The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 7 Lagertha's Lust

Ragnar Lothbrok returned home. He was excited about the child he had in his possession but he did not know how his wife would take it and knew when to break it to her.

Luckily, Bjorn was outside, maybe someone his age would get him to loosen up and Ragnar did just that, pointing at Bjorn and nudging him gently.

"Go…" Ragnar said and the child looked at Bjorn and then returned his gaze to Ragnar, Ragnar repeated it and the child walked hesitantly to Bjorn, this was a new environment and the child knew they were not hostile compared to his slavers, running away was the last thing on his mind because he was in unknown territory.

"Bjorn! No bullying!" Ragnar shouted as the boy timidly approached the son of Ragnar..

Ragnar, on the other hand, made his way into his home with Lagertha arranging some clothes on the table in the corner, Ragnar snuck up behind her and wrapped his hands around her.

"Lagertha…" Ragnar whispered in her ear and this sent shivers down her spine, Lagertha was weak when it came to the sexual advances of her husband.

A warrior that has conquered so many battles, including the body of his wife.

"At least let me finish, Ragnar…" Lagertha whispered, she could feel his hot breath brushing against her earlobe and tried her hardest to finish but Ragnar saw her 'differently' right now.

"Lagertha, my beautiful Lagertha," Ragnar said in a sweet tone, his voice sending all the right signals to her brain as she stumbled back involuntarily.

"Battles are won with aggression, my maiden but it is a lot different when it comes to a woman'," Ragnar said, with his hands wandering.

He could feel the heat emitting from her body, he liked it when he had to 'convince' her to let him have his way, this was far more exciting than when she submitted without feigning resistance.

"A woman's body requires a gentle touch…" Ragnar kept whispering sweet words to his wife.

"… A touch that makes her yearn...'" The warrior continued and Lagertha was loving it.

This was a common thing with Ragnar and Lagertha, she knew there was something her husband had to tell her when he puts on such moves on her and she also knew this was his way of making her more compliant to listen to his words and that was exactly why she made him work harder each time.

Lagertha had taken the role of a traditional wife ever since leaving the battlefield and that was how she was able to raise such a respectable kid such as Bjorn and retain her feminine traits despite having been a warrior with a strong reputation.

Ragnar won this battle, as he always did and the sounds they both made escaped the windows and it made its way into the ears of the children despite it being muffled.

The kid heard the sounds coming from the house and it startled him as it sounded like some sort of war within those walls despite the war being of a different variant. He was worried that maybe Ragnar was not so gentle after all.

"Don't worry about it. Father is just playing with mother," Bjorn said in a casual tone, but his eyes soon noted the uniqueness in the child before him. Looking at him from head to toe, his darkened skin was seen differently by Bjorn.

"Why are you dirty?" Bjorn asked, splashing water on him but nothing seemed to happen.

"Where did father get you from?" Bjorn asked, with the boy shielding himself from another water barrage but this was his skin, something Bjorn soon realized as he was amazed by it as a matter of fact.

"Are you a slave?" Bjorn asked, he noticed the brand of the thrall (slave) on the forearm of the child but the boy simply repeated the word "slave".

"You do not speak our language?" Bjorn asked and the boy just stared blankly at him.

"You will have to learn our language or you will be no use to mother or father." Said Bjorn, returning to throwing pebbles, the boy watched him.

Ragnar was right, him being around someone his age made his tense shoulder loosen up a bit, watching closely as Bjorn skipped rocks.

The boy copied him and picked up a stone, before removing the barrel of the almost emptied water tank slightly to the left.

"What are you doing slave?" Bjorn questioned but the boy simply threw the rock and it traveled even further than Bjorn's thrown rock.

"Woah! How did you do that!?" Bjorn asked, he was taken aback by this and wanted to learn about it as soon as possible. Bjorn was an innocent child that did not have many friends as he preferred his own company and getting stronger by training with his uncle, Ulf.

The thrall noticed his excitement, and picked up another rock to replicate what he did moments ago and this time it went even further than last time, Bjorn could not believe his eyes.

"Show me!" Bjorn asked but the boy did not respond. Bjorn face-palmed himself, he forgot that he did not understand their native tongue and he did not know how to speak the language of the boy either. He chose non verbal communication as he began gesturing with his hands that the boy should show him but the gestures were not specific enough for his message to get across.

Bjorn was not frustrated but quite the opposite, he was excited about the prospect of having whoever this person was in his life and now he was glad that Hagen did not let his uncle Ulf kill him.

Bjorn was a competitive child and met someone better than him in the one leisure activity he fancied and chuckled in content to this discovery.

"I, Bjorn Lothbrok, declare you my rival!" Bjorn shouted, voice filled with conviction despite knowing the boy did not understand him and for the first time, the child smiled.

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