Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2: Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art

Chapter 2: Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art

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It was not that Ye Hang’s medicine was ineffective, but instead, Ye Yuan’s current condition was extremely abysmal.

Although Ye Hang’s medicine would have some side effects, Ye Yuan could not be bothered to care much. At the moment, it was more important to alleviate the symptoms on this wretched body.

As for the hidden dangers left behind by this Detoxification Pill, Ye Yuan naturally has means to eliminate it.

Ever since obtaining this body, the great Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi could not bear to look at his own physique. He seriously did not understand how his predecessor survived for the past ten years or so.

Born in a prestigious Alchemy family, yet this punk did not even manage to reach the Second Level Essence Qi Realm.

Even if it was in a mortal country, being born in such a family and eating the most ordinary Essence Qi Pills like sweets, one should be at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm and above, right?

Wanting to cry but no tears flowed . . . This Alchemy Emperor could only use such phrase to describe his current emotion.

Using this dreadful body to withstand such a violent poison, no wonder Ye Yuan died. Although Qingyun Zi was now in possession of this body, there really was not much he could do with it at the moment. He could only do things one step at a time.

In the eyes of others, Ye Yuan’s act of snatching the pill was revealing his true colors.

However, Ye Hang smirked. "Ha! I knew you were bluffing. You actually scared me for a moment."

Just now, Ye Hang realized something was amiss. This punk definitely snuck a look at the pill formula or overheard the family’s retainers talked about him refining this Detoxification Pill. That was how he managed to know all the details about the pill. Since this punk was already cracking jokes, there should not be any major issues with his condition.

Regarding this, Ye Yuan definitely would not explain anything. Being ignorant and faking incompetence suited this body more. It would be better if he maintained a low profile.

"Father, Mother, I’m a little tired and want to rest for now." Ye Yuan wanting to recuperate requested them to leave.

"Yuan-er, you just recovered from a major illness. You should indeed rest more. If there is anything, let Lu-er inform us." His parents then brought everyone out of the room.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan started to meditate. He circulated essence energy within his body to absorb the medicinal effect of the Detoxification Pill and purge the poison in his body.

However, the essence energy in his body was pitifully little, that he could only imagine its weak efficacy. An Alchemy Emperor of his generation just got another chance in life and then survived after being poisoned, but now nearly died from exasperation.

By the time all the medicinal effects from the pill in Ye Yuan’s body were fully absorbed, it was almost dawn. This round of meditation actually took 12 hours. What a piece of work.

But this bout of hard work finally showed some results. Ye Yuan’s current complexion was apparently much more radiant and rosier in color. The toxins in his body were already pretty much neutralized.

This naturally was not anything remarkable to the current Ye Yuan. With Qingyun Zi’s attainments in the Dao of Alchemy, to thoroughly dig out all the efficacy of this tiny Detoxification Pill naturally was not difficult at all.

Thinking about it now, even though his predecessor was not serious about training, it was actually a blessing.

Currently, this body was akin to a blank piece of paper. Qingyun Zi could fiddle with it freely and not worry about wrecking this body. If his predecessor practiced martial arts haphazardly, Qingyun Zi would instead need to pay a hefty price to rebuild his foundation. This actually saved him some trouble.

It was just that although Intestine Rupturing Grass Poison was nothing serious, the efficacy of Ye Hang’s Detoxification Pill was severely limited. Tiny amounts of residual toxins were still present in the body. Moreover, this Detoxification Pill had its own flaws, which also further left some medicinal toxins within Ye Yuan’s body. After dawn breaks, he would need to find some medicinal herbs to completely eradicate the hidden dangers which could manifest in the future.

Luckily, the Ye Family is one of the prestigious Alchemy families in the State of Qin. Getting some medicinal herbs would not be an issue.

There was still some time left before dawn. Ye Yuan decided to properly strategize the path to take after his rebirth.

In the previous life, Qingyun Zi was obsessed with the Dao of Alchemy and somewhat neglected the Martial Dao. Otherwise, he would not be completely helpless in front of that traitor.

Qingyun Zi cultivated martial arts in order to refine better pills; as long as it was enough to use, it was all good. Because of this, he became the youngest Alchemy Emperor in the Divine Realm.

That year when he became an Alchemy Emperor, he was hailed by all major Holy Lands as the genius who was most likely to become an Alchemy God in these tens of thousands of years. One had to know, no one had managed to reach the level of an Alchemy God for several millennia.

