Possessed 10 Million Actors

Chapter 187:

["Kang Jinseok Rumor" Manipulation Suspicions: President and Directors of KL Entertainment Detained]

[Prosecution Raiding Former Minister and Current Member of Parliament. What's the story with KL Entertainment?]

[Lead Prosecutor Lee Minyoung, "We will handle it according to law and principles. There is nothing more to say."]

[Unprecedented Joint Statement from Both Opposition and Ruling Parties: "Let the People Prevent the High-handedness of the Prosecution and Prosecutor Lee Minyoung."]

[Prosecution: "This prosecutor is the principled one gangsters fear the most. Most people who call her ‘high-handed' are usually criminals."]

"Hmm. Looks like things are gradually settling down."

Once again, while sipping his morning coffee, Oh Haneul mumbled to himself as he watched the news.

"By the way, I wonder if Prosecutor Lee Minyoung is okay."

No matter how much they claim to follow "law and principles," ultimately, prosecutors are also members of an organization. Members of the vast organization called the prosecution.

As such, making enemies so boldly all at once would make life within the organization very difficult.

Whether what they're doing is right or wrong, human relationships are what they are.

"Being a deputy prosecutor at such a young age, I don't have to worry, but still, it must be nerve-wracking."

Oh Haneul didn't know why Lee Minyoung was pressuring KL Entertainment so much and assisting OS Entertainment.

But regardless of the reason, it was a fact that he received help. Oh Haneul was someone with a clear relationship with Eunwon.

He immediately called Secretary-General Kang Kyungsik.

[Kang Kyungsik, I have a call for you.]

"Yes, Secretary-General. Good morning. There's a lot of interesting news this morning."

[That's correct.]

"While Secretary Kang must have handled it well, there shouldn't be any issues we need to worry about, right?"

[I've already checked, and there's absolutely nothing to worry about.]

Oh Haneul nodded at Kang Kyungsik's words.

"As expected of President. You're doing well. However, the reason I called isn't about that."

[Then why did you call?]

"I was wondering if our legal and audit teams could create a position for Prosecutor Lee Minyoung."

Although Oh Haneul casually mentioned it as if it were nothing, Kang Kyungsik was visibly flustered and couldn't respond immediately.


[Oh, I'm sorry. So, are you suggesting that we hire Prosecutor Lee Minyoung?]

"Yes. As you know, President, if it becomes too noticeable like this, she might not last long in the prosecution."


"Regardless of the intention, we received assistance in the end. So, I want to return the favor a bit. As a legal advisor or something similar. What do you think?"

Oh Haneul was asking for Kang Kyungsik's opinion, but Kang Kyungsik could tell that Oh Haneul had already made up his mind.

[Understood, President. I'll discuss it with the relevant departments and prepare for the possibility of hiring.]

"Yes. Just check if there's a position available. She might not want it, after all."

[Got it.]

Oh Haneul hung up the phone calmly. Then, with a satisfied expression, he continued watching the news.


Jinseok lay on the living room sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling.

A synopsis of "" was placed on his stomach.

"It's a tempting piece the more you look at it… But it's troubling."

He continued to ponder without even sighing. Should he take on this project or not?

Of course, expressing the intention to do so didn't mean he would get the role. He had to go through auditions first.

The auditions wouldn't be easy either. Considering the quality of the work and the director's status, many outstanding Hollywood actors would probably apply.

However, the reason for his hesitation was that just participating in the audition would mean encountering the "killer ghost," and honestly, meeting a "killer ghost" was scary.

"A serial killer with multiple personalities… It can't be normal."

After much contemplation, Jinseok got up from the sofa and headed to the kitchen. He took out the green juice that Jang Sunho had made from the refrigerator, poured it into a glass, and stared at it with a tense expression.

"Ah, I should drink it today as well…"

As Jinseok tasted the bitter flavor, which he couldn't get used to even after drinking it every day, he slightly wrinkled his face. Then, in a hurry, he put a grape-flavored candy in his mouth.

"Instead of pondering alone, should I meet the ghost in my dreams first?"

Jinseok felt like he could encounter the "ghost" whenever he fell asleep.

Encountering the ghost of a serial killer was indeed a bit frightening.

After pondering for a while while twirling the candy, Jinseok made a decision.

"Yes, let's meet him for now. It might be a bit scary, but it can't be that bad."

Feeling the candy slowly diminishing in his mouth, Jinseok lay down on the bed.

