The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp

Chapter 194: The E-Sports Circle's Toxic Assembly Camp

The newcomer got the MVP the first time he competed and he talked so arrogantly in the MVP interview. He once again caused an uproar in the circle.

For Lin Yan, a newcomer who was capable and dared to speak, the comments on the Internet were divided into two categories. One was crazily mocking him for not knowing the greatness of the heavens and earth while the other liked such a young and arrogant spirit.

There was also another wave from the Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou Twin Stars CP fans. In this interview, they got a large wave of sugar and the super topic was full of joy and satisfaction.

No matter if they liked Lin Yan or not, they had to admit that after the fresh blood entered, people did have many expectations for WP’s league results this year.

After all, the strength of the WP team itself wasn’t weak but they would always lose the championship trophy for weird reasons. Now they had added two strong players in one breath. Could they take advantage of it? It was indeed worth waiting to see if they could break the curse of ‘always second place.’

There was such a high level of topic and WP didn’t fail to live up to everyone’s expectations. Since the start of the autumn competition, WP smashed through all obstacles and made it to the finals of the autumn competition.

By this time, the strength of Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou was obvious to all. No one questioned Lin Yan’s rhetoric about the best newcomer at the beginning of the season. After all, results told everything. The winner of this year’s best newcomer had no more suspense. It would indeed be among the WP team’s two newcomers.

The WP team’s opponent in the finals was the veteran AC team. It was a team that had stepped on WP several times over the years to reach the throne of champions so in a way, it was full of a battle of revenge gimmick.

The night before the match, all the players went back to the dormitories after participating in the final tactical meeting.

Lin Yan was walking at the rear of the team. He had just opened his door and was about to go in when a force suddenly overwhelmed him. He was pressed gently against the wall by the visitor who quietly closed the door of the room behind him.

The lights weren’t turned on so in the darkness, he could only vaguely see the deep eyes of the young man in front of him through the faint light leaking through the window. Lin Yan blinked slowly and smiled. “Why, Titans, are you playing a kidnapping scene in the club’s base?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at this smile and the corners of his mouth lowered slightly. “The thing you said last time, does it still count?”

Lin Yan paused a bit. “What?”

He saw Jing Yuanzhou’s expression sink and something suddenly flashed through his mind.

His ears burned hot as Lin Yan quickly answered, “Hey, don’t be angry. I’m teasing you. It counts. Of course, my words count.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s expression cleared slightly at the words. Then he let out a breath and seemed to speak to himself. “There is one last day left.”

The distance between the two of them was actually a big close and Lin Yan’s heartbeat was too fast.

He wasn’t sure if Jing Yuanzhou could hear the drum of his heartbeat. He cleared his throat and tried to change the topic. “How do you know if there is only one day left? I said I would agree to you if we won the championship. However, the match hasn’t been played yet. How do you know we will definitely win?”

Jing Yuanzhou lowered his eyes. His gaze skimmed over Lin Yan’s deliberately taut face and a smile flashed in his eyes. He suddenly moved closer again without warning. His breaths brushed over the soft hair. “With you, how can we not win?”

The words caused a rush of electricity to rise from Lin Yan’s feet to the top of his head.

He instinctively wanted to retreat. Then he remembered he was already leaning against the rail and gave a rare stumble. “Win… cough, of course, we can definitely win. Still, as a man, shouldn’t you leave a way out for yourself?”

“I don’t need a way out.” Jing Yuanzhou smiled and squeezed Lin Yan’s jaw slightly. His words seemed to be addressed to Lin Yan but also to himself. “In this matter, I have no way back.”

The physical contact made Lin Yan confused for a bit.

Then he heard Jing Yuanzhou suggest, “In order for me to not be too nervous during the finals, do you want to consider advancing me some interest?”

Lin Yan, “……”

In the beginning, Jing Yuanzhou’s confession came too suddenly. He couldn’t resist for a moment and agreed to formally be together after winning the championship. Afterward, he wasn’t without some self-disdain for indulging in such behavior.

Now Jing Yuanzhou was doing the same thing again but Lin Yan found that he didn’t seem able to resist this time. The low tone combined with the dim light made the atmosphere seem just right.

