The Eternal Family

Chapter 148 Telling The World!

"To all subjects of Royalty from across Mystry, my name is Lilly Isiah. The first Queen of the Isiah Royal Family and the Dream Princess of the previous Lust Family."

All of heaven and earth rumbled with the goddess-like Supreme voice.

All across the lands, be they be mortals who had yet to awaken any Gifts or people who had Awakened their Gifts, they listened.

No, they could only listen.

Stage 5 Existences in particular who were under seclusion or hiding were quaking. They didn't know why, but the moment they looked up at Harry, their hearts shivered in fear.

It was as if he was looking directly at them from the screen high up in the heavens. Lilly did not seem especially dangerous by the demonic-looking man was a whole other matter.

They felt as if they were looking at a higher existence. Someone who had evolved past them mortal vessels.

"I am here today to announce to the world the new Royal name officially and tell you our stand."

The mellow voice made the world grow still. Maybe it was anticipation, maybe horror. Nevertheless, no one spoke, NO, no one dared to speak when this voice was speaking.

"We Isiahs now stand supreme over the continent. We have no enemies." Spoke, this time the coldly dominant voice of the devil instead of the angel beside him, "No one is worthy of being our enemies. We are the supreme rulers of Mystry."

Nobody whole throughout Mystry felt that was nearly a boast. In the past 10 months, they had seen what the Royals were capable of.

The King, Harry Isiah was the world's strongest human. Many had already guessed he had successfully Evolved.

As for the once admired Academy who were supposedly as strong as the Royalty? They had submitted.

In the past 10 months, the world's dynamics have shifted. Especially due to the Alien Beasts.

A beast horde was usually weak, only needing a Stage 3 Gifted to hold back or even annihilate. But sometimes, the numbers would be too numerous for them to handle and it will become dangerous.

Harry looked down at the lands from high above. Even from here, he could see a vast amount of beast corpses strewn across the world with his senses.

Alien beasts.

They come out of random gateways that had opened up in the middle of the atmosphere and the moment they are out, they attack the nearest life form that they see.

This type of beast was not new to the world. It was here for a long time. Usually, the two eyes would annihilate them but due to their fights, these kinds of beasts had become way too rampant and would intrude on places like Mystry to go on murder sprees.

Until today, Evis had been keeping an eye on it and murdered the ones who entered Mystry with a simple wave of her hand every time.

But to train Harry, she had let them loose and in the process, they had soon multiplied. Even normal citizens were affected.

Nevertheless, Evis wasn't a heartless human and always made sure no one died in the outbreaks. It was a kind of training for the peaceful Mystry too.

Still, it had now become a normal thing to see gates opening in the middle of the sky and beasts like green-skinned humanoid reptiles streaming out of it.

Some called it dungeons, some gates, some space cracks. But Harry only called it his daughter's special training.

"As you have seen throughout the last months of our war between the Alien Beasts, we are strong. And that's it. From now on, all of Mystry will be under our rule and anyone who rebels will be thrown to the gates."

People all over the world shivered.

Harry smirked and Lilly shook her head with a graceful chuckle.

In Evis' words, the gates connected to the outer space of the Continent. The dark expanse of nothing where only mutant creatures floated around.

Mutant creatures like Space worms, The green-skinned reptiles and such. They were not inherently capable of any magical powers like gifts or anything but they had strong bodies.

As strong as a top tier Stage 2 Body Gifted.

And their numbers were huge.

The gates were directly linked to the atmosphere of the planet and if someone flew out of it, they would usually die in gruesome ways. The Mutant Alien Bests had unique nature and body which allowed them to breathe and live in space and asteroid belts but they didn't.

Harry said his last piece: "Now onwards, Isiah Family rules this world. The World: Continent of Isiah."

There was no Mystry anymore. Only Isiah.

This place, was from today, his home ground.

The Continent of Isiah.

He had yet to understand some dynamics about the world and even the whole gates and such were yet to be completely taught to him. But for one thing, he knew now was the moment he officially became the owner of this world.

It wasn't particularly useful but it was fun at least.

As his voice reached everyone and imprinted into their hearts, he closed his eyes and smiled. The broadcast was cut and Harry and Lilly's image vanished.


"Fuu..." Lilly breathed out, "That was a lot more tense situation than I expected."

Harry looked at her flowing silver hair and black eyes. She looked back at him. "Queen Lilly Isiah. What a great name."

Lilly pouted and asked in dissatisfaction, "Whatever that might I might get a lot of responsibilities right? Being a true Queen seems like such a drag."

Gently flapping his wings, Harry said with a kiss, "All of that would be handled by Emilia. We just have to look after Luna and live like how a wife and husband should. We will just spend our days kissing, enjoying our bedtime, going on trips like this and cultivating."

Lilly smiled and kissed him on the lips. "Indeed, that doesn't seem like a bad idea. We will have much more lifespan following our Cultivation Rank after all."

Moving through the sky, flirting like there was no tomorrow, catching the clouds, they just went around and around in circles.

Soon enough, Harry used the World Walker Gift and teleported into his room with Lilly.

His wings were too big so he immediately retracted it.

Lilly seductively smiled in his embrace and said in a coy voice, "We are once again back alone in our room. What might my husband want?"

Harry gently laid her on the bed and stood right above her. "I don't know... Maybe I also gained some of your Attention-seeking habits after being with you for too long."

The room they were in was dimly lit and the shadows were lovingly dancing in the wind due to the curtain's movements.

"It's so calm..." Lilly said, looking into his eyes as he closed in for a kiss. But then she closed her eyes.

Harry's tongue and her tongue played with each other for a long while before they separated.

"Big brother," Lilly looked at him with shining eyes, "You looked cool when you were in the sky earlier. I had the urge to worship you then and there."

"Ah, I also had the urge to bow under you and serve you. You looked too beautiful."

Both of them smiled cheekily. Indeed, their good old dumb sibling jokes were the best.

Not that their words were a big fat lie. After all, both of their eyes were shining in fervour as they glanced at each other.

Just as they were about to go for another kiss, a slightly urgent voice rang out in their heads, "Dad, there is a situation!"

Harry flinched. "Evis? What happened?"

"Come here fast!" Evis said and their connection was cut.

Frowning, Harry took away the hand that had started fondling Lilly's breasts and got down the bed.

"What could have happened?" Lilly worriedly asked.

No matter how much she acted like she looked down on Evis. She respected her strength.

There was almost nothing she knew that Evis couldn't achieve. For her to feel urgent and call them?

The Bull girl had never done so before!

Harry took Lilly by the hand and their forms blurred and teleported. They appeared above the sea and another blur and they were at the place where Lilly and Evis had played chess before.

And reaching there, they exclaimed in awe.

"No way!" Harry said with a disbelieving chuckle.

Lilly couldn't even speak.

Among the fallen chess pieces, board and mat was Evis with little Luna on her lap. And the little dragon had red eyes this time.

But what made Harry and Lilly awed was not that... It was the fact that the little girl had fire all over her body that made their hearts skip beats.

And seeing the Fire, Harry immediately knew it was no ordinary fire. It was a Gift.

"Fire Manipulation?" he asked and the system said a reply that confirmed his questions.

Harry smiled. "Even though Gifts are not our own power, to get her Gift some days after her birth shows how incredibly talented she is. She doesn't need nearly 15 years. Just what my daughter should be like."

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