However, all that glory had become history. Today, there was no longer the Divine Realm’s genius Qingyun Zi, but only the Lower Realm’s youth Ye Yuan who now stepped onto the path of revenge.

Since he had to take revenge against that traitor, Qingyun Zi would have to be diligent in the martial path in this life. Although that traitor’s talent in the Dao of Alchemy was only slightly worse than Qingyun Zi, he was nonetheless undoubtedly a genius of the Martial Dao. To surpass him, the current Ye Yuan would have to put a lot of effort.

Initially, for a Lower Realm’s youth in a mortal country, the most lacking aspect was definitely resources and techniques. Resources to the current Ye Yuan were indeed a luxury, but what he lacked the least was techniques.

Regardless whether in the Lower Realm or in the Divine realm, an alchemist was always treated with exceptional respect. Furthermore, Qingyun Zi’s father, Zhengyang Zi was the number one Alchemy Emperor in the Divine Realm. The numbers of techniques accumulated over the years were countless.

Even though Qingyun Zi was not very receptive to the Martial Dao, but in order to assist in Alchemic procedures, he extensively studied many martial art manuals to improve his cultivation. To find a few techniques suitable for him was naturally nothing difficult.

Sorting out the memories of his previous life, Ye Yuan finally decided on a martial art called the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art as his core cultivation technique.

This martial art was the core cultivation technique of the Divine Realm’s renowned Spirit Bristle Divine King. That year, to refine a Ninth Rank Medicinal Pill, he came to beg Zhengyang Zi. However, failing to amass sufficient remuneration, instead, he left his primary cultivation technique behind.

This technique was abnormally tyrannical. Spirit Bristle Divine King relied on this technique to become undefeated in the Divine Realm, becoming one of the top ten most mysterious existence.

In the Divine Realm, anything with the word ’Divine’ attached to it was incomparably precious. Such item would cause an absolute blood fest.

That year when the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was revealed, the entire Divine Realm was shaken. In order to snatch this technique, it was said over 10 Divine Kings fell. In the end, it ended up in the hands of the then little-known figure, the Spirit Bristle Divine King.

He laid low for over a decade before bursting forth, becoming the Divine Realm’s top Divine King in a single stroke. Were it not for how extraordinarily precious and vital the Ninth Rank Medicinal Pill was to the Spirit Bristle Divine King, there was no way he would have used this technique to exchange for it.

Of course, he was at ease with passing this technique over to Zhengyang Zi because Zhengyang Zi and his son were obsessed with the Dao of Alchemy and had neither ulterior motive nor any intention to contend in this world.

Ye Yuan studied the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art before cultivating according to the manual. Traces of essence energy seeped through the body and started giving off a faint yellow glow.

At the Essence Qi Realm, a cultivator would direct essence energy from the heaven and earth into the body. This was the foundation realm in cultivation.

Essence Qi Realm might appear seemingly unimportant. However, it was a vital realm when cultivating martial arts. A towering skyscraper built on flat ground would require a solid foundation. Without a proper foundation, it would be like a rootless plant which would one day fail to support its growth. It was common knowledge among cultivators. But when cultivating martial arts, only a few actually applied this. Many cultivators would blindly pursue cultivation speed and unknowingly cut-off their own future.

"Huuuu . . ."

Four hours later, Ye Yuan awakened from his meditation and exhaled a long breath.

"This Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art is indeed powerful. Although these four hours of cultivation didn’t increase much essence in my body, the quality is extremely pure. If I carry on cultivating like this, wouldn’t I be invincible within the same realm?"

Ye Yuan who used to be an Alchemy Emperor naturally had broad horizons. For him to give such an appraisal to this technique showed how extraordinary it was.

During the past four hours, Ye Yuan had used the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to temper what little essence energy his predecessor had. This process refined the essence energy in his dantian which led to it becoming much more pure in terms of quality.

But by doing so, his realm did not advance. Instead, it deteriorated all the way down to the First Level Essence Qi Realm.

Fortunately, his predecessor neglected his cultivation during the past years. Otherwise, Ye Yuan would have to expend much effort to refine his body’s essence energy. This could be considered profiting from a disaster.

Now that the sky was already bright, Ye Yuan got up and left the room to grab some medicines for his body from the Ye Family’s medicine warehouse. Right after stepping out of the room, a green figure collided with him.

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