The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Zhi Yao curiously looked back, only to see a girl wearing a strappy dress walking over.

She was wearing a fiery red tiny strap dress, revealing large areas of fair skin. Pei Chiyao's eyes went wide.

Beautiful girl! Beautiful girl! Beautiful girl!

He didn't expect humans to have evolved so impressively. Gorgeous guys and beauties everywhere!

More! She loved the sight!

While looking intently, suddenly she felt her head being tapped. The little fox unpleasantly yelped, then realized what had happened. She immediately fawned over Pei Chiyao's palm affectionately.

"That nice to look at?"

Pei Chiyao's tone carried a hint of threat.

Zhi Yao instantly retracted her gaze.

The two carried on intimately ignoring the girl.

Until the girl quickly strode over, "I noticed this little fox frolicking around earlier and wondered where it came from."

She smiled gently. But as she approached, the little fox sneezed several times.

The pungent perfume on this woman made her instantly dizzy.

The girl's expression instantly turned somewhat awkward. But to chat more with Pei Chiyao, she forced a smile and said, "Chiyao, since when did you raise a fox? How come I didn't know?"

Her tone sounded rather close with Pei Chiyao, even carrying a whiny edge.

Zhi Yao waved her tail. She somehow felt a little uncomfortable.

So...there would be others who whine to Pei Chiyao too?

"What's that got to do with you?" Pei Chiyao looked coldly at He Kaiting, not wanting to entertain her at all.

What's it got to do with her? Pei Chiyao treated everyone this icy anyway. She had utilized the Pei and He families' relations and would soon...become Pei Chiyao's fiancee.

Thinking of this, He Kaiting looked even more complacent.

She instantly spotted the chocolate in Pei Chiyao's hand. Without a thought she took it. "What cheap roadside goods is this? Don't eat it Chiyao, bad for your health."

She dumped the chocolate straight into the trash can and took out an exquisitely packaged candy box from her bag, handing it to Pei Chiyao, "I know you love sweets. I got someone to specially import this from Italy."

Zhi Yao watched in disbelief.

She actually...actually dumped the chocolate she was reluctant to eat herself!

"Oww!" Zhi Yao growled loudly at He Kaiting. Breaking free from Pei Chiyao's embrace, she dove towards the trash can rummaging frantically.

That was chocolate gifted sincerely by two young ladies! How could she just dump it in the trash!

Zhi Yao's sudden behavior startled He Kaiting badly. "Heavens, how dirty. What's that fox doing?"

Pei Chiyao coldly watched as he fished out the fox and hugged it tight.

He showed not an ounce of disgust at the fox's dirty paws and feet.

He Kaiting gaped in shock.

Was she...hallucinating? Wasn't Pei Chiyao's obsession with cleanliness common knowledge?

"Chiyao, your fox lacks manners. I've got a well-bred one from a friend's place. I'll get you one then..."

"Shut up."

Pei Chiyao's patience had depleted entirely.

His gaze at He Kaiting was now beyond just "cold" to describe.

The moment their eyes met, He Kaiting clamped her mouth shut completely.

"Find it."


He Kaiting paused blankly, yet to react.

"I don't repeat myself."

"Mm mm mm!!!" Find it!

Zhi Yao repeated it a second time. It must be found!

She herself couldn't bear to eat it. It was specially kept for Pei Chiyao who hadn't even gotten to taste it yet...

The more she thought, the more aggrieved and sadder she felt. Her golden eyes turned wet.

Sensing the change in the little fox's mood, Pei Chiyao gently patted her head to soothe her.

"I can buy you another box to give them, okay?" Pei Chiyao gently suggested, his expression uncharacteristically gentle.

He Kaiting gaped in astonishment.

So...Pei Chiyao had such a gentle side too?

Zhi Yao dejectedly nodded. Pei Chiyao left without even glancing at He Kaiting, hugging the little fox.

Upon returning to the crew's rest area, the first thing Zhi Yao did was leap out of Pei Chiyao's arms.

When Pei Chiyao tried to touch her, she refused to let him pat her.

"Mm!" She glared fiercely at Pei Chiyao.

Humphh, while it was that nasty woman who tossed her beloved chocolate, but...but Pei Chiyao wasn't completely blameless either!

His fault was...he breathed!

Yes, that's it!

Now she found Pei Chiyao thoroughly unpleasant, totally forgetting her original intention of gifting him the chocolate.

"Sulking?" Pei Chiyao raised his brow, seemingly even more amused.

The little fox curled up under the sun lounger, ignoring all Pei Chiyao's prods.

The fox was furious! Grave consequences.


A rich chocolatey aroma suddenly drifted over. Zhi Yao instantly hopped up and shook herself. Following the scent, she looked towards its source.

Somehow, there was now a box of chocolate in Pei Chiyao's hand! seemed to be hazelnut!

"Want to eat it?" Pei Chiyao unwrapped one piece and held it out to Zhi Yao.

Zhi Yao dithered before finally holding her head up high disdainfully.


"@#¥#@!" Foxes have their pride!

"Really don't want it? Then I'll give it to someone else."

As Pei Chiyao made to pass the chocolate box to Older Brother Sun...

Older Brother Sun revealed an exceedingly wide grin. "Oh boy, thanks for the treat Young Master Pei!"

Just before he could take it though, a white shadow flashed past and plopped firmly onto Pei Chiyao's arm.

"Mm mm mm!"

Don't give it don't give it!

Zhi Yao anxiously and exasperatedly stared at Pei Chiyao.

Pei Chiyao retracted his hand and poked the little fox's puffed up cheeks. "Finally willing to acknowledge me?"

The fox opened her mouth, about to curse. But the next second, a sweet hazelnut chocolate was stuffed into her mouth.

Yummy yummy yummy!

So delicious her fur stood on ends!

Older Brother Sun looked enviously at the little fox. "I wanna eat too!"

After all, this was chocolate specially customized by an international chocolate master, strictly limited to 10 boxes daily.

The little fox sprawled over the box, refusing to budge an inch. Her two paws hugged the box tightly.

Somehow, Older Brother Sun felt Pei Chiyao wasn't keeping a fox, but a girlfriend!

Damnit! Why did he have this déjà vu feeling!

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