The Female Fox Spirit Gets Spoiled by the Big Shot

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

She had her eyes half-closed, her hands tightly clutching her stomach. Her eyebrows were knitted and she murmured from time to time, "Meat... hungry... Pei Chiyao... I want to eat..."

The upper half of her body was draped with a thin blanket, and because of her restless sleeping position, part of it had slid onto the floor, barely covering half of her body.

The skin exposed outside was as delicate and smooth as peeled egg white, alluringly porcelain-like.

Especially the two mounds on her chest, which rose and fell with her breathing, half-hidden and half-revealed, increasingly enticing.

This was the scene Pei Chiyao saw when he pushed the door open.

He was slightly stunned and reflexively thought he had walked into the wrong room.

It was only when he saw the girl's large tail sticking out that he finally realized what had happened.

Suppressing the joy welling up in his heart, Pei Chiyao strode forward quickly.

Just as his hand was about to touch Zhi Yao, Zhi Yao also groggily opened her eyes.

Her golden eyes were misty, she was half-asleep and completely dizzy.

"Pei Chiyao..."

The girl's soft voice rang out in the silent room, sweet and pleasant to the ear, instantly able to make one go soft.

She grabbed Pei Chiyao's hand and placed it on her cheek, gently rubbing against it.

She probably still thought she was a little fox, unaware that such actions now carried different implications.

"Pei Chiyao, I'm so hungry." Her small face wrinkled into a ball, her tone so aggrieved, wronged to the extreme.

"Haven't eaten lunch?"

Pei Chiyao raised his eyebrows and lifted his other hand that wasn't being pressed down by Zhi Yao to properly cover her with the blanket.

Zhi Yao shook her head. "Pei Ning... Pei Ning said I got fat. I don't want to become a fatso."

She sounded more and more aggrieved. She climbed out of bed, shook her head, and dove straight into Pei Chiyao's arms. "Pei Chiyao, I'm not fat at all, am I?"

Her words and deeds were still in the state of when she was a little fox, obviously this dizzy little thing still didn't know she had turned back into a human again, eagerly throwing herself into Pei Chiyao's arms.

He wanted to be a gentleman, but with Zhi Yao taking the initiative like this, there was nothing he could do.

The touch of her skin was so delicate and smooth, like the finest mutton fat jade.

The blanket loosely covered Zhi Yao’s lower back. She put her arms around Pei Chiyao’s neck, rubbing hard against it like a spoiled little fox, even rubbing her head against his chin from time to time.

In that instant, Pei Chiyao stiffened, unable to help catching his breath.

He raised his hand and lightly patted Zhi Yao's butt, as if to punish her.

The little fox let out a whimper. Although it wasn't heavy, it still hurt a little.

She looked up at Pei Chiyao hazily, even more wronged. "You hit me..."

As soon as she said this, she finally realized what was wrong.

Wait a minute!

How could she talk?!

She looked at Pei Chiyao in shock. In her peripheral vision, she no longer saw furry paws, but a slender, fair arm.

She...she had turned back into a human?!

"What a delicate little thing." Pei Chiyao said hoarsely, "I didn't use any strength at all, yet you act so aggrieved, hmm?"

A light kiss landed on Zhi Yao's forehead. He lowered his eyes, concealing all the fondness and warmth in them.

He lifted his hand to pull up Zhi Yao's increasingly slipping blanket, covering her entire body tightly.

If this continued, he couldn't guarantee what would happen.

Pei Chiyao narrowed his eyes.

Zhi Yao didn't understand anything, but he was different.

He had extreme possessiveness, but that didn't mean he would take advantage of her.

It would be more rewarding to slowly train his little pet with his own hands, right?

Just as Zhi Yao was about to explain something, in the next second, her whole body suddenly felt light. Right after that, the blanket slipped off and the gorgeous beauty had turned back into the little fox again.

Facing those confused golden eyes, Pei Chiyao took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. "Why did you turn back again?"

Zhi Yao felt very wronged too!

It wasn’t what she wanted either!

But she still quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It was better to change back... otherwise just now, she wasn't wearing any clothes. How embarrassing!

She shook her head and chattered away.

The little thing was talking fast and anxiously. This time, Pei Chiyao couldn't guess what Zhi Yao was saying at all.

He was a little disappointed, but looking at the furry ball in his palm, the bit of disappointment that had just welled up was filled again.

Never mind, a fox was still a fox, also very cute.

There were still many days to come. In the future... he would definitely reclaim all of this from the fox, doubled.

"Alright, I know you are hungry." She was making a racket while sleeping just now, and now chattering away, she must be saying this stuff.

He grabbed the milk dumpling wriggling non-stop in his arms. "Mrs. Wang prepared your favorite braised chicken with potatoes."

Unexpectedly, Zhi Yao quieted down instantly upon hearing this.

She struggled inwardly for a while, then shook her head. "Mmm mmm!"

She won't eat it!

If she kept eating like this, she would definitely blow up into a huge white ball!

She couldn't indulge herself like this anymore!

She lifted her chubby fuzzy paws, gesturing at her body, extremely aggrieved.

This time, Pei Chiyao understood.

The weight in his arms didn't seem to differ much from before. Especially with such light weight, it was almost negligible to Pei Chiyao.


The body he had touched earlier did feel a little bony.

He didn't think Zhi Yao was fat at all.

"Be good. You're not fat at all. You're the slimmest little fox in the world."

Upon hearing this, Zhi Yao unbelievingly looked up at Pei Chiyao. "Mm mm?!"


Pei Chiyao nodded slightly. "I never lie. There's no need to lie to a fox."

"@#¥%&*!" Looking down on foxes huh?!

Although Zhi Yao was cursing up a storm, she was extremely happy inside, instantly grinning from ear to ear.

Alright~ Braised chicken with potatoes here she comes!

She hooked Pei Chiyao's collar and pointed at the door. "Mm mm!"

Charge charge charge! She was starving!

Seeing that Zhi Yao was coaxed happily, Pei Chiyao was also in a very good mood.

For the sake of his future, he naturally had to fatten up the little fox.

Downstairs, the servant was still anxiously not daring to tell Pei Chiyao that the little fox refused to eat. Then she saw Pei Chiyao carrying Zhi Yao downstairs and sitting down at the dining table.

She stared blankly at all of this. Coming back to her senses afterwards, she immediately took out the special utensils for the little fox.

The small fox was sitting upright on a high stool to the side, a pure white napkin tied to her chest, noble and cute.

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