Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 21: Effects of Taekwando Practice

Chapter 21: Effects of Taekwando Practice

Ning Shu’s yelling attracted the entire class’ attention. Everyone looked at her as if she was a lunatic.

From their perspective, Ning Shu was currently a rootless, unstable duckweed. She was just an orphan with no support, yet she still dared to be so unbridled. By all rights she should be shrinking into a corner like a mouse, and fleeing desperately at the sight of people.

However, she was actually baring her fangs and brandishing her claws! She seriously didn’t know her place.

Right now, Ning Shu didn’t care what people thought of her. Even if she was weak, she couldn’t show it. Acting weak would only make people bully her more.

Those with bare feet didn’t fear those with shoes. Ning Shu currently had no burdens to bear and could focus solely on completing the task.

>Those with bare feet refers to beggars. Beggars aren’t afraid of ‘people with shoes’ because they’ve already lost everything and don’t have much more to lose.<

Ning Shu opened the faucet and was about to wash her hands when someone grabbed her head from behind and started dragging her towards the toilet.

“Fuck. This little bitch sure is cocky, to actually dare to injure An Rong like that.”

“Right, we have to get revenge for An Rong.”

Ning Shu looked at these people and thought, here we go again, the reuse of an old skill. They were dragging her into the toilet again. Did she look that easy to bully?

These people didn’t show Ning Shu even a trace of politeness. A girl grabbed her hair and started slapping her. There was no need to mention how violent she was.

Ning Shu grabbed that person’s hand. The girl immediately revealed a shocked expression before saying angrily, “You actually dare to fight back? Sisters, let’s beat this bitch to death!”

So many people were working to beat her, this one person, up. It sure was honorable behavior. Anger stirred in Ning Shu’s heart. It seemed it was time to test out the effects of Taekwando practice.

Ning Shu lifted her leg and stomped on the foot of the person behind her that was grabbing her hair. The person behind her immediately cried out from the pain. Releasing Ning Shu’s hair, she crouched down, covering her foot.

“You bitch! Bitch…” The people present became furious. From their point of view, this sort of lowly person should stay still and obediently let them beat her up. However, this bitch actually dared to resist.

Without speaking, Ning Shu stepped up to the person that was cursing the most and slapped her twice with all her strength. That girl’s face started swelling rapidly.

The girl was so shocked that she froze. The rest of the group also looked towards Ning Shu with disbelief on their faces.

Ning Shu took advantage of their shock to quickly kick and hit them. The bathroom instantly became filled with cries of alarm and angry cursing.

“Beat this bitch to death…”


Those girls soon returned to their senses and rushed towards Ning Shu like a swarm of bees, punching and yanking. It was hard for two hands to defeat four. Ning Shu’s face became all scratched up, but these people didn’t fare well either. When Ning Shu wasn’t pulling at their hair, she was pulling down their skirt.

The girls who got their skirts pulled down immediately cried out in alarm and stopped hitting Ning Shu to pull their skirts back up.

Ning Shu punched and pulled at these people. Her fingers were full of yanked-off hair, but a lot of her hair also got yanked off.

It was damned painful. Ning Shu leaned against the wall, gasping for breath. The situation became a temporary standoff.

These girls had probably been intimidated by Ning Shu’s fierce brutality because they stood opposite her without making a move. Some of them were rubbing their chest. Several of them had lost hair to Ning Shu’s claws and had palm prints all over their faces.

Ning Shu glowered at them. Those that met with her gaze reflexively shifted their eyes away.

Ning Shu spat. Her face was burning from those deep scratches.

She swept one last look over them, then limped out of the restroom. The people in the bathroom could only watch her leave because they were too scared to follow.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth. Her face really hurt, and her head also hurt so much that it felt numb. She touched her head and discovered that it was bleeding. Fights between women were always unreasonable scenes with lots of hair-grabbing.

She really envied Ling Xue for being able to look so graceful whenever she made a move and for her ability to dispose of the opponent without even needing to get close. Earlier, she had been able to knock An Rong unconscious with just spiritual pressure!

Ning Shu felt that it was lucky she had good foresight and went to learn Taekwondo, otherwise she would be completely beat up right now. Although she had still gotten injured, she had also been able to injure all the people the usually bullied the original host and make all of their faces swollen as pig heads.

Ning Shu hobbled to the nurse office. Her face needed to be treated, or it’d become disfigured. If the original host returned back to her body only to discover that her face was full of scars, she’d probably fall apart.

The nurse office was crowded as always. Moreover, all the patients were girls. They were suffering from the same illness: love-struckness.

When they saw Ning Shu’s wretched appearance, expressions of respect appeared on their faces. She had actually been able to sacrifice so much just for the sake of letting the handsome school doctor treat her? What a strong mentality ah.

Ning Shu: …

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