The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 182: Pei Chi Yao Arrived

Chapter 182

He Kaiting really did not want to see Zhi Yao succeed in snatching the endorsement deal. She had to suppress her irritation and aversion, telling the person in charge, "I'll take it, I'll take it. I'll start shooting right away."

But the person in charge hesitated and wavered, "Miss He Kaiting, please wait a moment. Let me consult with my supervisor and the brand manager."

The person in charge went to make a phone call. Five minutes later, he returned, beaming with delight, "Miss Zhi Yao, please come with me. Our manager insists that we engage you as our brand ambassador."

After saying that, he turned to He Kaiting, "Miss He, I'm sorry, but our contract is hereby terminated. Our lawyers will negotiate the subsequent termination compensation with your team."

This statement was like a bolt from the blue.

Not only was He Kaiting stunned, but her manager was also dumbfounded.

How utterly outrageous!

They had never seen anyone willing to pay a breach of contract penalty just to change endorsers!

And on top of that, to discard a top female celebrity and replace her with a newcomer who had just debuted? Was this company out of their mind?!

"You wait and see! I'll sue you until you go bankrupt!" He Kaiting erupted in anger, grabbed her bag, and stormed off, "Don't bother with them anymore, let's go. Guess I'm just unlucky today."

She had to go back and let her grandmother give Zhi Yao a good dressing-down.

What's so special about having Pei Chiyao's backing? As long as her grandmother was around, she didn't care about the Pei family, let alone some woman.

The person in charge didn't try to stop He Kaiting from leaving, but instead smiled and led Zhi Yao to the lounge, promptly instructing his assistant to print out the contract.

Older Brother Sun followed them into the room. He knew about this brand - a newly emerging fragrance label that had been gaining momentum recently, with great word-of-mouth and marketing strategies. However, back then, Zhi Yao and Pei Chiyao had left, and Pei Chiyao even mentioned they might be away for a year, so he had no choice but to regretfully turn down this collaboration opportunity.

Little did he expect... that today, Zhi Yao would actually succeed in snatching the deal!

Older Brother Sun felt like everything happening today was like a dream.

The once timid and naive Zhi Yao, how did she suddenly seem to have matured?

Not only did her personality change, but Older Brother Sun also felt that the aura surrounding Zhi Yao had undergone a tremendous transformation.

The previous Zhi Yao looked like a child who knew nothing, and her gaze was even more pure than a three-year-old kid.

As for the present Zhi Yao... one couldn't say she was sophisticated, but the childlike innocence had faded significantly, replaced by a mature charm.

As the person in charge rambled on about the contract terms, Zhi Yao felt dizzy listening to it all. She immediately pointed at Older Brother Sun and said, "You discuss those details with him. Just tell me how much this advertisement will pay me and how to shoot it, how long it will take, that's all."

So direct...

But the person in charge preferred such low-maintenance endorsers, having had enough of the diva antics from He Kaiting!

She was simply addicted to throwing her weight around!

He hurriedly quoted the price, "Since this is our first collaboration, we're not too sure about your influence and fan purchasing power, so the endorsement fee for the first time might be a bit low..."

Upon hearing the words "a bit low," Zhi Yao couldn't help but frown, "How low?"

The person in charge held up two fingers.

Zhi Yao's expression changed instantly, "Two thousand?"

The young lady felt a bit disappointed. She had secretly asked Alice earlier and learned that the salary Pei Chiyao paid Alice was ten thousand a month.

Wuwuwu, which meant she couldn't even afford Alice's salary.

However, after silently calculating, two thousand divided by the cost of a cup of milk tea was approximately...

Aiya, she couldn't figure it out, but it was definitely a lot of cups of milk tea.

She frowned, about to reluctantly agree, when Older Brother Sun immediately explained, "My dear little sister-in-law, it's two million."

"Two thousand is indeed a bit too low, forget it... wait, what did you say?!"

Zhi Yao stared at Older Brother Sun in shock.

"How much did you say?!"

Older Brother Sun: "..." He had a vague feeling of embarrassment.

Especially with Zhi Yao's eyes shining brightly, looking like she had never seen money before.

Older Brother Sun felt like he could almost bite through his silver tooth.

Why didn't that wealthy Pei Chiyao spoil his wife a little? Tsk! That stingy man.

"It's two million, my dear little sister-in-law," Older Brother Sun whispered to Zhi Yao. "Keep your voice down."

Older Brother Sun knew that Zhi Yao was so shocked because she had never seen so much money in her life. However, the person in charge thought Zhi Yao was dissatisfied and was about to hesitantly increase the offer when Zhi Yao abruptly stood up and said, "Shoot, let's shoot now. I have no complaints even if it takes three days and three nights."

Older Brother Sun: "..." How embarrassing.

Person in charge: "!!!" What a dedicated artist!

The young lady didn't think twice before signing the contract, as if afraid they might change their minds.

As soon as she signed, she hurried into the changing room to get dressed.

The outfit was originally prepared for He Kaiting, so the size didn't quite fit Zhi Yao, making the young lady feel that something was off when she put it on. To make matters worse, there was no mirror in the changing room.

She dawdled for a long time without coming out, while everyone outside was busy setting up and preparing the set, temporarily forgetting that Zhi Yao was changing clothes.


"Holy sh*t! Guess who I just saw?"

Suddenly, a shout startled everyone who was hard at work. "Who? Don't leave us hanging."

"Pei Chiyao, aahh! The superstar Pei Chiyao!"

This statement was met with a three-second silence, followed by an eruption of exclamations and disbelief from all sides.


Pei Chiyao?!

It's worth noting that Pei Chiyao never took on endorsement deals, as he entered the entertainment industry like he was just playing around. So almost no one had seen him before.

Upon hearing that Pei Chiyao was coming, everyone became excited.

Except for Older Brother Sun.

He knew that Pei Chiyao had come to check on things.

When Pei Chiyao stepped into the lounge, everyone held their breath, each person stunned by his stunning looks.

The one who had just dealt them this devastating blow of beauty was none other than Zhi Yao.

At this moment, everyone's mind was filled with just two words - "perfect match!"

Pei Chiyao ignored the stares around him. He glanced around but didn't see Zhi Yao's figure anywhere.

He frowned slightly, then looked towards Older Brother Sun who was lounging on a stool playing with his phone, and said: "Where's Yao?"

Older Brother Sun pointed towards the fitting room. It dawned on him that Zhi Yao had gone in to try on clothes a long time ago but hadn't come out yet.

At that moment, the curtain of the fitting room was pulled open with a swish.

The scene that met his eyes instantly made Pei Chiyao's breath catch in his throat.

Immediately, an intense sense of possession surged within him.

He strode into the fitting room and, before Zhi Yao could step out, he pulled her back in.

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