Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Seo Eun-hye turned on the television.

She connected YouTube to the TV and browsed [Jun]’s channel.

In order to post the videos, Seo Eun-chan asked for the username and password of the channel.

A video came up on the television. Lee Min-joon, who was playing with Seojin, sat on the sofa holding him to his legs.

Seojun was holding a baby bottle tightly. ~~Smack, smack.~~

“It’s already the last episode.”

“I know. I can see how much fun Seojun had.”

It was now early December and the video being uploaded was already the last one.

They watched the video they received from Seo Eun-chan whenever they had time, but it was different to the edited one with subtitles and captions.

It’s already been a month, and Seojun is now nine months old.

“The nine-month-old Seojun became cuter and stronger.”

It felt like it was just yesterday when Seojun was looking at the Christmas tree, and uttered his first words.

The camera that Seo Eun-chan left behind clearly captured him saying mom and dad for the first time.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon stored the video in their laptops, in three external hard drives, and in the cloud.

The Christmas tree was being decorated by Seojun and Brown Black in the living room. Thy didn’t took down the Christmas tree yet.

“Now, let’s see.”

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon watched the last episode on the television.

Seojun sitiing on his father’s lap, was playing with his bottle and looked at his palms. His hands got a little bigger after growing for a month.

The baton symbol on his right palm became a little blurry, and the baton symbol on the left palm became a little darker.

As Seojun grows, the insigna of the orchestra conductor will remain in his left palm.

They became quite close to Brown Black. They would always contact them when they had time during practice during this month. Now they really seemed like a close brothers to Seojun.

[Let’s write a letter to Jun for the last time!]

Captions were laid and the couple’s eyes looked to an album in one of the cabinets. There were letters and signatures from Brown Black.

They will definitely become a famous idol, so their second autograph belongs to Seojun.

“If Seojun’s autograph is the second one, who got the first one?”

“It wasn’t on the video.”

It was the man from the playground that got the first autograph.

Come to think of it, the videos in playground and the lullabies at night was not included.

‘Well, they must have other things for that.’

Seojun looked at the screen.

He could see the older brothers stuttering and sending video letters with their red faces.

Although he already knew the contents of the letter because his dad read it, he liked it better when the older brothers told it to him in person.

After the last episode, Seo Eun-hye turned off the television.

She held her cell phone and looked at the number of views.

“The people who watch from the first episode has watched it till the end.….”

“Not many people were watching.”

“I heard Chan is satisfied with this much…….”

Lee Min-joon also looked up at the cell phone screen.

As they run [JUN], they were forced to compare it to the channel JUN.

It was because they got used to more than 5 million subscribers.

“That’s because it’s Seojun’s channel! There is a lot more work to do! They haven’t even made their debut yet. There’s still no fan caf! Also It’d be great if half the view counts became fans!”

Seo Eun-chan, who was on the phone with Seo Eun-hye, said taking out all of his frustrations.


On the last episode, there was a small message from Brown Black.

Hello, we’re Brown Black.

I hope you enjoyed [Brown Black and Jun’s 48 Hours]

Tomorrow at 6 p.m. We’re going to have our debut performance on WNET’s The Music Show.

If you have time, please watch our debut performance.

We want to become an idol who touches people’s heart.

We look forward to you all!

This is Brown Black.


Last Thursday of December.

WNET was currently in the middle of rehearsals.

Producer Lee Sang-cheon of The Music Show was on stage with the monitor screen and was watching the new idol singing.

“The song sounds good, but they are too nervous… Well they are first group in a new company.”

Kim Min-hyuk, a junior, said while handing over a cup of coffee.

Lee Sang-cheon shrugged and took the cup.

“That’s where he is, isn’t it?”


Kim Min-hyuk was a junior who Lee Sang-cheon liked because he could make coffee well.

Making coffee well in places where job was very competitive was a very good advantage.

Kim Min-hyuk would work harder to his superiors if he knew that his coffee-making skills were what gave him his position.

“The youngest son of a rich family from LA is in this group.”

“Well, lot of sons and daughters from Rich family wants to be a celebrity, don’t tgey?”

“But they would prefer being an actors or join a bigger agency.”

The rookie idol group, which was now stage, left the stage with their shoulders down. Producer Lee Sang-cheon’s eyes looked at their backs.

“If you were the youngest son of King’s Market, you could just play around for the rest of your life.”

King’s Market.

It was one of the top three markets in the U.S. it is a market that operate in various parts of the U.S. with the main branch in the Korean towns of LA.

It was a very large market that many people liked. It does not only sell Korean food but also Asian food ingredients were available.

“There must be a lot of competition, too.”

Producer Lee Sang-cheon said Kim Min-hyuk.

“But why did you give them a slot? Even if we were to kick out some other group, there would be month left before they got a slot. I could’ve put in someone famous for a special performance.”

Kim Min-hyuk rolled his thumb and index finger. Lee Sang-cheon snapped his finger to hit Kim Min-hyuk on the back of his head. “Ugh!”

“Senior, I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding!”

Kim Min-hyuk was holding the back of his head.

“We’re doing more music shows overseas starting next year.”

“Yes. What? Global Korean Wave? I guess you think everything would okay if you say it like that.”

“That’s why we need to do it where many Koreans lives to attract a lot of audiences. Like in LA or…….”

Kim Min-hyuk exclaimed as of he understood his meaning.

“LA King’s Market!”

“Yeah, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you them performance and create a good image. If it goes well, they could become a sponsor even if they do not, it doesn’t matter.”

“Then don’t you have to say hello? You have to shake his hand to see his face.”

Producer Lee Sang-cheon’s eyes looked at Kim Min-hyuk.

