The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

She couldn't stand it anymore.

But Pei Chiyao was still being naughty. He even blew in Zhi Yao's ears, and the little fox's ears kept twitching adorably.

"Pei Chiyao, you're so bad!"

Zhi Yao glared at him, but her whole body felt numb without any strength.

He tricked her again! And played with her tail!

"Sorry," he chuckled lightly, "You're too cute, I can't help it."

Cute to the point...he wanted to eat her up.

But now, he still couldn't.

He would wait, wait until the day the little fox understood his feelings.

Before that, he would keep her by his side and watch over her well.

When the car arrived home, there was only a coat left in the passenger seat.

Gently lifting the coat, there was a fox cub sleeping inside as expected.

She had changed back again.

The jade pendant no longer had any color.

It looked like...he needed to find another way.

Today Zhi Yao had persisted for seven hours, about the same as last time.

Still not enough, still too short.

Pei Chiyao pondered, carrying the fox back to the room.


The next day, Zhi Yao woke up and instinctively rolled over to find Pei Chiyao. But what came into view...was no longer yesterday's pair of fair and delicate hands, but a furry paw with pink pads.

As expected...she had changed back into a fox!

Zhi Yao sighed and shook her furry body before crawling up.

She didn't see Pei Chiyao and kept thinking about what he had said last night.

Pei Chiyao said he would take her to the drama set, but she was a fox now, not a human!

She was worried the director would also blame Pei Chiyao. Thinking of this, the little fox became anxious at once.

She leapt up and scrambled towards the door. Before she could reach the door handle, the door was pushed open from outside.

What came into view was Pei Chiyao's straight figure.

"Pei Chiyao!"

Zhi Yao scrambled over at once, scratching Pei Chiyao's pants, saying: "Pei Chiyao, I've turned back into a fox."

"I know."

Pei Chiyao bent down and picked up the restless little thing, "What are you rushing for? I can see that."

Zhi Yao quickly said: "Didn't you tell the director yesterday that you'd take me to the set today? But I'm a fox now, not a human!"

She was so anxious.

Pei Chiyao smiled lightly. "Don't panic. You'll be able to turn into a human later."


Zhi Yao was puzzled.

She didn't even know when she could turn into a human!

How did Pei Chiyao know so clearly?

Moreover, Pei Chiyao looked very certain.

He picked up the jade pendant around Zhi Yao's neck again. The color returned to its original shade.

"Almost there, just a while more."

Zhi Yao had no idea what Pei Chiyao was being mysterious about.

But the moment he finished speaking, the little fox suddenly felt her whole body grow hot.

That feeling again!!!

She struggled free from Pei Chiyao's hands and rolled under the blankets, hiding herself.

Seeing this, Pei Chiyao chuckled lightly. "I'll go out first."

Five minutes later, the lump under the blankets was gone, replaced by an exquisite beauty.

Zhi Yao was extremely shocked looking at her own hands!

Why, why did Pei Chiyao know so clearly?!

While she knew nothing about any of this!

After getting dressed, she rushed anxiously to find Pei Chiyao.

Pei Chiyao was in the study, not far away.

"Pei Chiyao!"

The little girl pushed open the study door and hurried in.

In her haste, she hadn't even put on shoes.

Pei Chiyao glanced at Zhi Yao's bare feet and sighed. "Don't move."

He put down his phone and strode forward, picking up the girl and sitting down. He touched Zhi Yao's feet, "Be careful of catching a cold."

After making sure Zhi Yao wasn't cold, he released his hands and poked her forehead. "You're human now. You have to wear shoes, understand?"

"Understand, understand!"

Zhi Yao didn't care about all that now. She eagerly asked: "Pei Chiyao, how did you know so clearly that I would turn into a human?"

Pei Chiyao had anticipated this question long ago.

"You want to know?"

Zhi Yao nodded repeatedly, "Especially, especially want to know!"

Her obedient appearance softened Pei Chiyao's heart. "I'll tell you, but you have to tell me first why you insisted on buying this jade pendant."

The pendant?

Zhi Yao lowered her eyes to look at the jade pendant on her chest. "Because this originally belonged to me!"

She said it as a matter of course.

"It was given to me by someone from the past!"

Someone from the past?

Pei Chiyao's mouth that had curled up instantly froze. "Man or woman?"

Zhi Yao was curious. "Why do you ask? You haven't told me the answer yet!"

"You answer me first."

Pei Chiyao persisted on this question.

"A man."

The little fox swayed her tail and honestly said, "A very, very nice person gave it to me. But...I can't remember what he looked like anymore."

That person...

Treated her very well. He had saved her but left half a month later.

When he left, he gave her this jade pendant, saying they would meet again if fated.

Back then, she was still a fox cub.

In the long river of time, she slowly grew up but never saw that person again.

Later, due to an accident, she lost the pendant and was heartbroken for a long time, searching fruitlessly for it at the risk of her life.

Who knew she would unexpectedly find this jade pendant recently.

Seeing Zhi Yao's expression of sudden realization, Pei Chiyao felt a stab in his heart.

He gripped the girl's chin, forcing her to look at him. "Don't think about him."

Zhi Yao shook her head. "I can't remember the details anymore."

Because it really was something from so, so long ago.

People didn't wear clothes like this back then.

The little one immediately regained her spirit, looking at Pei Chiyao. "Hurry and tell me!"

She grabbed Pei Chiyao's collar pleadingly. "I've told you everything. Why won't you speak?"

Seeing the girl's innocent and charming manner, Pei Chiyao's heart settled somewhat.

Since it was someone Zhi Yao couldn't even remember, he needn't mind.

"Have you noticed the color of this jade pendant?"

The color?

Zhi Yao seemed to have never paid attention.

"I observed that every time you were about to change from human to fox, the pendant would fade and become almost white. And when you changed from fox to human, it would revert to its original color."

Is that so?

Zhi Yao held the pendant in both hands, half understanding. "There is spiritual energy in this pendant. Could it changing into a human also relates to the spiritual energy?"

She wasn't stupid. She understood the key point immediately after a little thought.

Pei Chiyao nodded. "Yes, so I placed many jade and jadeite items in the room."

The longer the time, the longer Zhi Yao could absorb the spiritual energy, and the longer she could remain human.

No wonder...

Zhi Yao had simply thought Pei Chiyao found it pretty. She didn't expect it was all for her sake.

She immediately nuzzled Pei Chiyao's chin. "Thank you Pei Chiyao! You really are a wonderful person!"

Pei Chiyao was strangely given the "wonderful person" card. Just as he wanted to claim some reward from Zhi Yao, she asked again: "But...but if you take me to the set, I probably can't last that long. What to do?"

Like a curious baby, her questions were endless.

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