Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure

Chapter 260 Fighting the undead (4)

Chapter 260 Fighting the undead (4)

When the demon stepped out from the line of undead, he looked over us as if he was sizing us up.

Then all of a sudden, the demon said, "You're the ones that caused me all this trouble? Just with you, you were able to do all of that?"

No one said a word in response to this, but some of the soldiers with weaker wills couldn't stop their legs from turning soft at the pressure that this demon released.

Even the knights couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat when facing the demon.

There was only me and Shaka who just stood there firmly because we already had experience with demons. The pressure from this demon wouldn't be enough to scare us since we were already used to it.

No, there was someone else who also stood firm.

Surprisingly, Veronica didn't react at all when she felt the pressure from the demon.

Either she had nerves of steel…or she was too scared to react.

When the demon appeared, I immediately turned to look at Shaka and he gave a nod in response.

Both of us knew that to take care of these undead, we would have to take care of this demon.

To take care of pawns, one needed to take care of the king.

But it was also clear that this demon was stronger than the demon commander that I faced before, so we needed something to get the edge over this demon.

While everyone was focused on the demon, I pulled out The Penetrator from my inventory and handed it over to Shaka.

Shaka was surprised to see me pull this out from behind me, but he knew better than to question it. After all, he had seen much stranger things from me that he knew better than to ask questions.

However, his eyes did light up when he saw The Penetrator.

After all, he had already seen how much power was in this magic weapon and even he was curious about using it. It was just that he never had a chance and he wasn't as shameless as Jessica to just ask for it.

Still, now he had a chance to use this magic weapon and he couldn't help feeling excited.

Though most of that excitement was suppressed since he knew that he and the rest of their group were in serious danger.

Once he grabbed The Penetrator, Shaka didn't hesitate to step forward.

All of the knights and soldiers were surprised by his sudden move, even the demon was taken aback by this human who suddenly came forward.

But seeing the way that Shaka raised his weapon, the demon couldn't help breaking out in laughter. After that, the demon said, "Do you really think that you're a match for me?"

With that, the demon raised his hand and there was a black lance that appeared in it.

This black lance was something that I recognized immediately since I had an intimate encounter with it before. If I had dodged a single second later, then Veronica would have been impaled by this lance.

I could also see Veronica giving a shiver when she saw this lance. It was clear that she recognized it as well.

The demon wasn't finished yet, after pulling out the lance, he said, "This is an insult not just to me, but to the demon king who personally gave me this mission. Human, since you are seeking death, I will help you."

Without hesitation, the demon charged forward with the lance in hand.

At the same time, the undead followed behind the demon and also charged forward.

Shaka didn't hesitate when he saw this, he dashed forward to meet the demon head on.

The duke had been in a daze when he saw the undead appear, but he snapped out of it at this moment.

He knew that they would only have a single chance to survive this, so he didn't hesitate to give the order, "Back him up! Block the undead in his way so he can fight the demon! Only if he wins will we be able to escape this place!"

The knights and soldiers had also been stunned, but they were also pulled out of their daze when they heard this.

They looked at each other before giving nods and charging forward behind Shaka.

But since they had horses while Shaka was on foot, they quickly caught up and even overtook him so that they formed a line in front of him.

On the other side, the demon had deliberately gone slower so that the undead would be in front of him.

With the two sides charging like this, it didn't take long before they clashed.

Or rather, it was the knights and soldiers who crashed into the undead line. Since they were faster, they used their mobility to slash at the undead while maintaining a distance from them.

Like this, they were able to lure the undead from the area around the demon away, exposing the demon to Shaka.

The demon wasn't surprised to see this and he didn't panic at all as he raised his lance to stab out at Shaka.

Shaka also wasn't afraid, he just raised The Penetrator up to swing out at the demon.

When he brought it up, this was the first time that everyone saw The Penetrator in its full form. He had been hiding it slightly in his cloak before this and they had been in a daze over what had happened, so they hadn't seen it.

But now that they saw The Penetrator, they couldn't help feeling that it looked very strange…especially the tip of this weapon.

It almost looked like a…

Shaka ignored all of this and focused on the demon.

The demon was caught off guard as well, but then he focused on Shaka.

During all of this, while everyone's attention was away from me, I pulled out something.

Then without hesitation, I pulled out a match from my Storage Ring.

If Shaka was going to win this, he would need something to give him an edge and this was my way of helping him.

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