After a night of contemplation, he fell asleep quickly.


I found myself in the dreamlike "white space" after a long time.

It was the usual dream space, but I was much more nervous than usual.

It was because this time, I was going to meet a ghost, a murderous one at that.

And then, it happened.


Someone behind me greeted me with a weak voice. It was an ordinary greeting, but because of my heightened tension, I turned around in surprise.

When I turned around, I saw the ghost who greeted me.

The first impression… looked pitiful.

Although the face was quite handsome, and the height was tall, everything was overshadowed by a sense of misery.

As I stared at the ghost, trying to make sense of it, the ghost lowered its head again in greeting.

"Hello. I'm Andy Miller."

"Oh, yes."

Andy extended his hand to me. I cautiously shook his hand.


It felt much colder than when I shook hands with other ghosts.

Seeing my slight surprise at the sensation, Andy gave a wry smile.

"I see you were surprised by the coldness. It's a characteristic of ghosts who took their own lives."

After asking, I realized it might be a somewhat impolite question to ask a deceased person.

"That was the only way to stop ‘Andy Miller.'"

Fortunately, Andy nodded as if not caring at all.

"You'll learn more about these things gradually, so I won't say more. I sense you're still debating whether you should play the role of a murderer or not."

I nodded slightly.

"Yes. I might make you feel uncomfortable saying this, but honestly, experiencing your life scares me."

"I understand. Waking up every morning scared me too. I fully understand what you're saying."


"So, that's why I came here. It's at a time when you haven't even decided if you'll take on the role yet."

Andy said, looking at my reaction with a distant gaze.

Come to think of it, he hadn't made eye contact with me since our first meeting.

"While it's known to the public that I killed 30 people, the actual number is 39."

"…You killed thirty-nine people?"


Thirty-nine was already an unimaginable number, and yet he said thirty-nine.

In response to my shock, Andy gave a wry smile and took a step back. It seemed like he was distancing himself for my sake, knowing that I was afraid of him.

Continuing his confession, Andy spoke with a sense of penance.

"Out of the 39 people I killed, the families of the 9 whose bodies were never found are still searching for them. I don't want to see the families of victims suffer in agony, clinging to a painful hope."


"Even after decades, the police are still looking for the bodies, but as time passes, traces of ‘me' fade, making it difficult to find the bodies. If this continues, they might eventually give up."

"So… is what you're saying that I should reveal the locations of the victims' bodies?"

"Yes. It shouldn't be too difficult. Director James Won analyzed my movements and chose the shooting location nearby. He's a truly remarkable director."

Throughout the conversation, Andy, who had shown a desolate atmosphere, seemed as if he might burst into tears at any moment.

He appeared genuinely saddened and disgusted by his actions.

However, I still couldn't fully trust him. Regardless of the circumstances, he was a murderer.

"It's natural for you to doubt me. I have no intention to blame or resent someone like you. I'm just asking for a favor."


"If you're hesitant, how about just auditioning once? At that time, I'll show you my life. Afterward, you can decide whether to grant my request or not."

"Do I need to offer anything in return?"


Upon hearing Andy's words, I could sense that he truly regretted his life.

"Alright. I'll audition first then."

As I gave my answer after contemplating, Andy deeply bowed in gratitude for my trust.

"Thank you. But, actor."

It seemed like Andy was slowly transforming into mist and dust, starting to disappear.


"To prepare for the audition for this project, you'll need to memorize the English script. However, I understand that your proficiency in delivering English lines naturally is not at that level. Am I right?"

"Well… yes."

"In that case, I'll give you a boost in your English proficiency when you wake up from your sleep."

As I felt earlier, seeing how much Andy cared for me, he genuinely seemed to hope that I would grant his request.

"Actor, I'm counting on you."


Late dawn in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office.

Minyoung led her tired body towards the parking lot. Today, she has arrested a total of 32 people.

Each one of them held a significant career, a powerful figure whose arrest could potentially overturn the entire country.


As Minyoung pressed the button on her car key, the sound of the car door opening echoed.

Just as she was about to get in her car…

"Prosecutor Lee Minyoung."

Someone called her in the darkness.

Minyoung, on guard, turned her head toward the source of the voice.

"Who is it?"

In the voice that seemed to linger in the air, a man smiled, reassuring Minyoung.

The man handed her a business card.

"I'm Kang Kyungsik, Secretary-General of OS International. I have something to discuss with you. Could you spare me a moment?"

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