The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 15 Vestfold And Kattegat [R18+]

King Askild got word of the failed execution and people called it the will of Odin. He did not take kindly to this but what were the chances that his order would backfire like this?

He could only laugh at the situation he had gotten himself into but maybe this was for the best as news of this failed execution might spread as far as Vestfold.

This should hopefully force King Asmund into action, even though he was impressed by Egil's tenacity and knew killing him would be a waste. It will be more profitable to sell him to slavers than to kill him but he did not know if this would backfire on him because who knows the kind of master he might end up with, they could not let him out of their sight.

He was in his room, with his wife Liv laying on the bed, but he did not pay her much attention. All because he was too consumed by his thought, he felt the hands of his wife wrap around his torso and heaved a sigh.

"Why are you stressed, my love?" Liv asked, and Askild responded in a soft tone.

"It's men's business, do not let me disturb your rest," Askild responded to Liv, he treated her differently than he did in public. He was a lot gentler with her in private.

"Then let me stay up with you," Liv said, she gave him comfort without uttering a word and Askild smiled and looked at her.

"A man must not show weakness in front of his warriors," Askild said looking deep into her eyes.

"You have no weakness, my love," Liv responded with a smile and Askild shook his head to disprove this idea.

"I do have one and that is you, Liv Vilfulf," Askild said and this made Liv flush red. Askild did not want any warrior to see that a woman was his kryptonite or they might use her against him so treating her like that in public was his best cause of action. Of course, Liv understood this and even supported it, this was the reason why Askild went forward with it.

"I am lucky to have you, Liv," Askild said, leaning in for a kiss which Liv reciprocated. It was passionate, their tongues intertwined, and they could feel each other's breath.

Their breathing got heavier with each passing second with Askild sliding his hand between her thighs, this triggered a soft moan from his wife as she broke away from his kiss momentarily. This made Askild kiss the side of her neck, and Liv moaned even louder.

"A-Askild, you know I am sensitive there," Liv squirmed with Askild chuckling, looking her right in the eyes.

"I am counting on that!" He said, pushing her flat on the bed, spreading her legs slowly. She smelled so good, and Askild was about to relish it.

He kissed her ankles, as his wet lips moved up her leg and her thighs. She liked the sensation, and between her legs was about to show Askild just how much she liked it.

Askild tasted her, boy did he relish this taste? It felt like he was dining with Odin himself and the melodic tone that escaped her lips made Askild quiver with lust.

Her insides were so wet, and his tongue made sure to explore every region, she held his head in place as her moans got louder and louder.

Askild knew she was getting close, he liked how sensitive she got when he used his tongue but he did not let her finish, it was far too soon to give her that release. Sliding his tongue up her navel, her body squirmed but they were interrupted by a knock at the door and the force with which it was hit showed it was an emergency prompting Askild to get up and attend to the door while Liv took shelter under the covers.

"What is it?" Askild asked, opening the door but he soon calmed down. Liv watched her husband talk for a couple of minutes, and it looked like it was a serious matter and the door soon shut.

"My dear, what is it?" Liv asked and Askild's face brightened up.

"King Asmund has requested to negotiate," Askild replied.


As expected, news of King Askild's 'botched' execution reached Vestfold, and King Asmund was appalled at the audacity King Askild had shown and knew they won't fail a second of this.

It was almost like this was a warning but he got the details of the event and knew it was the warrior spirit of Egil that kept him alive. Egil did not give up and Asmund was not about to let his resolve go to waste, for this very reason reached Kattegat to try and negotiate with Askild.

He did not trust Askild but he knew even he wouldn't be so foolish as to cause any problems because while Kattegat is strong, killing a King was not in their best interest.

Signy came in upon hearing his father's attempt to broker a deal and King Asmund dismissed the people in the hall so he could be alone with his son.

"What brings you here, Signy?" Asmund asked and noticed his son looked displeased. He instinctively knew he was against his decision to talk.

"What is it, Signy?" Asmund questioned his son.

"I do not support your negotiation request! This shows weakness, why would you negotiate with someone that has directly opposed you!?" Signy said. He was quick to temper.

"Do you not forget you are talking to your king," Asmund said in a flat tone devoid of any fatherly love and Signy bowed his head immediately hearing this.

"One must know the strengths and weaknesses of his enemy before taking action or he will be vanquished. Charging head-on only to lose is no revenge, how would we be perceived if we lose a war we started?" Asmund asked. He looked unimpressed with the tantrums of his son.

"This was disappointing coming from you, Signy. I fear you will not last on the throne with this attitude." Asmund said and Signy bit his lips in anger. What his father did make sense but he did not agree with it regardless, he was king and his decision was final.

Swallowing his pride, he got on one knee and said.

"Forgive me, my lord."

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