Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 11: Father Lin

Chapter 11: Father Lin

Ning Shu’s heart was numb, numb from pain. She really hated being influenced like this by these kinds of emotions, it was really annoying.

Ling Xue laughed slightly, probably due to the fact that Leng Ao was trying to please her. She slanted a glance at Ning Shu as she walked past. An elegant fragrance drifted over. Ning Shu sniffed, it smelled really nice.

She was really an attractive woman. Ning Shu didn’t deny that Ling Xue was attractive. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have been able to captivate the male lead, so many supporting male leads, and the countless little brothers that served her.

Ning Shu couldn’t quite sit still with everyone constantly looking at her. When classes were finally over and she left the school, she saw a driver waiting at the school entrance. When the driver saw Ning Shu, he immediately opened the car door and said, “Miss, Master is waiting for you.”

>Master refers to the master of a household. Basically the male authority figure in a household.<

Ning Shu’s brows raised as she looked at all the private cars parked by the entrance. She was finally getting a feel for why Ace Academy was called a school for the aristocracy.

She picked out the identity of ‘Master’ from her memories. He was this body’s father. In reality, Lin Jiajia felt very inferior. Her family had established themselves by doing retail. Her father did count as a wealthy and influential person, but in the eyes of genuine aristocratic families that had inside information, her family was just an unsophisticated upstart. That was why it was said that Lin Jiajia had only been able to enter Ace Academy due to dogsh*t luck.

These people had already forgotten that Ling Xue’s family background couldn’t even compare to Lin Jiajia’s. All they knew was that Lin Jiajia was an existence everyone currently hated.

Lin Jiajia’s situation was much worse than Ling Xue’s used to be. Not everyone was an ugly duckling that could become a swan.

This body’s father had sent her into Ace Academy for the sake of having her make connections with these aristocrats. Ace Academy contained the younger generations of families influential in the business world and in the political sector. Gaining a connection to any random person in Ace Academy would help the business.

However, Lin Jiajia actually became the enemy of the entire school.

Aiy, it was so complicated. Ning Shu sighed.

>Aiy is an onomatopoeia for a sigh<

Ning Shu had just stepped into the living room when she met with a pelt of slaps. There was a lot of force behind the slaps, it was clear that the person wasn’t holding back at all.

Fuck, enough! How many times did people need to hit her a day? Ning Shu was practically about to burst with rage. Were all the people in this world mentally ill? Were they incapable of talking with their mouths!?

“What’s with that look?” Father Lin saw his daughter looking at him with a dark expression in her eyes and was stunned for a moment. However, immediately afterward, he became even more angry. Pointing at Ning Shu, he shouted, “The Lin family provides you with food and shelter, and gave you a life other people wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy their entire lifetime. Yet when we sent you to make some connections, you decided to go and offend everyone at the school.”

“Do you know the identities of the people in this school? What’s in that head of yours, dogsh*t? Do you even look at how you act? You feel like you’re a match for Leng Ao? The person has already told you not to appear in front of him. Your actions have already affected the company. Lin Jiajia, haven’t you messed around enough!?”

“I didn’t sent you to Ace to cause me trouble and make the company lose money. You can’t even do a single thing right.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu didn’t have the chance to say a single word before Father Lin started going on a tirade.

Ning Shu moved her head a little. Her head kept buzzing, she had definitely gotten a cerebral concussion from being hit.

He was truly a top-class scumbag dad ah.

Ning Shu was starting to feel sympathy for the original host. The original host’s life was already this miserable, yet she still didn’t forget about saving Prince Leng. Ning Shu really wanted to leave this world. These people’s behaviors were way too ineffable.

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