Lin Yan’s eyes fell on the young man’s face and his Adam’s apple moved.

Before Jing Yuanzhou could ask again, some ghost made him pull this person over. He pressed Jing Yuanzhou against the wall and kissed him deeply.

The following day, the professional league’s autumn finals officially started.

The topic was so high that the official commentators had already launched a heated discussion about which side could officially win the championship today even though the players hadn’t appeared yet.

The final result was that they had to see in the arena who would win this year’s championship trophy.

Soon, the grand finals started under the spotlight.

As the match progressed, it wasn’t just the official commentators. Even the audience at the scene noticed a different smell of gunpowder from the WP team.

Commentator A opened his mouth. “How do I say it… although there was some speculation previously about the grand final, I didn’t expect that the two sides could actually fight to such an extent.”

Commentator B agreed. “Right! I don’t know why but today’s Titans made me feel like he was suffocating before. He is really fighting more ferociously than ever!”

“Yes yes! Titans’ style has always been very radical before but based on today’s play, it gives people the feeling that he really wants to win the championship trophy.”

“In fact, it is understandable for newcomers to be full of energy about the trophy. It isn’t just Titans, Today’s Eternal is also very fierce! They really deserve to be called WP’s twin stars. They have completely burst out at the finals! Just these two alone are putting great pressure on AC.”

The game was fierce and the conversation between the two commentators were completely isolated from the soundproof headphones. The players couldn’t hear the outside world. Their minds were completely focused on the game. Still, it was as the two commentators said. In today’s grand final, both Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou had reasons to win.

—Whether it was for the team or for themselves.

On the battlefield where gunpowder was everywhere, the situation completely heated up.

At the end of the first three games, WP won the match point with a score of 2:1.

The fourth round of the game officially started. Lin Yan secretly wiped the sweat off his hand, slowly breathed out and stared at the computer screen even more firmly. The game lasted for 10 minutes and the top and bottom lanes were firmly suppressed.

At 20 minutes, the AC team was wiped out and the team buff was taken at 25 minutes.

At 32 minutes, they tried to press to the high ground only to be pushed back by AC. Lin Yan was the first to resurrect. He relied on his long-rank skills alone to consume and collect the head of the opposite shooter in a thrilling manner while releasing the high ground tower.

As the other team members resurrected one after another, they took advantage of the new counter push and destroyed the AC team’s base crystal in one fell swoop.


The moment the words ‘victory’ appeared on the big screen, the championship team of this autumn competition was officially decided. It was WP!

The curse of the ‘always second place’ in the past years was completely broken. The audience went crazy and the group of old WP fans were crying for a while.

The excited commentators stood up and gave warm applause to WP along with the whole audience. They also applauded the two strongest newcomers who won the league championship in their first year of joining the league!

The WP team members took off their soundproof headphones and were immediately surrounded by the overwhelming sound. They were taken aback for a moment. They were preparing to embrace each other to celebrate when they looked up and were shocked by the scene in front of them.

The director’s camera happened to cut over and all the shouting and excitement fell into the weird silence at the sight of the two figures on the big screen.

The two newcomers who received the most attention this autumn were hugging each other.

It seemed that they didn’t feel the gazes of the audience or didn’t care about the thoughts of the outside world. They stared at each other with focused gazes and it seemed like only the other person was left in the world.

After recovering, the audience seemed to realize what happened and the screams overturned the roof.

The reaction at the scene made Lin Yan’s ears hot for a moment. Perhaps it was because the lights of the scene were too dazzling, confusing him for a while but he suddenly didn’t care about anything anymore.

It was as he said before. As long as they won the championship, they would…

A faint smile flashed in his eyes. Uncaring of the heavy bomb he was dropping, Lin Yan slightly raised his head. In front of the tens of millions of viewers in the live broadcast room and the audience, he gently kissed Jing Yuanzhou’s lips.

The picture seemed to freeze completely.

Perhaps the staff members were also stimulated. There was a loud ‘popping’ sound and a dazzling golden rain fell from the sky, becoming the most gorgeous background of this beautiful scene.

[End of Parallel World]

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