“I’m sure you’re the only one who can express patheticness with your whole body. You’ve been here for years…….”

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry.”

One of the singers came to the stage and shouted at the microphone.

The music stopped and the lights got dark.

Kim Min-hyuk and Lee Sang-cheon looked at the monitor screen.

Kim Min-hyuk sighed deeply when he saw the owner of the voice, and Lee Sang-cheon PD held his forehead.

He was the leader of the West Wing, a boy band in their fifth year.

Yeah, he was wondering why it was so quiet.

“Oh, that shit again…….”

“Watch your mouth.”

“Yes, yes.”

Lee Sang-cheon gave directions to the microphone and the lights brightened.

The rehearsal has begun again.

West Wing made rough movements and went down after the rehearsal.

Kim Min-hyuk, who was looking at the screen with undesirable eyes, gulped up the remaining coffee and raised his head.

“Oh, where were we at?”

“About going to say hello?”

“Yeah. Why aren’t you going?”

A man and a woman came up on the next stage.

It was a unit made by one member of a boy idol group and one member of a girl idol group under the concept of Duet.

Rumors have been circulating that they were dating right after building the unit.

The two people and the agency denied it, but since then, it has been the cause of the groups’ fans falling apart.

“The entertainment world is a place where scandals can ruin a career immediately. Even if they just touch each other’s shoulders, a scandal will appear on the media, and if they we’re a little cold to the reporters, they would become outcast.”

Producer Lee Sang-cheon crumpled the paper cup.

“Sigh… Let’s continue with the king’s market topic.”

“If you haven’t even made debut, you can go to their waiting room and say, ‘I’m the PD.’ What do you think?”


Producer Lee Sang-cheon poured the remaining coffee into his mouth.

“That’s not good for them and it’s bad for me. They will think that The Music Show PD gave this performance with a reason.”

“Then if you go without saying who are your is also good, right?”

“They must know the PD’s name right now.”

But Brown Black was not thinking about the producer’s name.

The groupd huddled together in a large waiting room together with other artist.

Brown Black was in a corner while looking down at their phones.

Seo Eun-chan said quietly.

“Kids, get a hold of yourself.”

But everyone was just staring at their cell phones.

Kevin’s cell phone had rap lyrics, Choi Si-yoon’s cell phone had dance videos, and Park Seo-jin and Hwang Ye-joon were listening to the song with their earphones.

“Everyone made a series of mistakes on the rehearsal stage and was out of their mind.” Seo Eun-chan sighed as he said those words.

He has been trying to talk to them for a while, but they hasn’t answered yet.

Can they even hear his voice?

Everyone’s eyes were red.

No one wanted to tear up with their Make-up on so everyone tried to hold it back.

Seo Eun-chan’s cell phone rang as he tried to sigh again.

The saviour name Seojun texted them!


It was the day of Brown Black’s debut.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon sat on the sofa. Seojun was sitting on his father’s lap with the Orc doll in his arms.

“They’re finally making their debut.”

“Seojun, the older members are going to be on TV soon and sing.”


Now, Seojun can speak other words as well.

“Yes, your brothers.”

Seojun hit the cell phone. As if saying ‘Brother, I miss them!’

Recognizing his gesture, Seo Eun-hye sent a text to Seo Eun-chan.

A reply came without even waiting for a second.

-Seojun wants to see the kids. Can I talk to you?

-Great! They’re so nervous about their debut right now.

A video call came from Seo Eun-chan.

“Seojun, your older brothers are here to talk to you.”



“Wait! Don’t push me!”

“Hwang Ye-joon! Calm down!”

“Huh. Seojun!”

Seojun could see Brown Black’s face taking all the screen.

Their colorful makeup was on their faces, but their expression was not good. They were biting their lips as if they were very nervous and anxious.

Seojun tilted his head.

The Orchestra Conductor Connection was fine.

It was high for the time being but…

Connection bond. What’s wrong with it?

The high number dropped by 20.

“Seojun, can we do this well?”

Among Brown Black’s loud noises, this single phrase was what captured their attention.

Seo Eun-chan, who was holding his cell phone, the couple and Seojun stopped for a moment.

The distracted Brown Black also became quiet.

“Okay. Can we do this well? Everyone else other than me will do well. But… What about me? I had no faith in myself.”

This belief influenced the bond.

Seojun clenched his fist at the gloomy appearance of Brown Black.


‘What’s wrong with the low connection?

I can raise the “conductor bond.” But I don’t know if it’ll go up because I’ve never used it like this, but anyway cheer up!’

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon saw Seo raising his arms and said quickly.

“Look, Seojun says fighting!”

“Come on, you can do it guys!”

“You practiced hard!”

“Yeah, we’ve been practicing all day and night! We’ve improved a lot while filming with Seojun!”

Seojun kept shouting fighting.

Seojun, raise his arms up and down.

Hwang Ye-joon’s face, which was stiff earlier has slowly loosened.

Starting with Hwang Ye-joon’s smile, the members burst into laughter.

That little baby, who knows nothing, cheered them up.

“Seojun is cheering for us!”

“I can’t just say I’m going to die.”

“Watch TV!”

“Seojun, thank you!”


Seojun’s eyes saw that the number was rising again.

That’s a relief.

Seojun sighed and laughed.

After the video call, they got a message from Seo Eun-chan.

-Thank you! The kids, cheered up!

–I’ll watch it with Seojun! Good luck!

Seo Eun-hye, who put down her cell phone, watch the television where a commercial was playing.

The channel was WNET.

Seo Eun-hye opened her mouth and sighed.

“…Shall we tell them we’re going to America soon?”

“Well, we’re having dinner tonight, so let’s talk bring this topic out.”

Lee Min-joon patted Seojun’s stomach and said.

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