Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2

[Slime’s Ability to digest – Lowest Level]

It digests anything. The excess nutrients of the digested object are replaced with the nutrients the body needs.

Drain any ingredients that cause abnormal conditions.

Although there will be no dramatic effect such as dislocation because it is the lowest level, but as he grows up like a baby, it would be a great help. Furthermore, it was clear that it would produce better synergy with [E.L.F.’s basic breathing].

[Fairy Glitter- Lowest]

It is a glitter produced by fairy wings.

Sparkling glitter will attract the attention of those who can see the fairy.

Some people can see the fairy when they shake the glitter and follow the silhouette of the fairy.

“The Fairy Glitter” was a little extravagant, but he still chose it because he thought it would be good to be popular among his peers.

‘Shouldn’t my parents treat me like a celebrity when they see their son being popular among babies? Would they?’

The rice cake was supposed to be sprinkled in advance.

The ability of slime to digest appeared in the shape of green round beads.

Seojun lifted the bead with his hands and carried it over the boat.


The bead, [Slime’s Ability to digest], passed through the stomach and settled in the baby’s small stomach.

A blue pattern appeared on Seojun’s plump belly. The bead-like pattern was visible only to Lee Seojun’s

The fairy’s glitter appeared in the shape of a small leaf cane carried by the fairy. Seojun brought the cane to his right index finger.

The only body that could shake in the baby’s current state was arms, legs, and small fingers, but he thought it might be a little strange to shake his legs and arms whenever he used glitter.


The cane has been registered.

‘Oh, this is….’

He would register it on his index finger, but the pattern was engraved on his palm with a tattoo smaller than [fairy’s glitter – lowest level]. It was a green-colored pattern.

The baby held his hand.

‘……I don’t care.’

When the small fingers were folded, the green cane pattern disappeared and appeared again when the fingers were straightened.

The baby’s instinct was in a trance, holding one or two small hands and opening them up to see if the cane pattern that appeared and disappeared was fun.

* * *

“Seojun really eats well.”

The mother of Ji-Yoon, who was a seven-month-old baby girl, said.

Ji-Yoon was born in March, the same as Seojun, she is also alternating between baby food and powdered milk like Seojun, but her baby hasn’t been eating these days.

She would shake her head, pushed away from the baby bottle, and even spit out the spoon of baby food even if it was already put in her mouth.

Seo Eun-Hye brought some fruit from the kitchen.

On Saturday afternoon, when everyone was off, Seojun’s dad, who has a lot of work, went to work tod, even on this, so his mom called her friends.

There was a meeting of mothers of babies of their age in the apartment where Seojun lives.

There were five babies on one side of the living room.

Lee Seojun, who just finished milk powder, Kim Ji-Yoon, who doesn’t eat, Park Ji-Ho, Park Ji-hoo, twin brothers, and Mina Owen, with American father.

They were all babies between 7 and 9 months.

The babies played with their toys without paying attention to Seojun’s toys. Seojun took out his dolls and played. For him, who was half relying on instinct and half rational, playing dolls was fun.

Ji-Yoon’s mother sighed.

The same was true of other mothers.

It would be nice if their babies also ate rice smoothly when hungry, but it was frustrating that they wouldn’t eat even when hungry.

Seo Eun-Hye said while peeling an apple.

“She’ll get better slowly. You said she wasn’t sick.”

Ji-Yoon, went to the hospital because her mother was worried about her not eating at all.

Everyone was worried, but fortunately, there was no problem.

Jiyoon’s mother said she’s just not like eating.

“How much trouble would a baby cause have if she was a little older than this…….”

Everyone sighed at the words of the twin’s mother.

Seo Eun-Hye, Seojun’s mother, who doesn’t know the difficulties of being a mother, smiled awkwardly.

Since then, the mothers’ stories have continued.

There were talks about babies’ plans to send them to the kindergartens, but nearby kindergartens were too competitive by recommending baby food ingredients that were good for their children.

The baby, who was playing with other babies while fiddling with toys, was hungry.

Seojun burst into tears, thinking that he needed to feed his body.

“Yum yum.”

“Oh, it’s already time to eat?”

Seo Eun-Hye looked at the clock and said in surprise. Time was passing by before she knew it.

When Seo-jun cried, other babies began to cry one after another.

Whoo! Whoo!

The living room was filled with the cries of babies. The mothers scrambled to take the powdered milk out from their bags.

Seeing that, Seojun quickly stopped crying as if he had never cried.

Mom will bring powdered milk soon, so there is no reason to cry anymore. I just needed to relax.

However, the average baby, who only thought of eating, sleeping, and playing, kept crying.

‘Did he just cry for nothing?’

The sharp cry hurt the fragile baby’s ears.

But if he didn’t cry, he couldn’t eat.

Seojun shrugged his shoulders. He couldn’t tell because he had a big head on his small shoulder.

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