Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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Seojun opened a book lying on the floor.

It was the life of a Stick Baton Spirit who gained the skills of an orchestra conductor.

“At this time, really….”

As soon as he opened the first chapter, he sighed.

There was a long, long dark history.

* * *

This world was a world of musical spirits.

When several instruments are buried under a tree in the center of the world, the tree bears fruit using the instruments as nutrients. And from the fruit, a spirit was born.

Spirits born like this become close. Fighting and reconcile, love and hate with the music they play.

When their instrumental body is worn out and can no longer produce sound, it falls asleep.

It was a beautiful world with music at the center of everything.

He was a spirit born from the Stick baton of an orchestra conductor.

Spirits in this world are born with one or two skills and used them without revealing what it is to other spirits.

His skill was a great ability named [Orchestra Conductor Connection-Highest]

Music skills increase by up to 10 times due to the bond between the conductor and the connected beings.

The bond with the conductor and the bond between the connectors are expressed in numbers.

Maximum Connection : 30

The way to use the skill was simple. He just need to shake hands with someone he wanted to be connected to.

Born from the baton of a conductor, he had a destiny to be a conductor from the fruit.

If he used this skill, it was clear that if he connected his orchestra members to build bonds between the conductor, the members, there would be a great orchestra that had never appeared in this word before.


If it weren’t for the Demon.

His previous life was a Demon.

Born as a descendant of the Demon king, he is the Demon Prince, who became the Demon king without any disagreement thanks to his outstanding qualities.

With his reign he occupied the middle world as well as the Magic world, and invaded the heavenly world. His life in this world was unimaginably long.

His memories would often disappears, but there were times when the previous life affected him until his next life.

That is what happened now.

He sometimes sat in a chair and looked down at his hands before conducting the orchestra.

It was a clean hand.

But soon his hands was soaked with blood. It was human red blood.

It was monster blood.

It was the golden blood of the heavenly race.

His past life was full of blood and tearing people apart.

He lived to massacre people, making mountains of corpses and coloring the earth and sky with darkness.

He clenched his hands strong enough to break them apart.

The world soon became boring.

This music-filled world didn’t have any bloody fight.

Everywhere there was music. It started and ended with music.

Spirits risked their lives on music and tried to make more beautiful and outstanding music.

‘That’s so beautiful, isn’t it?’

He laughed. He was tired of living a decent life.

He wrapped his mouth with both hands in fear that his expression would be seen by anyone.

‘Oh, I’m going to play hard to get’

His previous life as a Demon knew how fun it was to step on the clean snow field first before it was soaked with blood.

But in this life he was aiming for a music competition held once every four years in this world.

Musical Contest.

It was a very important festival where music was dedicated to the tree where spirits were born.

At this time, the tendency of spirits to be born over the next four years changed depending on the music played to the tree.

Spirits who has positive personalities since they were born, has happy music played.

While, spirits with cautious personalities were born, they played serious music.

Spirits who were born to sympathize with other people’s sadness, they played sad music.

Spirits loved all kinds of music.

Ten music bands were on stage and the rankings were not much any different.

Everyone enjoyed listening to music.

His outstanding performance led him to perform in a music contest with his own orchestra.

“Nice to meet you. I’m the baton spirit.”

“Oh! I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m the spirit of the drum spirit.”

“Hello, I’m the Spirit of the Piano!”

He used the Orchestra Conductor Connection-Highest level.

He shook hands with the Instrumental Spirits, who played important parts from other bands.

Spirits woukd have never imagined it.

Any performance was fine and they don’t even know how the music will affect the tree of the spirit.

He grinned.

[Orchestra Conductor Connection-Highest level]

Music skills increase by up to 10 times due to the bond between the conductor and the connected beings.

The bond with the conductor and the bond between the connectors are expressed in numbers.

Maximum connection: 30

‘Usually the bond is 0……. But, what if it’s negative?’

He focused on the ‘increase and decrease’. Increase and decrease. He was very curious about the consequences.

The stage was set up in front of the tree so that the tree of the spirit could hear it.

The first musical band took the stage.

Among them, there was a spirit who he had shaken his hands with. A mark of his skill appeared on the head of the drum.

