The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Pei Chiyao: Little ancestor. 【Picture】【Picture】

The accompanying pictures show Zhi Yao lying on top of his phone screen pointing here and there, and another of Pei Chiyao's hand stroking the soft belly of the little fox, the little fox looking extremely comfortable.

That hand had distinct knuckles, looking as if it was drawn in a cartoon, clearly recognizable as Pei Chiyao's hand.

At this point, Pei Chiyao's fans were finally convinced that Pei Chiyao's account had not been hacked.

【Red Umbrella White Pole: Too cute! As expected, no one can resist fluffy creatures, not even Pei Chiyao!】

【You Are White Cloud I Am Black Soil: Family, let's say thank you to the fox together! Without the fox, could Pei Chiyao post twice a day on Weibo? Unless Mars hit Earth!】

【QWERT: Waa waa cute fox, auntie wants to kiss you!】

【I Am Black Soil You Are White Cloud: I want to transmigrate into that fox I want to transmigrate into that fox I want to transmigrate into that fox ahhh!】

The little fox held the phone, looking at the screen full of compliments about its cuteness, and smiled with eyes narrowed.


Pei Chiyao took back the phone in one go.

Zhi Yao hadn't looked enough yet, "Let me see it again, let me see it again!"

"Looking at the phone too long is bad for your eyes." Pei Chiyao fobbed her off.

He didn't like too many people taking Zhi Yao's attention away.

Zhi Yao was full of envy, "Would being an actor make so many people like you?"

The little fox didn't understand these complex matters. She only knew that being liked by so many must be something very happy...very happy.

She really envied Pei Chiyao.

Pei Chiyao nodded slightly, "Right."

But many people would also dislike you.

This was not a career full of happiness. At least not for Pei Chiyao.

The little fox became even more dejected.

She also wanted to become an actor like Pei Chiyao, liked by many.

But now, she couldn't even transform into a human.

She drooped her head dispiritedly.

Pei Chiyao glanced at her. The little fox's mood changed at the drop of a hat. Just now still smiling radiantly from a few words of praise, now back to looking utterly bleak.

"What's wrong again? Ancestor."

Zhi Yao didn't want Pei Chiyao to worry, so she just said, "Hungry, want to!"

As she spoke, she gave a big sniff.

"Greedy cat."

Since finding out Zhi Yao was not really a fox, Pei Chiyao had no more food taboos with her.

Let her eat as she pleased.

With Zhi Yao, he truly spoiled her without bottom line.

Pei Chiyao carried Zhi Yao into the kitchen, preparing to cook personally.

Once in the kitchen, Zhi Yao suddenly remembered something.

"Pei Chiyao! You still don't know my name!"

Pei Chiyao had many terms of address for her.

Delicate darling, little ancestor, greedy cat!

But she did have a name!

Pei Chiyao didn't expect a fox to have a name. On reflex he said, "You have a name too?"

Zhi Yao angrily bumped Pei Chiyao's arm with her head, "Who are you looking down on! My name is really nice! Listen carefully!"

She cleared her throat, "My name is Zhi Yao!"

Zhi Yao?

"Which two characters?"

The little fox fluently replied, "Zhi as in know, Yao as in graceful lady."

She was a fox who had completed nine years of compulsory education after all!

Pei Chiyao mulled over the two characters in his mind, "Really not bad, Yao Yao."

Zhi Yao had been smug just now, but hearing those two words from Pei Chiyao's mouth, she was utterly dumbstruck. seemed that many years ago, crossing the river of time, someone had also gently called her that - Yao Yao.

After a long time, Zhi Yao regained her senses.

Pei Chiyao had already fished the noodles out from the pot. Her nose was filled with that fragrance. One sniff, and the little fox completely lost control of her madly salivating mouth.

She hurriedly followed Pei Chiyao out.

Pei Chiyao took a small bowl, and the special chopsticks and spoon for Zhi Yao.

Pink, with a very cute bow painted on.

"Try it."

He held up a chopstick of noodles to Zhi Yao's lips. Zhi Yao slurped up a mouthful, munched munched, then her eyes suddenly lit up.

"Yummy yummy yummy!"

She buried her head and ate ravenously.

Seeing Zhi Yao's worthless appearance, Pei Chiyao worried very much for his silly little white fox.

What if she was easily tricked away in the future?

Oh well, best to keep her leashed to his side all the time for peace of mind.

The little thing didn't eat much. She was tiny to begin with, so her stomach capacity was also very small.

After half a bowl of noodles, she was stuffed, sprawling on the bed, unwilling to move a finger.

If not for her rising and falling little belly and the occasional lazy swish of her tail, others might have mistaken her for a plush toy.

Pei Chiyao played on his phone beside her, softly patting Zhi Yao's back every now and then, wanting her to sleep more soundly.

But before long, his phone rang loudly. Pei Chiyao immediately muted it, first reaction to check if Zhi Yao had woken up.

Luckily she was sleeping deeply.

He leaned down and gently lifted the fox, placing her on the soft sofa and covering her with a corner of the blanket before leisurely picking up the call.

It was Older Brother Sun.

"Hello." His voice held some impatience.

Hearing this "hello", Older Brother Sun guessed there was an eighty to ninety percent chance he was disturbing him. His previously excited, trembling heart calmed down quite a bit.

"Yao, there's news that's maybe good news for you..."

Older Brother Sun hemmed and hawed.

Pei Chiyao knitted his brows, "Speak."

"You posted the little fox's pictures today right? Even made it onto the hot search, so many people want to collaborate with you. Ah no, strictly speaking, they want to collaborate with the little fox."

Collaborate with the little fox?

"There are pet advertisements, product endorsements, and a drama crew too. The crew is lacking a fox actor, they tried many foxes but none were cooperative enough, or their looks weren't good enough. They asked me to ask if you're willing to let the little fox start a career?"

Though they said little fox, they just wanted to borrow Pei Chiyao's popularity in the end right? But why not earn money when you can?

At least that was how Older Brother Sun thought.

Many celebrities' pets also accumulated their own fanbase. Just taking some photos normally, doing advertisement endorsements, they could actually earn money an ordinary person wouldn't make in ten lifetimes.

Although...Pei Chiyao wasn't lacking money.

Pei Chiyao rejected this outright without even thinking about it.


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