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Chapter 179: The Second Fifteen Minutes

Chapter 179: The Second Fifteen Minutes


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Fortunately, Jiang Nan’an had a wealth of experience in battle. He quickly came up with a strategy against the enemy.

Since he was able to block the man’s attack earlier, it proved that the invisible air shield must have a limited range. With this in mind, Jiang Nan’an quickly took several steps back, creating distance between himself and the knife-wielder.

The man chuckled coldly.

He was very confident in his speed and didn’t see the opponent’s mere three to five meters as a threat at all.

He simply took a few steps back, crouched down and like an athlete preparing for a hundred-meter sprint, assumed the classic starting position.


The man explosively shouted and rushed towards Jiang Nan’an like a released arrow.

Jiang Nan’an accurately timed it by dodging to the side.

However, it seemed that his movements were slightly delayed by a fraction of a second, or perhaps his estimation of the range was slightly off.

Suddenly, Jiang Nan’an’s upper body seemed to collide with something hard, and he was knocked down by the tremendous force. He flew out diagonally and ‘thud’, landed in a pile of rubble nearby.


The nurse who had been secretly watching was so shocked that she almost screamed, then quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

——What should I do!?

The girl’s heart was in turmoil, filled with both fear and astonishment.

——What should I do!?!

She was extremely scared.

In the nurse’s view, Jiang Nan’an was skilled and responsible, probably not someone who would actively harm others.

With the opponent present, no matter what may happen later, she could at least survive for the time being. But, if he were to die here, what would she do?

The person with the knife had already killed two people!

They would not show mercy towards anyone!

Dominated by fear and unease, the nurse thought about escaping for her life.

After all, her current ability was only short-distance teleportation. If she were to face that notorious killer who ran so fast, the nurse doubted that she would even be able to escape using her powers.

——But, but…

The girl’s feet anxiously shuffled back and forth. She was having a hard time making up her mind.

Leaving behind Jiang Nan’an, who had once saved her, challenged her moral bottom line.


——I still have a gun!

At a critical moment, the nurse remembered the gun she had just confiscated.

She quickly reached for something from her waist and recalled the little knowledge about firearms she had learned from watching police movies.

Fumbling with the safety, she aimed at the two figures in the distance.

——I’ve only got one chance!

She told herself.

——Don’t rush! Stay calm! Stay calm!

Meanwhile, the person with the knife had already approached Jiang Nan’an, who had fallen into the ruins.

The previous hit on Jiang Nan’an was not a light one. At that moment, he was lying on his side on a pile of broken stones and debris, coughing in pain while struggling to get up.

Unfortunately, he was severely injured. After several attempts, he still couldn’t move and could only rest against the ground, staring at the man approaching with fear and helplessness, futilely trying to move himself.

“Hahaha! Hahahaha!”

The man burst into laughter, raising the sharp blade in his hand and thrusted it towards Jiang Nan’an.

“Go die!!”

It was a close call. Just as the blade was about to pierce Jiang Nan’an, he suddenly changed from his weak, pitiful, and helpless appearance earlier and raised his hand.

He tossed a handful of sand high into the air, and when the headlight of the person holding the knife shone on it, it created a dazzling stage effect of stars dancing amongst chaos.

The person holding the knife instinctively closed their eyes to shield themselves.

Unfortunately, most of the sand landed on the shield in front of them and didn’t blind their eyes.

But, this was enough for Jiang Nan’an. The trajectory of the sand revealed the range of the shield that the man had prepared.

In the next second, Jiang Nan’an performed a somersault, his body springing up from the ground. With a sliding motion on one knee, he swiftly moved to the side and behind the opponent, elbowing him in the neck.


Jiang Nan’an was well-versed in various combat techniques and possessed astonishing strength in the dream.

The person holding the knife didn’t even make a sound, as their carotid sinus was struck, causing them to black out and fall face down on the ground like an onion being uprooted.

Shortly afterwards, the nurse appeared in front of Jiang Nan’an, holding a gun in both hands.

The atmosphere became extremely tense as their eyes met.


The girl let out a short, startled scream, and she looked down at the man who had fallen. Then she glanced at the gun in her hand, the safety already pulled back.

“N-No, it’s not what you think!”

She quickly raised both hands.

“I didn’t mean to attack you!” In a panic, the nurse was at a loss, unsure how to explain.

“Th-This gun… I snatched it from that person!”

She thought for a moment and said, “Y-Yes, he was trying to ambush you just now, but I knocked him out! I-I just wanted to help!”

Jiang Nan’an breathed a sigh of relief and raised his hand to touch his left arm.

