Rome Must Fall

Chapter 30: Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 30: Commander-in-Chief

Under Maximus lead, the group squeezed through the crowd with a sense of anxiety. They carefully examined the eastern cliff, inspected the bundles of ropes Maximus had brought up the mountain in a wagon, and personally tested the grapevines the women of the logistics team were twisting to make ropes

The worries on the faces of the rebel forces leaders finally disappeared, and their confidence was restored.

Spartacus gave Maximus a powerful hug. Maximus, thank you! You saved us all!

Hamilcar stepped forward and lightly punched Maximus in the chest. Well done, boy!

Artorix smiled at him.

Oenomaus scratched his head awkwardly.

Crixus coughed twice. Maximus idea is indeed good, but we wont know if it can really be executed until we try. Even if it is possible, not everyone has the courage and ability to climb down this mountain. Our injured brothers cant do it, and neither can the people from the logistics team!

The leaders were taken aback and their expressions became serious once again.

Maximus couldnt help but speak again, but Spartacus interrupted in a solemn tone, Dont worry about them. We can quietly descend the mountain using this method and launch a surprise attack on the Romans! The Romans must have studied the terrain beforehand, which is why they built their camp at the foot of the mountain, thinking they could trap us here. They will definitely lack precautions

Crixus eyes lit up, and he excitedly interjected, Spartacus is right! Lets do it this way! Let the brothers rest for a day, recover their strength, and then quietly climb down the mountain tomorrow night. The Romans will definitely be asleep by then, and we can launch a surprise attack. We will definitely defeat them!

Not tomorrow night, but tonight. We will launch the attack tonight! Spartacus emphasized.

Tonight? Isnt it too rushed?! Hamilcar exclaimed in surprise.

The Romans have just fought against us, but they havent rested. The auxiliaries are building the camp, the legionnaires are on guard, and the cavalry is patrolling around Spartacus pointed down the mountain and analyzed seriously, Look! Their personnel are concentrated on that side. They probably intend to dig trenches, build earthen walls, and set traps under this slope before nightfall to completely block our descent. That means they wont have enough time and manpower to fortify the other directions of their camp. Besides, they have been fighting all day and will surely be fast asleep at night, relaxing their patrols and vigilance. We can easily break into their camp.

However, if we wait until tomorrow night This Roman army only stayed at the olive farm for one night yesterday, but they still built a camp. It shows that their commander is very cautious. Tomorrow, he will certainly demand his soldiers to fortify the entire camps defenses. By then, it will be more difficult for us to launch a surprise attack

Everyone was convinced, but Artorix reminded, Spartacus, what you said is undoubtedly correct, but after our defeat, most of our brothers have lost their desire to fight. They may not dare to follow us and climb down the mountain, risking great danger to ambush the Romans.

Leave that to me, Spartacus responded without hesitation, then walked briskly to the center of the plateau.

Brothers, the reason we failed in the battle against the Romans this time is entirely my fault! Spartacus began, shocking many soldiers who looked up in confusion.

I had fear in my heart towards the Romans, so I always wanted to gain more advantages before the battle, thinking that only then could we ultimately win. Therefore, I waited for the Romans to attack first instead of leading you to initiate the attack. But I clearly forgot that the Romans possessed unimaginable wealth and exceptionally superior equipment. The more we waited, the more advantages the Romans could gather, and the less likely we could defeat them!

Spartacus voice was loud and earnest, attracting the attention of almost everyone on the plateau.

So, compared to the Roman army, do we, the poor ones, have any strengths that surpass the Romans?! Spartacus asked loudly before lowering his voice. I used to live in a Thracian tribe near the Black Sea. I had a wife, children, and a peaceful and fulfilling life But then the Romans came. They forcibly conscripted people from our tribe as auxiliaries, and I was forced to follow the Roman army to Asia Minor

Little did I know that not long after, another Roman army arrived near my hometown. While forcibly collecting food from the various tribes of Thrace, two Roman soldiers attempted to violate the women of our tribe. In their anger, my fellow tribesmen killed them, which angered the Romans. They killed all the tribesmen in our tribe and burned down the entire village as a warning to other Thracian tribes. My wife and children died as a result Spartacuss voice trembled, and his eyes were filled with tears.

Everyone listened attentively, their expressions solemn.

Although our fellow Thracians from other Thracian tribes rushed into Asia Minor and secretly told us this shocking news while we were still fighting for the Romans, we failed to escape the Romans pursuit and eventually became their slaves. We were forced to fight in the arena to entertain those despicable Romans

Brothers, just like me, all of you have once enjoyed a life of freedom but became slaves of the Romans for various reasons. Day and night, we endured their whippings and toiled for them tirelessly, like cattle and sheep.

The reason you joined our ranks is because you refuse to be slaves any longer. You want your freedom back. For this, you are not afraid to face the mighty Roman army. Because youve suffered hell already, death does not scare you anymore!

Spartacus voice grew louder, The Romans are indeed powerful, but the more wealth they possess, the more they fear death. That is where we surpass them, for only those who fearlessly face death are true warriors who can create great miracles!

In the previous battle, we failed, but it also made the Romans underestimate us even more. They have set up their camp at the foot of the mountain, thinking that we will obediently stay on the mountain and starve like docile cattle and sheep. But they will never expect that tonight, we will descend from the cliffs like agile apes and launch a surprise attack on the unprepared Roman camp like ferocious mountain eagles, utterly defeating them! Brothers, are you willing to join me in this assault?!

The soldiers were filled with renewed spirit, but some remained puzzled. One person asked loudly, Commander Spartacus, this mountain has Romans guarding it on one side, and the rest are impassable cliffs. How can we possibly climb down?

Archidas, I remember you. You were a slave herding cattle for the Romans in a nearby farm. You are familiar with the terrain here. Indeed, what you said is true. There are no other paths down the mountain except for this side. But Spartacus took a deep breath, passionately proclaiming, As long as we do not fear death, we can create miracles! I will be the first to climb down, and if you see me safely reach the ground, will you follow me?!

Spartacus surveyed the crowd, raising his voice, Will you follow me?! With the hatred in your hearts, will you follow me in attacking the Roman camp and striking down those high and mighty Romans?! Will you follow me and show them that we are not lowly cattle and sheep but heroes who can create miracles, and are gods of death who can make them kneel down in fear and beg for mercy?! Will you follow me to regain our freedom?!

FOR FREEDOM! FOR OUR FREEDOM!!! The soldiers were finally fired up, shouting eagerly. The previously silent and gloomy atmosphere was swept away.

Amazing! Maximus watched Spartacus standing in the center of the crowd and couldnt help but be amazed. He understood why Spartacus had always been the commander of the uprising in history, with his soldiers swearing unwavering loyalty.

A leader with such inspiring charisma is worth learning from, Maximus thought to himself.

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