Versatile Mage

Chapter 22 — Curing the “Superior” Dog

Chapter 22 - Curing the “Superior” Dog

Mu Ningxue’s speech was very short; Mo Fan didn’t understand what the guys were so excited about. They spoke as though they really could get into the Empire Institution.

Empire Magic Institution was naturally the best Magic University within the country. For a city like Bo City, every person who entered it would already be extraordinary.

With the recruitment rate so low, it showed how special and how outstanding Mu Ningxue was. She was recruited into Empire Institution without even experiencing Magic High School.

“Brother Fan, do your best in the next two years and enter Empire. After entering Empire Institution, even if Mu Family’s arms are long, they most likely can’t reach there. By then… hehehe…” Zhang Xiaohou chuckled.

Just as the words left Zhang Xiaohou’s mouth, that nosy Zhao Kunsan jumped out.

“Don’t make me laugh. After today, your Brother Fan will be directly expelled from the school, so don’t even think about Empire Institution!” Zhao Kunsan exclaimed.

“Zhao Kunsan, are you sick or something? When did my Brother Fan ever offend you? Do you want to bark like a dog everytime we say something?” Zhang Xiaohou had endured Zhao Kunsan for far too long.

In any case, Zhang Xiaohou was currently one of the preeminent students of the class, and also one of the few who was able to use Magic. He didn’t know what kind of qualifications this trash, Zhao Kunsan who was only able to control 6 stars, had that made him confident enough to bark so loud in front of him.

“He didn’t offend me. However, I’m just unable to get used to this little dreg having no sense of shame. I just really don’t understand where you got the guts to befriend Miss Mu Ningxue back in the day. You should be more clear on what kind of thing you are, and stop your wishful thinking. If it wasn’t for you, then the lands of our Zhao Family wouldn’t have been returned!” Zhao Kunsan pointed at Mo Fan’s nose as he cursed.

Zhao Kunsan was also from this area of the city, and he counted as the servant of the Mu Family as well.

Family servant: these words were quite harsh in modern times. However, if a family’s livelihood was due to the Mu Family’s owner’s fondness of flowers, then how was the Zhao Family, who takes care of the flowers and plants at the manor, not a gardener, a Family Servant?

The Mu Manor was too big; it was so big that it was like the land of a noble in olden times. Such places had over a hundred nobles in the Manor, and revolving around these people were farmers, manual laborers, and servants, numbering over a thousand.

According to the older generations, this entire city area belonged to the Mu Family. In order to survive, households alike Mo Fan and Zhao Kunsan were naturally orbiting the true powerful and rich.

Zhao Kunsan held a grudge against Mo Fan. If he wasn’t so reckless and provoked the Old Master, then the farmers would’ve lived good days!

“Mo Fan, don’t you have even a little bit of brain? I already knew from early on that there are some people that I can’t touch in my lifetime and remaining at a respectful distance would only benefit the family. You just had to invite trouble; you think a toad can eat the meat of a swan? Do you freaking think this is some tv drama? A cow caretaker marries a princess… get out of here!” Zhao Kunsan pointed at Mo Fan in disdain.

With the appearance of Mu Ningxue this time, Zhao Kunsan also completely released the anger he had concealed within his heart.

The stupid thing Mo Fan did back in the day had involved too many people, too many families.

A Princess is a Princess… When you need to show her respect from a distance, then you should.

This isn’t a fairytale. When you cross that boundary, the King will increase the taxes in his rage, and this will cause the entire village and town’s farming families to suffer beyond words!

Today, standing in the back of the platform, the white-haired, middle-aged man emitting a heroic aura was the King!

His name was Mu Zhuoyun. He was the person who could genuinely shake the entire Bo City with the stomp of his foot.

This was the person Mo Fan provoked.

Mu Zhuoyun was known for being benevolent by not making Mo Fan’s entire family drop to the point where they’d have to beg for food!

“Zhao Kunsan, could you shut your mouth?!”

“What, did I say anything wrong?” Zhao Kunsan replied.

Mo Fan glanced at Zhao Kunsan.

Truth be told, the words he spoke made Mo Fan feel guilty. This matter was far from what he imagined the reality to be.

Some people understood things only after they had grown up. Some teased the students with bad grades, but a rich family, that was a silly thing. After entering the society, the ones with money went overseas to study and came back with an incredible diploma. They could easily find a company and earn a tens of thousands per month, and they’d still think it was too little money. Whereas those who had diligently studied, entered university, then submerged themselves in a multitude of jobs still had a quality of life that was simply not on the same level as those who were teased for their family background. Their ideal world was erased; they lost their spirits, yet remained tired, and still more poor than a freaking dog.

The words Zhao Kunsan had said did, however, make people understand that his mindset was more mature than his peers. He already knew it’d be better like this than mindlessly pursuing his goals. Or else, failing the dream, and the cruel reality would cause you to lose all the ambitions from the past in just a single moment; it would be an unacceptable nightmare!

Naturally, Mo Fan had no reason to admire Zhao Kunsan’s perspective on reality. Instead, he felt like laughing.

“Zhao Kunsan, you sure have the potential and consciousness to be a dog. That is something I, Mo Fan, would never be able to have in my lifetime. I admire that; I truly do!” Mo Fan said back to him.

“Who the hell are you. If I am a dog, then I’d be a posh dog, eating good food, living in a small pretty house, wearing beautiful clothes. You’re just the dog of a dying family; a degenerate dog. A dog that eats from the trash. Why don’t you look at what kind of thing you are, with your body that emits the stench of a garbage heap? The most amusing thing is, you still don’t understand how stinky you are yet. You just had to ruin the last land of your family simply so you could come to the Magic High. But at the end of the day, you just get kicked out anyways. I just want to ask your dad, Mo Jiaxing if he ever regrets giving birth to a person with such sheet luck, like yours!” Zhao Kunsan continued to curse.

Mo Fan’s cursing had actually directly struck Zhao Kunsan’s weak points. However, Zhao Kunsan wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with; he admitted he was a dog and bit Mo Fan back.

Mo Fan looked toward the group of people.

Naturally, his eyes caught the vague person who seemed to somewhat take pleasure in this whole ordeal; this person was naturally Mu Bai.

This was the young master who lived on someone else’s charity; the same one who Mo Fan had pressed down onto the floor and beaten up in the past.

In the past, when everyone was still a child, their retaliation would at most be throwing stones, breaking their windows… fairly harmless actions.

But now, a person’s fate would greatly change under the Magic Awakening and Magic Examination. The Mu Bai who suddenly rose up had finally been given an opportunity to hit Mo Fan back.

For now, Mu Bai had released this dog, Zhao Kunsan. Mo Fan, however, had been plotting for a while, and he’d waited for a more better opportunity to give a ferocious cut.

Not bad, not bad. The kid who was beaten like a dog in the past had finally learned how to scheme. It seemed that disciplining him like a father for so many years had not been in vain.

Come, use whatever move you have in your arsenal.

I have more than enough experience dealing with these flamers and posers. I have never lost. To fight meanness with meanness, and seek revenge for the smallest grievance, not letting them get away!

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