To make the acting more realistic, he was actually bumped by the person with the knife. Although he avoided vital areas, his left arm was now numb and in pain. He was not sure how serious the injury actually was.

“Alright, you keep the gun.” Jiang Nan’an said to the nurse.

Then he took the unconscious person’s headlamp and put it on his own head, quickly untied the person’s backpack, and grabbed the nurse’s hand.

“Let’s go, we need to leave here quickly.”


The second fifteen minutes for Bei Quan went relatively smoothly.

He led the high school girl Luo Lan forwards, picking up a supply package along the way.

Inside, he found a wrist-mounted flashlight, a crowbar, a folding shovel, and some medicine with medical supplies. Bei Quan used these to help treat Luo Lan’s wounds from the bite of the creature that looked like a muskrat.

He cleaned and disinfected the wounds, then bandaged them up securely.

They then both continued onwards towards the direction of the Immortal Tower.

During that time, they encountered two more unfortunate individuals.

Or, more accurately, the bodies of two people.

It was a man and a woman, Bei Quan remembered. They seemed to be a couple, or perhaps even husband and wife.

Unfortunately, like birds of the same forest, they flew separately when disaster struck.

This young couple couldn’t withstand the test of life and death in the ‘Battle Royale’ and chose to kill each other, ultimately meeting the same fate and dying together.

Since they didn’t want to waste too much time, Bei Quan didn’t even search their bodies.

He just pulled out the folding knife that was stuck in the woman’s chest, wiped off the blood, and handed it to Luo Lan.

Later on, they passed by a monster respawn point, and a strange creature resembling a monkey with eight hands appeared.

However, Bei Quan was prepared. Just a moment ago, he had already cut open the bandage and used his fingertips to write defensive and offensive spells in blood.

The effectiveness of bandages as a medium for charms was far inferior to the commonly used yellow talismans in Taoism.

However, given Bei Quan’s cultivation level, the quality of the spell medium has little to no impact on him.

With these spells and Bei Quan’s own combat abilities, dealing with an eight-legged spider monkey was a piece of cake.


When Bei Quan was fighting the monkey, Luo Lan stood by with a small net made of gauze, cosplaying as a humanoid lighthouse. Inside her net, she had several stones that glowed with charms that Bei Quan had given to her.

“You’re amazing!”

Luo Lan exclaimed.

“Are you a Taoist?”

Bei Quan kicked the monkey’s body with his foot, making sure it was really dead. He then turned back to the girl and nodded, saying, “I guess so.”

Upon hearing this, the girl immediately widened her eyes and asked, “So, can you handle this matter?”

She pointed towards the distant Immortal Tower and said, “I mean, defeat that Grandmaster Tianyuan and get us out of here!”

Bei Quan smiled and said, “I’ll do my best.”

Luo Lan opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the second fifteen minutes had ended.

The earth shook violently once again.

Amid the intense shaking, the outer ring of ‘Tianyuan City’ was compressed, twisted, squeezed, and grounded by an invisible force, before shattering into powder and falling into the abyss.

After a moment, the trembling stopped, and a long alarm sounded in the air.

[Now broadcasting the latest information.]

The robotic voice of the Loli spoke, with the same opening as before.

[In the past fifteen minutes, thirteen unfortunate individuals have lost their lives, leaving seventeen remaining.]

The voice paused, then added.

[The death toll has already exceeded half, and an even more terrifying challenge awaits you.]

[Survivors, please seize the opportunity to harvest as many people as possible and make yourselves as strong as possible!] .

Hearing this, Luo Lan gasped and whispered, “There are only seventeen people left!”

She instinctively placed her hand behind her back and clenched her fist.

Although Luo Lan could start a fire with her bare hands, she had only used it once before when she was forced to escape from the chittering flying squirrel, and she hadn’t tried it since then.

The girl was unsure. If she encountered any danger, she doubted how much use her small flame, which was only slightly bigger than a lighter, would be.

——What should I do?

She glanced at Bei Quan out of the corner of her eye, feeling anxious.

——Can I rely on his protection?

And the robotic voice of Loli continued.

[Next, we’re preparing to drop supplies.]

[This time, the supplies will increase the amount of weapons available, making it easier for everyone to fight each other.]

[So please, don’t hold back and enjoy the thrill of killing and evolving!]

As expected, as soon as the words were spoken, white parachutes started floating down from the sky.

However, this time the indicator lights on the boxes turned bright yellow, making it easy to distinguish them from the previous red lights.

[The second wave of monsters will respawn in sixty seconds, so everyone, get ready for battle.]

The loli continued.

[Also, when the countdown ends, a new fifteen-minute round will begin at the same time!]


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