Versatile Mage

Chapter 24 — Magic Activation Examination Zhang Xiaohou glanced at Xu Musheng, and then took one glance at the Practical

Chapter 24 - Magic Activation Examination Zhang Xiaohou glanced at Xu Musheng, and then took one glance at the Practical Teacher, Tangyue.

“Do your best, teacher believes in you.” The one who said this was the Practical teacher, Tangyue.

Zhang Xiaohou nodded as he walked to the side of the Star Appraisal Stone.

Closing his eyes, Zhang Xiaohou adjusted his breathing and slowly entered a meditative state.

The radiance emitted from the Star Appraisal Stone flickered; it followed Zhang Xiaohou’s breath as it brightened and dimmed. It was easy to tell that Zhang Xiaohou was slightly nervous, which explained why the Star Appraisal Stone was unable to grasp the energy from his stardust.

However, Zhang Xiaohou slowly entered the meditative state.

At last, the radiance stabilized. The cyan colored radiance from the Wind Element covered the surroundings of the Star Appraisal Stone, and the radiance was superior to He Yu’s. Other than being a bit unstable, there was no other fuss about it.

“A!” “A!” “A+!”The three examiners seemed to have different views regarding it.“Teacher, let me try one more time.”

Zhang Xiaohou didn’t seem pleased with this result; thus, he once more entered a meditative state.

This time, he was considerably calmer.

The intense radiance covered the Star Appraisal Stone’s surroundings; it was apparent that it was much stronger than He Yu’s. Additionally, there didn’t appear to be any unstable flickering from it anymore.

The three examiners glanced at each other and nodded.

“A+” “A+” “A+”“Final results, A+!”

After they announced the results, the students of his class all showed shock and envy.

“Crap, A+! That’s a grade that secures your place in the Elite Class! This kid, Zhang Xiaohou's lifestyle, is just mediocre, so who would’ve thought that his cultivation would be so amazing? We were mistaken; we really were mistaken."

“That’s really amazing! If I could get A+, then my dad would immediately gift me a car!”

Xue Musheng and Tangyue, the two teachers, gave a slight smile as they nodded their heads. Their eyes were filled with praise.Zhang Xiaohou had always been an outstanding student to them, thus, having this kind of result was well within reason.

“Classmate, you’re done. We will assess accordingly…” the bald examiner was about to announce the final result.

“Teacher, I’d like to attempt the next test,” at this moment, Zhang Xiaohou’s expression was firm, but his face showed a shyness as he said this.

“Are you sure?” the examiner asked, a bit surprised.

“I know that the higher you place in the rankings during the Annual Examination, then the longer you will get to use the Stardust Magic Tool. Thus, I’d like to take the Activation test,” Zhang Xiaohou said with certainty.

Xue Musheng and Tangyue maintained the smiles on their faces. They already knew that Zhang Xiaohou had reached the level of Activation.

The examination consisted of two parts.

The first part was the Stardust test.

The majority of the students only needed to complete this part to continue to study magic at Magic High.

While the second part was set up for the top students, out of over one thousand students, there were roughly only a hundred or so who had touched upon the level of Activation.

If one can activate the elemental skill during the examination, then naturally they would be awarded more points for the Annual Examination.

To obtain more of the limited resources from the school, the students would have to display all of their powers during the Annual Examination, without hiding anything.


Zhang Xiaohou’s Activation test didn’t go particularly smoothly. He was so nervous that he was unable to properly link the seven Wind Element stars with each other to form a Star Path.

However, the examiners were able to see that this student was capable of Activation, but due to being nervous on the testing grounds he was unable to activate successfully. However, they still gave him some points based on his performance.

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Zhang Xiaohou walked out of the testing ground with his head low.

Mrs. Tangyue was like a tender older sister when she patted Zhang Xiaohou’s shoulder, “Don’t feel discouraged. You will definitely be able to enter the Elite Class with your grades.”“Teacher, I thought I was proficient in ‘Control,' but who would’ve thought that a little nervousness would cause the time I spent practicing ‘Control’ to disappear mysteriously, making me start from the beginning. Teacher, how are you able to accomplish the magic activation so easily?” Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“Naturally it’s from practicing. Other than that, the state of your heart is also crucial. Not only does a qualified Magician need to have a solid foundation, but they also need to have a mentality that won’t waver if they encounter trouble.”

Zhang Xiaohou nodded as he seemed to understand this.

“Next, Huang Feifeng.”


“Teacher, I should receive an A! I should be given an A!!!”

“If you make more noise, we’ll cancel your results.”

“Next, Luo Si.”


The student called Luo Si jumped for joy.

For a failure of a student like him, receiving C was like New Years.


The students of eight class were receiving their examinations, one by one. The majority of the students were B and C; there didn't seem to be many A’s.

“Look, the people of the school council are almost here.”

“They are at the seventh class’ exam grounds… The one taking the test is that Lightning Element guy.”

“Xu Zhaoting, that is firmly the number one guy in the entire school.”

“That’s not certain. I heard Mu Bai’s cultivation is also very high!”

As Mo Fan heard his classmates’ discussion, his gaze turned toward the seventh class exam grounds.

Sure enough, the School Council group included the particularly outstanding Mu Ningxue, who had already walked to the vicinity.


“Old brother Mu Zhuoyun, this is our school’s most outstanding Lightning Element student; his name is Xu Zhaoting. When he awakened his Lightning Element a year ago, I, as the Principal, began to pay close attention to him. He’s currently doing the Activation test; care to watch?” the Principal of Tian Lan Magic High said to Mu Zhuoyun.

The Principal was very polite toward Mu Zhuoyun; thus, it was obvious that Mu Zhuoyun’s status within Bo City was very high.

“Ningxue, why don’t you take a look at this student’s performance.”

“Mhm,” Mu Ningxue nodded.

Lightning element, the first of the elements. Its violent, destructive force was enough to make other Magicians take several steps back.

Within the examination grounds, Xu Zhaoting, who wore the school uniform, was already there. He adjusted his breathing, as well as trying to make peace with the pressuring gazes coming from the students and teachers of the entire school.

Ever since he had entered the school, he had become the focal point for them. These gazes were incessantly urging him to cultivate.

“Heed my command!”

“The first of the Elements, Lightning!”

“Strike of Lightning!”As the sounds faded, he raised a hand.

The purple Lightning Arc surged; it was as though the Serpent King called out to the violent python soldier. They slithered their shocking body, twirling through the atmosphere and burning everything they touched.


The Electric Arc violently descended upon the human-shaped puppet.

The puppet violently trembled. It was charred from the drop of the violent Lightning Strike. The electricity crackled around; covering it with whip prints. The human-shaped puppet exploded with no remains in a single moment by the force of the Lightning.

On the floor of the Training grounds, there were strips of black marks. It looked extremely terrifying.

The puppet had already turned into a pile of black dust.

The heaven-defying Lightning element skill immediately stole the attention of the entire exam grounds, causing the Elite students who were also able to activate skills to take a deep breath.

Holy cow, who cares about Wind Trail? Who cares about Water Barrier? What Fire Burst? They are all weak. The tyrannical power of the Lightning Strike was not something the other Elements could compare themselves to. It directly caused the puppet to explode into dregs. This destructive power…

Whoever was standing there would die instantly!

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