[43 / 10]

There were two numbers floating, the first being the connected instrument bond to the conductor and the latter being the bond with each of the connected instruments.

The number of the connected bond to the conductor was high.

Both instruments were different, but the drum really admired the famous baton spirit.

The number of the bond of the drum with other instruments was low.

This is because the nine music instruments knew each other only in faces and names, so they had nothing to do with bond.

The drum on the stage lifted the stick.

He used his skills.

[Use the Orchestra Conductor Connection.]

He let go any thoughts from his mind.

He focused his mind to the skill. Then, a sense of contempt was revealed.

The bond reacted to each other’s minds. Drum’s respect for him remained the same, but his contempt affected the bond. The bond between conductors, which was initially 43, gradually decreased.

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]


That’s how the number on the head of the drum turned negative.

Drummm (Drum rolls sound)

The drum was quite famius.

He was one of the best drums in the world.

Drum continued to play without panicking. However, unlike his mind, his hands and feet couldn’t catch the beat.

When the beat of the drums at the center of the band got messed up, other instruments that tried to cover up the drum’s mistakes began to go awry.

Somehow the band’s stage ended.

The reception from the stands was not good. Everyone was worried about what was going on with the drum.

Still, only one team made a mistake. The next musical troupe came up to the stage.

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]


The next music instruments made a mistake again.

The next musical troupe came up. He was a famous solo singer with beautiful voice.

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]


Another made a mistake. The next musical troupe is up. It was a choir known for its solidarity more than anyone else.

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]



In the stands, someone uttered a lament mixed with sadness.

Nine music bands ended all the stage with mistakes.

It was now the last performance.

The spirits were taken aback. It was the first time since the world existed that the music instrument all made a mistake in front of the tree.

What should they do?

“What happens to the spirits that would born now?”

‘Who put teams like that in a music competition?’

The gentle spirits were embarrassed and angry.

There was a crack in the world where beautiful music flowed.

The last performance.

He reached out the violinist to play alone for his orchestra.

The violin in a beautiful red dress blushed her cheeks and held the hands of the baton that asked her to be on the stage.

She was a very grateful.

“Thank you, Maestro.’

“Don’t mention it.”

[Use the Orchestra Conductor Connection.]

A grim voice rang in his head as if he already knew the tragedy that would come to the world, but he still smiled cheerfully and didn’t show his outrageous thoughts.

He hated this boring world.

On the podium, he lifted the baton he was born with all his might. Their performance has begun.

He didn’t hide it now. He did not hide his contempt for this boring, monotonous world, as he set off a spectacular spark till the end.

The violin, which was playing solo and closest to him was the first to notice the anomaly.

She was trembling within the vicious feeling she had never felt before, but she couldn’t stop playing.

However, contrary to her idea of enduring her fear and continuing her performance, her mind gradually lost respect for the conductor.

[The bond with the target deacresed]

[The bond with the target decreased]

[The bond with the target decreased]



‘That’s a good sound. ‘

The Demon swung his baton.

As the dizzying and seemingly incorrect performance continued, not only the orchestra members but also all the spirits in the audience noticed something wrong.

They realized that it was the conductor standing on the stage faults. The disrespect! His cold shoulder, laughing at the dying tree!


Finally, a sound of despair was heard from the violin.

He made a mistake, but he couldn’t ruin the music. The violin continued to play with tears in her eyes.

Cough! Cough!

It wasn’t just the violin. The cello, the viola, the trumpet all shuddered and despaired.

The endless collapse of music made even the spectators unable to resist themselves from crying.

The beautiful, which was the background of the stage, shook. There was no wind, but the branches and leaves shook.

“No, no!”

Sitting in the stands, nine instruments who were still shock from their performance screamed looking at the tree.

“The tree, the tree of spirits!”

The tree is dying.

There was a scream. It was a very loud scream.

“Stop playing!”

“No, you can’t stop!”

Opinions were divided among the audience. There were conflicting opinions that even if he made a mistake, he should finish it, and that they shouldn’t stop even after making many mistakes.

Waving the baton, he knew the answer. He stopped the baton from being the highlight.

