big deal?

-You are promoting a group that didn’t even debut?

-Do rookies promote like this these days? -Great.


– I think they made 10,000 anti in just a day.

There was a huge amount of hate comments coming in an instant brought by the two topic written by “MangChida” and it quickly spread across multiple sites.

[Common way to promote rookie idols]

The man downstairs was at a loss.

“No, I didn’t mean to do this.….”

When he tried to find of the video of himself together with Brown Black’s on their show on YouTube, it somehow edited out.

It was edited out to prevent rumors that Seo Eun-chan had casted a person.


A high school senior who just finished the college entrance exam is invincible!

Lee Mi-yeon was holding a placard up and cheering while sitting down.

She became a fan of West Wing since their first year. Back then, she was amazed by their first performance.

Right now, things she could only see on television, were now in front of her.

“Are you Sarang?” (Sarang is the username of Lee Mi-Yeon.)

“Oh, hello!”

It was her first time watching a music show live, so she decided to meet a co-fan who has been in touch with her through SNS these past three years.

It was a woman whose username was Haneul.

Haneul sat next to her smiling.

“West Wing will come out at the end. ‘Til then, listen to the other singers’ songs. It will give us a good reputation, as fans, if we are respectful to other singers.”

“Yes, I understand!”

She was waiting nervously, but it’s now starting.

[Hello! This is Music Show]

[I am MC Lia!]

[While I am MC Minwoo!]


The staff put up an applause sign.

Lee Mi-yeon, clapped a beat late as Haneul was clapping skillfully beside her.

“So pretty.”

‘I guess that’s why they’re an idol.’

The MCs are much prettier and handsome in person.

Whispers were heard in front of Lee Mi-yeon as she was mesmerized by seeing idols in person for the first time.

“Oh, I think we’re the only ones here.”

“No choice. There aren’t any famous trainee amongst Brown Black. Sigh, it is actually amazing that they even have fans before debuting.”

“Who are they?” Lee Mi-Yeon peeked and saw some people holding the same placards.

[I love you, BB!]

[Brown Black, fighting!]


‘If it’s a debut, is it today? Brown black?’

Lee Mi-yeon tilted her head.

[My heart is already racing from the first performance]

[Yes, an amazing rookie groups is debuting!]

[Oh, have you met them, Lia?]

[No, but I am looking forward at their performance!]

Lee Mi-yeon nodded at the MCs’ introduction.

She could already guess that the first stage is thet group that the people in the front row is cheering for.

“It’s their debut stage, so they might make a mistake.”

“I know. West Wing’s debut stage was…….”

Perhaps Haneul was listening too, as she shook hsr head.

Debut stage will remain a dark history of West Wing.

However, it was the debut stage that received love and hatred by fans because that same performance became a stepping stone that made them famous.

[Oh, they are under a sweet name. Cocoa Entertainment!]

[We hope that everyone who watches “The Music Show” will support them on their debut stage!]

[Brown Black begins!]

Lee Mi-yeon and Haneul didn’t expect much. They clapped with the thought of just supporting them because it was just their debut stage.

Four men stood on the stage.

Brown Black, dressed in a suit, looked like a newbie to society who just got a job or well-dressed freshman at the university.

As the song began, the audience fell into silence.

The chatter, coughs, and rattle sounds of chairs caused by the fans talking to each other, while waiting for their idols, disappeared.

The numbers that only Seojun could see were shining on Brown Black’s head.

The orchestra conductor connection was triggered.

Lee Mi-yeon was mesmerized by the stage of the idol she saw for the first time.

She looked at the stage without blinking.

Her mouth was wide open.

Before she could say anything, Brown Black’s song reached the climax.


The fireworks of the stage was fired.

She got goosebumps.


After finishing the performance, Brown Black bowed to the audience with having a breathing difficulty.

Lee Mi-yeon clapped her hands without realizing it.

Only applause and cheers rang out in the audience.

Brown Black, bowed their head again while going back in the backstage.

“Wow, this is what live is all about? I’ve only watched it on TV every day and…I haven’t even been to the concert! Wow. If a debuting group is this amazing, the West Wing stage would be more than what they showed!”

Lee Mi-yeon was very excited so she expected more from her idols.

She didn’t expect that a debuting group stage performance was this amazing.

She heard that the performance of group that just debuted will be like this would be terrible and full of mistakes, but this was really unlike what the rumors she had heard of.

