Soul Fusion Online

Chapter 209 Inviting Mary

"Mm… I want Yuki's baby. A child that was created between you and me." Trisha replied. Then her eyes shot wide open as an idea came to mind. "Yuki! Mary!"

"Huh? What about her?" Yuki seemed confused.

"I am saying we can have Mary, who we know well and can not get pregnant, help with your new issue. When I can't take anymore, you can do it with her, and then when you're about to cum you can do it in me. I know Mary is different from other A.I.'s I know this. But…. I also know Mary likes you. So it would be win win in a way, would it not? If it is Mary, I do not mind if she joins, is what I am saying." Trisha liked Mary, and Mary could not go against them or try to do anything that would cause them any future issues. But Trisha really worried about her ability to keep up with Yuki's new sex drive. She loved doing it with Yuki, but there was only so much she could take.

"But you know Mary is to be part of my family as my sister…." Yuki had a bit of an issue with this but was quickly flicked in the forehead.

"It's fine, is it not? It is not like she has blood flowing through her veins. She can still be your sister, but she is just helping you out a little. Let's call her in here and ask her." Trisha seemed adamant about this. But Yuki was still having misgivings. She could only nod her head since she really couldn't go against Trisha.

A few minutes later, Mary was sitting in a chair across from Yuki and Trisha. "Ma-Sister, you called me?"

"I will let Trisha do the talking," Yuki replied with pursed lips.

"Mary, would you like to help Yuki out at night?" Trisha asked. Even she was now feeling awkward about what she was asking.

"I do not follow? Mas-Sister is playing at night with you, is she not?" Mary was having issues understanding what was going on. She had no issues helping her Master out, in fact, she would love to be able to, but she did not understand how she would be of any use.

"It's like this…. Yuki, show her." Trisha said. Yuki blushed and stood up, and undid her pants. Her dick flopped out. While it was soft, it was still quite big. Mary looked at the thing coming into view, and her eyes went wide.

"Master, you grew a dick!" Mary yelled out.

Yuki pursed her lips and pulled her pants back up. "It has something to do with the game. The problem is, is that my sex drive had sky rocketed, and Trisha is unable to keep up and if I do not release it will start to hurt…."

"I see, so you wish to have me help in this matter?" Mary asked, her eyes showing a hint of excitement. The thing she had thought about many times was finally coming true.

"Yes… well… And because of this new attachment. I will be going for a test to see if I can even produce sperm and maybe, just maybe, get Trisha pregnant. Which means you may need to take over completely once she is impregnated as well." Yuki answered while scratching her head. "We are leaving the decision up to you. If you do not want to help out, it is fine. We will figure something else out."

"I will help!" Mary answered with no hesitation. "Mast-Sister has always been good to me, always treating me like I am a real human. You are even making me your true family. And I have always wanted to do these things you master as well. I just never thought that that would allow it…."

"Did you just call me that!?" Trisha yelled out.

"Oh, I am sorry, did I?" Mary asked with an innocent face. "Must have been a slip of the tongue."

"You!" Trisha ground her teeth. She sometimes hated this stupid robot!

"Alright, enough. If you are willing, then that would indeed help me a lot. From now on, you will sleep with us at night, okay? And maybe some times during the day. I am not sure yet." Yuki was unsure how bad her sex drive would be, so she had to wait a few days to truly find out.

"I will stay by your side then, from this moment on,"  Mary replied with a bright smile. She seemed to be very happy about this new arrangement.

"I will need to talk to mom about this as well." Yuki could already feel a headache coming on.

A few hours later….

"It's fine…." Tina answered without hesitation. "But to think my daughter was now a shim."

"Mom!" Yuki's face was bright red. "I am still a she! Just with a dick..."

"I am just joking. Anyway, you should talk to the company and find out what is going on. I will call a doctor about your other thing. To be honest, I hope you can impregnate my daughter in law. I want a grandbaby. Even if you have to do it genetically, I want it done! As for Mary. She will basically become your second wife if  you both decide to continue as you are, so you better not leave her hanging if things return to normal."

Tina's words made Yuki look at Trisha, who nodded her head. "I never planned to kick her out if we did return to normal or force her to go back to how she was before. That would not be fair to her. Mary is my family either way. If she wishes to be intimate, then I will allow her to be. Everything is her decision."

"I want to be with my Master…." Mary said softly.

"Then it is settled. Trisha, this means you need to get along better with her." Tina looked at Trisha, who nodded back. "It was my idea. While we might fight here and there, I do see Mary as family, so it is fine."

"Then good. I wish you three happiness."

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