Reborn in Konoha as the Anbu Torturer

Chapter 607: Draining the Future of the Konohagakure!

"Namikaze Minato..."

Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki exchanged glances, sharing a look of recognition. They hadn't yet heard this name because the Kirigakure's intelligence network hadn't extended that far.

Namikaze Minato had just completed an ambush on Kumogakure ninjas and had yet to return to Konohagakure. Even the ninjas of Konohagakure themselves lacked detailed frontline reports.

The events there...

Aoba was now providing firsthand information.

In fact.

Even Aoba.

He wasn't clear how the battlefield had developed.

But he knew that Minato would win; he knew the outcome, but what the process was like was not important now.

"Biwa Juzo, I'm not sure I heard you correctly, but you're saying we should support the Third Hokage, not this Namikaze Minato, right?" Biwa Juzo took a deep breath, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the situation's complexity.

The Third Hokage should be considering the village in his actions, right?

Shimura Danzo, the leader of the Konoha ANBU, should act in the village's best interest, right?

Biwa Juzo knew some about Konohagakure, as did others in the ninja world.

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, had been in power too long and should have passed the mantle to the next generation by now. Konohagakure was full of talented individuals, but no one could take up the mantle of Hokage, which was why the Third Hokage had remained in position, waiting for new blood to emerge.

Now, that new blood had appeared.

This mysterious youngster named Namikaze Minato was still unknown to them, but the fact that Konohagakure had a potential Hokage successor was good news!

Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki, both from Kirigakure, had gone through a period without a Mizukage and knew all too well how a leaderless ninja village, regardless of strength, was just a loose sand, difficult to achieve anything significant, and nearly impossible to unify in decision-making.

Because of these vulnerabilities, Kirigakure had been led by the nose by Kumogakure for many years, always looking to them, until recently when this relationship began to change.

Logically speaking...

Namikaze Minato's emergence should be good for Konoha but bad for the other villages.

But after hearing Satsuma Rentaro's recount.

Biwa Juzo felt that Namikaze Minato's emergence might also be alarming for Konoha, at least for the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen!

"Yes, what's going on here?"

Suikazan Fuguki also began to inquire, his thoughts not as complex as Biwa Juzo's, but he too sensed something off about the situation, which seemed to have many issues and shouldn't be as it was.

Upon hearing their questions, Aoba's lips curled into a slight, smug smile. He was waiting for their questions, not fearing them asking but fearing they wouldn't ask. Any question was OK; as long as it was asked, things would be much easier.

"It's Namikaze Minato!"

Aoba nodded firmly, his words fully capturing Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki's attention, drawing them entirely into the story.

"I was also baffled at first, but they somehow found me through unknown channels and expressed their desire to cooperate with Kirigakure"

"What they want is simple: they want us to dispatch ninjas immediately; it must be the very strong Seven Ninja Swordsmen leading to ambush Namikaze Minato on his way back and assassinate him!"

"If we can kill Namikaze Minato, the Third Hokage will be able to keep his position."

"Because Konoha won't have another successor for the position of Hokage!"

"Then, Danzo will pin the assassination of Namikaze Minato on Kumogakure, and accordingly, they will launch an attack on Kumogakure together with us!"

"This is the content of our current cooperation plan!"

"We must make a decision quickly, whether or not to cooperate. This is indeed an opportunity.

Aoba finished the story he had just fabricated, specially tailored for Kirigakure and specifically for Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki.

"I see!"

Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki exchanged looks again, confirming the surprise in each other's eyes.

"It's all about the struggle for the position of Hokage!"

Biwa Juzo lamented, "Power is a double-edged sword. The Third Hokage is too greedy for power, turning Konoha into what it is now. Otherwise, our other villages wouldn't have a chance!"

"After the Second Great Ninja World War, Konoha began its decline. Now that I think about it, it was after the Third Hokage took office," Suikazan Fuguki nodded in agreement.

"With such a person suppressing future Hokages, how can Konoha have a future..." Biwa Juzo's lips curled in a sardonic arc, enjoying the misfortunes occurring in another village.


Biwa Juzo looked at Aoba, basically understanding the situation now. He could fill in the details independently, even if Aoba didn't mention them.

It was simply the story of the Third Hokage wanting to eliminate other contenders for the Hokage position.

Now, Namikaze Minato was a contender for Hokage.

So, they planned to eliminate him.

It was that simple!

"You mean..." Biwa Juzo stared intently at Aoba, now grasping the situation. However, still uncertain in his heart and knowing the urgency of the matter, he couldn't ponder too much and immediately asked, "Are we taking this job?"


Aoba nodded almost without hesitation.

"Doing so would have many benefits for our Kirigakure!"

Aoba prepared his carefully planned words to persuade Biwa Juzo and Suikazan Fuguki; now that he had brought the conversation this far, the rest would be even more accessible.

"The benefits of this job on the surface are that Konohagakure will help us attack Kumogakure, but the deeper benefit is that we can take the opportunity to drain Konohagakure's future!"

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