Having a great expectations growing inside her, she was thinking about how tye performance of West Wing, a five-year-old and famous idol group, would be.

Haneul, which was clapping beside Lee Mi-yeon, came also to her senses.


“What’s wrong?”

Haneul shook her head.

She was thinking it better for Lee Mi-Yeon see it with her eyes than with words.

Haneul saw people in the front seat.

They must have been the first fans among many groups to be happy about the great stage that their debuting idol delivered.

As she expected, the fans in front row are more chaotic than others.

Haneul read the placards that those people were holding.

[Brown Black]

This was the arrival of a Monster rookie.

The music show’s performance continued. However, unlike the usual, the audience did not respond well.

If the fans favorite singer came on, they responds, but it was weak.

This was cause by the first stage. They still couldn’t forget how amazing their performance was.

Unknowingly, they were comparing the first stage with the performances of other singers.

The music show ended with West Wing’s performance.

Lee Mi-yeon got up from the chair with a disappointed look on her face.

“I was really looking forward to it, but I don’t think it was actually good. I think the song was half lip synced and there were some parts where the dance didn’t match.”

“The first group that came out was amazing.”

Haneul tapped Lee Mi-yeon’s drop down shoulder.

Lee Mi-yeon recalled the first stage from the Music Show. It made her heart race even after when she was watching the other singers’ performances.

“What was the name of the group?”

“Brown black.”

Haneul, who decided to be a fan of Brown Black, laughed.

* * *

The music show was now over.

The staff members were cleaning up the confetti that exploded at the end.

Kim Min-hyuk brought a cup of coffee with a smile.

Producer Lee Sang-cheon received the cup and took a sip.

This guy wanted to work with him together, even for just preparing a coffee.

“It was better than I thought.”

“Hmm? What?”

“Brown Black? The group with the Rich Man’s youngest son.”

“We are screwed.”


Kim Min-hyuk, who was smiling before hearing Lee Sang-cheon’s words, was surprised.

He thought, the stage was good, but was actually ruined?

“Sigh, the response for the singers after them was bad especially the last one where the confetti was popped out.”

“It’s really embarrassing, but…….”

Producer Lee Sang-cheon held his forehead. How should he sponsor them now and help them in the industry if they are good?

He thought that he could help the group with a rich man son to receive a higher rewards if they promote in LA but… They actually performed better than veterans. He should have treated them better if this was the case!

He pick up a confetti without even realizing it.

Producer Lee Sang-cheon had a headache just thinking about the performance an hour ago.

Kim Min-hyuk sat on the chair and asked.

“We received a lot of ratings today. After their performance, it was so popular on social media.….”

“It’d be great if it was a recorded broadcast. But it’s actually a live broadcast. I heard that the first performance was so cool, so I turned on the channel, but it’s the same as usual. The trend probably went off by now.”

Kim Min Hyuk turned on his cell phone thinking so, “Is that so?”

“And besides, they’ve been talking about them for a while. We actually had them perform first, that’s what screwed us. We should have changed their order to a later stage, but how come they were so nervous during rehearsals!”

Despite Lee Sang-cheon’s lamentation, Kim Min-hyuk just stared blankly at his cell phone.

The producer thought there was something wrong with him so he asked him: “What’s wrong?”

“They’re on the real-time charts.”

Kim Min-hyuk showed his cell phone screen.

1. The first stage on The Music Show.

2. Brown Black the Music Show

3. Brown Black

4. Start Brown Black

5. Review of The Music Show

6. NEW! Brown Black and Jun’s 48 Hours


Title: Look at this.

Author: MangChida.

I didn’t know my post would become a hot topic. I’m not promoting them. I’m serious.

Brown Black will debut on WNET The Music Show.

Their performance will be at 6 o’clock. I’m not promoting them! If you want to swear on them, just look at their stage first before criticizing them!

-Yeah, another promotion.

-They really debuted?!

-I’ve been looking for the song!


-Wow. The First stage… Was Legendary!

-I wanted to see how good they were, but they are really so good. I got goosebumps when the confetti exploded.

-The singers after them are really bad at singing.

-I made a mistake. The first performance was so good. Well, I am not sure about West wing.

-You said it was their debut stage… How come they are so good?

-I don’t know if they would become popular or not in the future, but the song was really good.


-They were on a show on YouTube…Did you watch that?

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