Shocking! She Returned with a Miniature Bigshot

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dragging her dizzy body, Gu Ci rushed into the restroom and shoved her hand down her throat, vomiting out the alcohol that Gu Chuyun had just forced her to drink. Her body felt like it was on fire, but at least she felt a little better now.

To her surprise, she had somehow been reborn into her 18-year-old self on the very night that would change the course of her life forever.

It was the fifth day after the college entrance examination, and Gu Chuyun was engaged to Lu Shijie. Tonight was their engagement ceremony.

Lu Shijie was the young master of the largest business empire in City A. He held immense power and influence, but he also had a sadistic tendency for bloodlust. At least six women had died under his hand, all of whom had been silenced by the Lu family. Gu Chuyun didn’t want to marry Lu Shijie, so she devised a plan to get him drunk and take advantage of him during their engagement ceremony and then bribed the reporters to cover the story.

The next day, news of Gu Ci seducing her sister’s husband at the engagement banquet would spread like wildfire, tarnishing her reputation and causing her to be despised by everyone. She would fall into the depths of despair from then on.

Gu Chuyun’s plan was perfect.

However, Gu Ci was a ruthless person. When Lu Shijie tried to force himself on her, she stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife, rendering him impotent and incapable of having children.

When reporters burst into the room, she was holding the knife while Lu Shijie lay in a pool of blood, barely alive.

The Lu family would not let this go easily, and they sued Gu Ci in court. She was sentenced to five years in prison. The Gu family gave up on appealing the verdict, and her mother, Lu Man, cruelly revealed to her that she and Gu Chuyun had been switched at birth and that Gu Chuyun was Lu Man’s real daughter.

But Gu Ci didn’t dwell on the past. She emerged from the restroom as a changed woman, no longer the powerless 18-year-old she once was. During her five years in prison, she had learned how to fight and defend herself. When Lu Shijie entered the room, she knocked him out cold.

“Gu Chuyun, you’re finished!” she declared.

She was determined to make Gu Chuyun experience the consequences of her own actions.

Gu Ci took Lu Shijie’s phone and unlocked it with his face recognition. She found Gu Chuyun’s chat and glanced at the conversation. As she suspected, Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun had conspired together. Lu Shijie wanted Gu Chuyun’s shares, as well as Gu Ci herself.

What scumbags!

She sent a message to Gu Chuyun, asking her to come upstairs.

Three minutes later, Gu Chuyun pushed open the door with malice in her heart. She was eager to see what fate awaited Gu Ci, the woman who had been defiled by Lu Shijie and nearly died.

As soon as Gu Chuyun entered, Gu Ci pounced on her, and Gu Chuyun screamed. Gu Ci covered her mouth, and Gu Chuyun’s eyes widened in horror. Why was Gu Ci still conscious?

“Ahh…ahh…” Gu Chuyun struggled frantically, but Gu Ci punched her and knocked her out.

Just as Gu Ci let out a sigh of relief, the door was pushed open once again. Her heart skipped a beat, and she rushed to the door, determined to prevent anyone from seeing what had just happened.

However, the person who opened the door was a cute six-year-old child, with fair skin and a resemblance to Gu Ci. He held a short knife in his hand and stared at Gu Ci with wide, adorable peach-blossom eyes.

“Ziyu?” Gu Ci asked in shock.

“Mommy?” The child’s voice was young and confused.

Gu Ci was stunned. She had been reborn into her 18-year-old self. Why was she seeing her precious son again?

In her previous life, after serving her five-year sentence, Gu Ci’s hands were ruined by Gu Chuyun, and she could no longer play the violin. Gu Chuyun also ruined her appearance, making her look ugly and disfigured. In her most desperate moments, it was Lu Zhiyuan who protected her and gave birth to their son, Ziyu.

After Lu Zhiyuan’s death, she lost her mind. Before she died, the person she was most concerned about and most heartbroken for was her son, Ziyu.

“Ziyu…” Gu Ci’s tears welled up in her eyes. She hugged him tightly, struggling to stay alive and protect him. She had caused him so much pain, and it tore her heart apart. “My baby, why are you here? Why did you come here?”

“Mommy, I came to protect you,” Ziyu replied, staring at Gu Ci with his beautiful, healthy mother. He had only seen her in pictures.

This was his 18-year-old mother.

The most beautiful mother in the world, not the mother from the previous life who was neither human nor ghost.

In this life, no one would hurt her!

He would be her guardian angel.

Gu Ci also regained her senses and looked at Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun. This pair of unfaithful people must pay a price. Ziyu felt the killing intent emanating from Gu Ci’s body.

He hated them even more!

Because of them, he had lost his father since childhood, and his mother had suffered all her life. The tragedy of their family of three was all caused by them.

“Mommy, don’t dirty your hands. They don’t deserve it!” Ziyu said indifferently. He took out a pill, dissolved it in water, and forced Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun to drink it. Soon, Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun felt like their bodies were on fire, writhing in agony and moaning.

Gu Ci was taken aback. Her baby was only six years old, how did he know about such a pill?

“Killing them would only bring temporary satisfaction. I prefer to watch them fall into the abyss.” Just like in her previous life, they tortured her and made her lose everything.

But Ziyu was still young and immature, and could only watch them torture his mother and torture him.

Gu Ci felt heartbroken. In her previous life, when she lost her mind, she had also tortured Ziyu. Her precious son, Ziyu, should have had a happy and carefree childhood.

He should have been a happy and innocent child.

However, he had become a little devil.

“Mommy, are you upset?” Ziyu asked innocently yet cruelly. “Mommy, are you afraid of me? Ziyu will never hurt Mommy.”

Gu Ci wiped away her tears and suppressed all her emotions. She stroked her son’s tender face. “Mommy…just feels sorry for Ziyu.”

Lu Shijie and Gu Chuyun were writhing in agony, rolling together like beasts, soon making embarrassing noises. Gu Ci sneered. Gu Chuyun, welcome to hell!

She wanted Gu Chuyun to taste what it was like to be in hell.

Ziyu took Gu Ci’s tablet and hacked into the surveillance system of the Gu family, deleting the footage of him and Gu Ci when they left the mansion.

In his previous life, the six-year-old Ziyu was already a terrifying hacker, a genius boy who struck fear into people’s hearts.

“Mom, it’s done.” He tilted his head up and flashed a shy but sweet smile at Gu Ci, like a fake smile from a cute child.

Gu Ci’s heart ached at the sight of his smile. She had been insane for six years and had hardly ever seen her son smile. In the past life, this child was always as gloomy as a little demon.

“Baby, Mommy still has some things to take care of. Wait for me, okay?”


Gu Ci turned around and went back to the Gu family mansion.

At eighteen, Gu Ci was a beauty with snow-white skin and delicate features. She was the envy of the A-city social scene and the daughter of Gu Wenliang, the chairman of Gu Group.

Gu Wenliang’s wife, Jiang Mingyue, and his lover, Lu Man, were pregnant at the same time and gave birth to two girls. Lu Man maliciously switched the babies, and Gu Ci was actually Jiang Mingyue’s biological daughter. Jiang Mingyue suffered from postpartum depression and eventually passed away. Three months after her death, Gu Wenliang married Lu Man.

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