Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Gu Ci, it’s you who framed me,” Gu Chuyun accused tearfully, “I was drugged and didn’t know anything, it’s because you like Lu Shijie and wanted to seduce him, but instead you harmed me, how heartless of you.”

Gu Yaozu glared angrily at Gu Ci, “Gu Ci, so it was you who was up to no good, how can you be so malicious? Gu Chuyun has always accommodated and protected you since childhood, do you have no heart?”

Lü Man’s eyes also turned red, Lu Shijie is a scumbag, he should have targeted Gu Ci instead!

“Gu Ci, what did your sister do to offend you that you would harm her like this?” Lü Man asked through her tears.

Gu Wenliang raised his hand and slapped Gu Ci hard, “You wicked child, I should have strangled you when you were born!”

Gu Ci grabbed Gu Wenliang’s wrist with a deep and serious look in her eyes. Gu Wenliang was startled and thrown out by Gu Ci. Gu Ci looked coldly at the family of four and said, “Gu Chuyun and Lu Shijie are engaged and in love. They couldn’t help but sleep together. What does that have to do with me? How did I harm her? Gu Chuyun, before you got engaged, I never heard that you didn’t like Lu Shijie. How did I harm you?”

Upon hearing this, everyone came back to their senses.

Gu Chuyun and Lu Shijie were engaged, and their intimacy was not Gu Ci’s concern. Why were Gu Wenliang, Lu Man, and Gu Yaozu all cursing Gu Ci without distinguishing right from wrong?

“I like Lu Shijie?” Gu Ci arrogantly raised her chin. “Is he worthy?”

Lu Shijie gritted his teeth as he looked at Gu Ci. He knew that he had been set up by her. As soon as he entered the door, Gu Ci knocked him out. By the time he woke up, he and Gu Chuyun had already had intimate relations.

She had made him lose face, and he was determined to settle this account.

Gu Ci also saw the coldness in Lu Shijie’s eyes.

“Gu Ci, you’re dead!” Lu Shijie looked at her with a dark expression. He already had a soft and delicate appearance, but now his eyes were even more terrifying. “Tonight, no one will be able to leave!”

Lu’s bodyguards rushed into the Gu family mansion and subdued everyone.

At that moment, the sound of police sirens could be heard.

Lu Shijie angrily asked, “Who called the police?”

Gu Ci casually raised her phone. “I did.”

Everyone was stunned.

People in high society were all astute. Lu Shijie had a terrible reputation for playing women to death and having strange habits. No one was willing to marry their daughter to him. Lu Man didn’t want her daughter to suffer either, and Gu Chuyun hated Lu Shijie. When she unexpectedly found out that Lu Shijie had set his sights on Gu Ci, she came up with a plan to work with Lu Shijie and trap Gu Ci in an inescapable abyss.

No one expected that Gu Ci would call the police.

“Someone tried to drug and assault me tonight by putting something in my drink. I demand a thorough investigation,” Gu Ci’s voice was calm and indifferent.

Everyone was shocked, but Gu Chuyun was trembling with fear and her face turned pale.

Gu Wenliang shouted angrily, “You’re talking nonsense! Shut up!”

“We can find out what happened by checking the surveillance footage,” Gu Ci replied calmly.

“We can’t check the surveillance footage!” Lu Man screamed. She couldn’t let Gu Chuyun’s reputation be ruined.

“Mom, I was framed. Why won’t you check the surveillance footage? Who is your real daughter?” Gu Ci asked coldly, and the guests were also puzzled.

Lu Man had always protected Gu Chuyun as if she were her own eyes, so why was she so indifferent to Gu Ci?

Since Gu Ci had reported the incident to the police, it was natural to investigate. Many of the surveillance cameras in the Gu family mansion were broken tonight, but strangely enough, the footage of Gu Chuyun and Lu Shijie drugging Gu Ci was preserved.

Gu Ci knew that this was Ziyu’s doing.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!” Gu Chuyun looked at the guests whispering and felt like everyone was making fun of her.

She looked at Gu Ci’s arrogant face and broke down, screaming before fainting in Lu Man’s arms.

Faking fainting was her specialty, and it never failed. Every time she pretended to faint, it caused Gu Ci to be disliked and misunderstood by others.

“Chuyun!” Lu Man’s heart ached. “Gu Ci, how could you be so heartless? She’s your sister.”

Gu Ci looked at them playfully, as if watching a comedy. “Is she?”

Lu Man’s heart skipped a beat. Gu Ci’s gaze was too unfamiliar to her. Although she was arrogant and domineering, she had always longed for her mother’s love. Why was she looking at her with such a cold gaze?


She couldn’t possibly know the truth. Except for Gu Chuyun, she hadn’t told anyone about this!

Gu Wenliang and Gu Yaozu surrounded Gu Chuyun. Everyone was worried about her, and she seemed like an outsider. Gu Wenliang glared at her with resentment. “Wretched child, why did I give birth to such a bastard like you.”

Gu Yaozu said, “If anything happens to Chuyun, I won’t let you go!”

In her past life, scenes like this would always sting Gu Ci. She always felt that Gu Chuyun had taken away her mother, father, and brother. Even though she was their biological daughter, why did they all like Gu Chuyun more? She always competed with Gu Chuyun for their parents’ love.

But now, she felt nothing when she saw this scene again.

This family suffocated her and made her sick. Gu Ci left the mansion, and Ziyu destroyed all the surveillance footage that was harmful to Gu Ci, leaving only evidence of Gu Chuyun’s wrongdoing.

He had invaded the Gu family’s security system and monitored them from beginning to end, always protecting Gu Ci.

“Ziyu, why did you travel back in time?” Gu Ci was puzzled. She couldn’t explain her own reincarnation, and Ziyu’s time travel was even more bizarre.

“I don’t know, but I’m happy that I can protect Mom.” Ziyu’s innocent and cruel peach blossom eyes were filled with a smile. “Mom, I avenged you after you died.”

No one who had hurt her could escape.

Gu Ci felt bitter in her heart and hated Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun even more. She also hated Gu Wenliang and Lu Man, as they were the source of all tragedies. Gu Ci suppressed her emotions and said, “Let’s go. Mom will take you to see Dad.”


The sun was shining brightly in City A, with clear skies stretching for miles.

The World Formula One Championship was being held at the Global Sports Center, with a sea of people cheering on the racers as they competed for this year’s championship. The competition was intense on the track as the racers battled for the top spot.

In the stands, fans screamed out the names of their favorite racers and even held up banners to support them.

“Go, Lu Zhiyuan!”

“Lu Zhiyuan, win the championship, win the championship…”

For anyone interested in F1 racing, Lu Zhiyuan’s name was well known. He was the world’s most dazzling star racer, showing his skills at various campus competitions since he was twelve years old. At eighteen, he started appearing on the F1 circuit, and he had never missed a championship in any competition he participated in.

This was the most expensive sport in the world, without a doubt.

It was also the most challenging sport that pushed the limits of technology and human capability. Every racer was a hero.

“If Lu Zhiyuan wins the championship again this year, he’ll have won three consecutive world championships.”

“He’s the youngest world champion, with the first place ranking in qualifying races and circuit races, an absolute genius.”

“He’s also the heir to the Lu family conglomerate, the ultimate winner in life.”

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