Maybe a Fake Gintama

Chapter 481: For a Virgin, the First Kiss Is Indeed No Small Matter!

Maybe a Fake Gintama Chapter 481 For a Virgin, the First Kiss Is Indeed No Small Matter!

[A three-legged race to the Pandemonium, or Pan for short, and the first to finish eating it wins.]

The host continued to explain the rules of the match.

"First, my ass! " Shinpachi pointed at the Pandemonium hanging at the end of the path and retorted, "That monster is not edible, damn it!"

However, Kagura did not care at all. She came to Shinpachi's side and squatted down. She used a ribbon to tie her left foot and Shinpachi's right foot together.

[... Alright, contestants. On your mark!]

"Hell no!" Shinpachi closed his eyes. The corners of his eyes were full of black lines. He shook his head frantically to refuse, "Not in this life! I refuse to go! No more!"



Shinpachi hurriedly shouted to stop, but neither the host nor Kagura gave him the chance to react.

Just as the host shouted [Go!], Kagura shouted and rushed straight toward the finish line! As for Shinpachi, because he was not able to react in time to catch up with Kagura's footsteps, he stumbled and fell to the ground.

Just like that, Shinpachi was dragged to the finish line by Kagura.

However, compared to Kagura and Shinpachi, who had reached the finish line in an instant when the host had just shouted out, the combination of the Shirino Onmyoji and the Shikigami in the other group still remained in the same place, unable to take a step forward.

[What's this?! Team Shirino cannot run due to the Shikigami's size!] The host shouted out the reason.

"Ow! My crotch is being torn apart!" Yasunori, who was trying to take a step forward with Yashamaru, cried out in pain.

"What are you doing?!" Outside the arena, the veins on Douman's forehead bulged out as he said, "Hurry up!"

"Oh! This time, maybe..." On the other side, Seimei clenched his fists, and his face revealed a bit of hope.

"See, I told you." Gintoki on the side held his hands and said.

'Pandemonium...' Kawaki frowned slightly and stared straight at the Pandemonium hanging at the finish line, 'I always feel like... I have heard this name somewhere, and the appearance is also very familiar...'

"Stand up! Shinpachi! Hurry up and eat the Pandemonium!" Kagura shouted at Shinpachi, who was curled up on the ground with his head in his arms.

"Not happening! Anything but the Pandemonium!" Shinpachi refused loudly with black lines all over his head. Then, he tried to open his eyes and look at the Pandemonium, "Hell, it's looking at me! It's staring at me!"

Seeing Shinpachi like this, Kagura could only help Shinpachi up and push him forward. At the same time, she comforted him, "This isn't much different from a crab! Crabs, squid, shellfish, and goosefish! Gin-chan said that the uglier it looks, the better it tastes-aru!"

"That's not the problem here!" Shinpachi, who was still resisting Kagura's push, closed his eyes to prevent himself from looking at the Pandemonium ten centimeters above his head. At the same time, he shouted, "Doesn't matter how good it tastes, I just can't eat this monster!"

"Close your eyes and I'll shove it in your mouth-aru."

[You're not allowed to use your hands~] the host kindly reminded, and then exclaimed, [As we speak, Team Shirino has managed to catch up!]

"Shinpachi! Hurry! Eat before the do-aru!" Seeing that Tean Shirino was about to arrive at the finish line, Kagura hurriedly reminded.

"Damn it, screw it!" Shinpachi made a decision in his heart, "I'll just pretend I'm doing it for Ururun Taizaiki!"

(Ururun Taizaiki: A challenge program produced by Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.(MBS) from the mid-20th century to the early 21st century)

After saying that, Kagura helped Shinpachi jump up, trying to reach Pandemonium with his mouth. Yashamaru beside the two of them, could only squat down and open his mouth to reach the other Pandemonium because he was too big.

In general, it is not easy for both sides in a sense.

"Damn it! Just a little bit more!" Shinpachi, who had jumped several times but failed to eat Pandemonium, said unwillingly.

As soon as he finished speaking as if to respond to Shinpachi's unwillingness, Shinpachi, who had jumped up again, finally touched Pandemonium's...mouth.

After a gentle kiss, Shinpachi, who had not yet landed, could not help but open his eyes wide and stare blankly at the Pandemonium in front of him.

This time, after landing, Shinpachi did not jump again. Instead, he lowered his head and fell silent.

"En?" Kagura looking at Shinpachi asked, "What's wrong with you-aru?"

"That' first kiss..." Shinpachi said softly, but then he raised his head again, "No, it's nothing. Let me rest first and well try it again."

"Huh?" Kagura let out a puzzled cry.