He hate them for ruining his performance. The orchestra also stopped and looked only at his baton.

‘Oh…… no…’

There was clumsy music and full of mistakes. But if they quit halfway, it wasn’t music.

As the orchestra stopped playing completely, the tree of spirits gradually changed.

Black. He’s dying. The leaves fell one by one and the big branches fell off to the floor!

Along with him, the screams of spirits and sad voices were heard everywhere.

He was happy to be able to destroy one world. How the world will change now…….? His heart throbbed with anticipation.

Then, he heard the sound of the violin.

* * *

Seojun opened his eyes.

“Did Seojun wake up?””

Choi Si-yoon, who was just staring at Seojun’s face next to him, smiled and said.


He fell asleep while reading a book from the library of life.

It’s a nightmare. It’s a dark history. Now that he think of it, he ruined such a peaceful and beautiful world. He feel ashamed and embarrassed. Seriously, he only sighed.

Kahahaha! Chaos! Destruction! Destruction! Somehow he could still hear the laughter of the evil baton spirit in his ear.

That’s what a chuunibyuu is? He saw it on TV……. Recalling his past life, Seojun became depressed.

Seo Eun-chan and Kim Hwa-ryeon, who were heating up baby food due to Seojun’s crying, quickly came to the living room.

“Why, why is he crying?”

“Is Seojun okay?”

Hwang Ye-joon and Kevin quickly sat next to the blanket. Finally, Park Seo-jin sat down, blowing the hot baby food. Kim Hwa-ryeon quietly told Seo Eun-chan, to keep filming and he was just hungry so this is normal for babies.


‘Me from the stupid past!’

He didn’t really cry, but it sounded like he was crying. The more he thought about it, the more he was embarrassed. Seojun kicked the blanket with his short legs. The small blanket was moving up and down.

“Is Seojun hungry?”

“I guess so. Seo-jin. Hurry up and feed him!”

Park Seo-jin scooped up the baby food with a small baby spoon. Kevin quickly picked Seo-jun and put him on his lap.

‘No, I’m just sad. I’m not hungry…….’


“Seojun is eating well!”

“He must have been really hungry.”

He opened his mouth without realizing it. Munh muncb. The baby food in his mouth disappeared in an instant. Eating delicious food made him feel better.

Seojun tilted his head and kept mumbling his mouth.

Well, was he really hungry? Come to think of it, do you think his stomach was a little empty?

Oh, he must have had a nightmare because he was hungry.

“Now. Seojun, open your mouth.”

“Me, too! Me next!”

“Ye-Joon, I’ll go next!”

“Next up is me!”

[Increases bond with target]

[Increases bond with target]

[Increases bond with target]

[Increases bond with target]

Seojun took another bite. It was very delicious because it was baby food made by his mom.

* * *

The Cello Spirit opened the book. It was a book about the worst traitor ever, the baton spirit.

After the incident, laws were enacted to reveal the skills of each spirits and to register their skills upon birth.

At the front of the book there was a hero, the violin spirit, and her skills.

The violin, which defeated the traitor and revived the tree, was the cello’s idol.

[Basic skill with violin effort – lower level]

The basic skills that put effort into it allow you to continue playing under any mistakes or unfavorable conditions.

It was a skill that didn’t help her improve her skills, but it helped her very much to defeat the traitor. The Cello turned to the next page.

There was a picture of a violin playing with the red dress and a traitor going against all the instrument to destroy the tree.

The violin went on to play even when he was full of mistakes. It was like a poor performance by a newborn spirit. Her skill, which she usually complained about being useless, shone. The uninterrupted performance continued.

The baton spirit, who was trying to stop the violin, was overwhelmed by his orchestra members and could not stop playing it.

The baton’s skills was continued to be used, and his skills gradually deteriorated, but she also continued to play without stopping.

Thanks to the five-hour-long violin performance, the tree came back to life.

However, no spirits were born from the tree that came to life after his death for the next four years.

Luckily, the violin miracle didn’t end there. In the next music competition, more spirits were born than usual from the tree of spirits, it returned to normal thanks to her wonderful performance full of vitality.

……The worst traitor in history, the baton spirit, was executed for the first time since the birth of the world.

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