Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2738: A World of Vampires

Chapter 2738: A World of Vampires

Ning Shu pulled her blanket over her head, then closed her eyes and began to receive the storyline.

This task world was a world of vampires.

These vampires were immortal. They always donned expensive clothes. Their youthful appearance concealed their true age and would easily enthrall anyone who spared them a glance.

In the most elegant, sensual way, they pierced the necks of their victims.

Using fresh blood for sustenance.

The original host, Molly, was a blood hunter and part of the blood hunter order.

The blood hunters were responsible for eradicating the wanton, blood-drinking vampires who preyed on innocent human beings.

They existed to ensure the continued survival of the human race by waging their war against the vampires.

The blood hunters were a counterbalancing force to the vampires. The existence of the blood hunters meant that the vampires could not butcher human beings however they liked.

Their existence fended off the fate of humans simply becoming livestock for vampires.

Despite the fact that science and technology had developed to the point that artificial blood was available to vampires, many vampires still preferred the warmth of human blood.

It was the sensation of tearing the human skin with their teeth and seeing how the blood flowed out, dripping all across their victim’s throat, that delighted them.

What they liked even more was seeing the intoxicated expression of their victim as they drained their blood out of them.

The girl sleeping next to Ning Shu was called Mina. Like Molly, she was also a blood hunter. However, she had a soft and naive appearance and a cheerful personality.

She had yet to kill even a single vampire in her entire career.

Most of the blood hunters were orphans, brought into the blood hunter order specifically to be trained into a blood hunter.

The blood hunter order was an organization operating under the church.

Mina and the original host had been tasked to go to a masquerade ball, in which vampires were expected to mingle and monitor these vampires.

If they spotted a vampire that was feeding on a human and was taking too much blood from their victim, they were to jump in and interfere immediately.

Some vampires, unable to control their own impulses, could go overboard and kill the people they fed on by completely draining them of blood.

At the masquerade party, Mina ran into the vampire prince, Perry, who was about to feed on a woman’s blood.

Mina immediately screamed and rushed over. However, she ended up being Perry’s prey of the night instead.

As a blood hunter, she actually became the snack of a vampire!

The original host, Molly, hurried to save her. She used all sorts of tools to fight Perry.

However, as a vampire aristocrat, Perry was very powerful.

Molly got badly hurt.

Mina, who had been bitten, covered her neck and told Molly, “I’m fine. He didn’t kill me; he just took a little blood. We can find him again another day and fight him then, so let’s let him go this time!”

Molly immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

Shortly put, this was a touching love story between a vampire and a novice blood hunter.

Mina’s blood hunter skills were piss poor, but she insisted on revenge and kept going to pick a fight with Perry.

Every single time, Perry would make a fool out of her. However, he never harmed her.

After several of their encounters, Mina began to feel like the vampires weren’t so terrible, after all.

Perry, on the other hand, found this novice blood hunter quite interesting. She wasn’t like other blood hunters, who’d always treat his kind like mortal enemies.

This little cat, he thought, was very entertaining.

This said little cat was also very kind. Whenever he’d pretend to be starving, she’d lift up her sleeve with a conflicted expression, exposing her white and tender arm so that he could take a bite.

Although she was small and weak, her existence was vividly bright.

So the two were drawn to each other more and more.

Seeing this, Molly advised Mina to leave Perry. Perry was a vampire; in his eyes, human beings were nothing more than a source of food. How could he ever truly love her?

The vampires, though they claimed to be noble beings, were the descendants of Cain. They treated human beings the same way human beings treated livestock.

Mina retorted by saying that Perry wasn’t like other vampires.

Molly was very worried. The rules of the blood hunters didn’t allow them to bond with vampires.

Vampires were masters at trickery. With their beautiful looks and their promise of eternal life, they were the very embodiment of the word temptation itself.

MTL Editor: Ran

#Ran’s Comments: The ‘Cain’ referred to here is the biblical Cain, the son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy and lied to God about it. The use of ‘descendants of Cain’ usually indicates some kind of generational curse originating from the guy.

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