At this moment, the voice of an unfamiliar girl came from above Kagura and Shinpachi. (PS: The sound only appeared in Shinpachi's mind. Kagura heard nothing, only Pandemonion's insect cry)

"That... me was also my first..." Pandemonium turned its face away and said with a slightly red face.


Shinpachi's face unconsciously turned red, and his pupils unconsciously trembled. The way he looked at the Pandemonium was like an innocent boy holding hands with a girl for the first time.

[Well, what an unexpected turn of events!] The host exclaimed and laughed, [We have an accidental kiss with the Pan!]

In an instant, the crowd at the stand boiled over, and the whistles and boos continuously sounded.

"Who gives a damn?! Just hurry up!" A vein popped up on Gintoki's cheek unconsciously. He yelled angrily to the crowds in the stands around him, "What's with the wolf-whistling?! Eat it! Hurry up and eat it!"

"I'm... I'm sorry, I... I didn't do it on purpose." With a red face, Shinpachi looked at the Pandemonium above his head and whispered. Then, he lowered his head and his voice became smaller and smaller. "I'm sorry... I used this method to take away your important... first time..."

As he said that, Shinpachi scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"No...I don't really mind..." The Pandemonium hugged its chest with its two insect hands and avoided the gaze with a red face.

"Ah..." Shinpachi's heart trembled. He raised his head to look at the Pandemonium, and an inexplicable figure appeared in his eyes.

At the same time, the atmosphere between Shinpachi and the Pandemonium also changed. Even the background became pink like in a romance manga.

"Why are you blushing?! I don't get it!" Gintoki in the audience complained crazily, What's with the fluffy atmosphere?! How do you go from a Pandemonium-eating race to this?!

"That kid..." Kawaki looked at Gintoki and asked with some uncertainty, "Did he have some special sexual interests that we don't know about? I always feel that even the BGM has changed. It has become the kind of tender BGM that can only be found in innocent romance works."

"Who the hell knows!"

'Why am I so concerned about an accidental kiss...' Shinpachi turned his face slightly and thought to himself, 'It doesn't matter if I kissed this Pandemonium...'

"Hey! If you have time to start monologuing, eat that damn thing!" Gintoki shouted ãngrily.

'That was just an accident, not even a real kiss...' Shinpachi blushed and had a complicated look in his eyes. At the same time, he thought, 'It's not like Pandemonium-san wanted to kiss me...'

"Who the hell is Pandemonium-san?! A classmate?!"

Shinpachi turned his face away and continued to think, 'And it doesn't even matter right now...'

Immediately afterward, the Pandemonion in Shinpachi's mind changed! Although the body is generally unchanged, the face has changed! From a disgusting monster face to a beautiful blue-eyed girl with beautiful long golden hair!

Gintoki, who had detected the image in Shinpachi's mind, once again complained, "Huh? Who the hell is this?! Was this how Pandemonium-san looked?! Didn't it have a face like a Behelit?!"

(Beherits / Dark Horse: Behelits: From the manga Berserk)

'Huh? That's weird...' Shinpachi's heart began to beat faster, 'Why is my heart beating so fast...?'

Thinking of this, Shinpachi raised his eyes and glanced at the Pandemonium. However, just as he looked over, Shinpachi noticed that the Pandemonium was secretly glancing at him.

Their gazes met in an instant. Although their gazes only met for an instant, Pandemonium quickly shifted her gaze away and used its insect hand to fiddle with her forehead hair.

But a strange feeling slowly arose between the two of them and could not go away for a long time...

'Was Pandemonium-san always so cute?' Shinpachi gradually became addicted to it, 'This is bad! It's getting harder to eat this...'

"Hey, Shinpachi. What are you doing? Hurry up and eat it-aru" Kagura, who had not noticed the thoughts in Shinpachi's mind, frowned and reminded.

Shinpachi, who came back to his senses, stammered and then jumped up with Kagura again.

But this time, although the mouth did not touch, one of the tentacles at the head of the tights worn by Shinpachi touched Pandemonion's body.

"Ah..." Pandemonium let out a soft moan of shyness in a low voice.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Shinpachi asked with a red face after landing on the ground, "Did I youch you somewhere weird?"

Pandemonium-san crossed her two front insect hands over her chest and shook her head lightly. She lowered her head and avoided eye contact with a red face. She whispered, "No... my chest..."

"Chest?!" Shinpachi was shocked, and then he quickly put his hands together., "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay, I know..." The understanding Pandemonium turned her face away, and said while twirling her two insect hands, "My heart started racing so much that I...Next time...Next time, I'll try to keep myself from making any noise."

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