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Chapter 101 Waiting And Watching

Chapter 101 Waiting And Watching

The equipment talk with the hospital staff went smoothly. They informed Alex about the sellers and also gave him a list of things he would be needing other than the obvious important ones.

As of now, with how big his property was, Alex could have fifty beds and easily make it a multi specialty hospital with various departments.

The more departments there were, the more diverse the patients would be, and the more money he could make.

There were selfish monetary reasons in opening a hospital and Alex wasn't afraid of admitting it. Only cowards lied about them doing their job for the sake of helping people.

Alex had some future goals and quite a lot of money was needed for it. His hospital and his startup would be his income sources and fund him.

The total cost of the equipment was coming at around three million dollars. They weren't the most cutting-edge technology, but could get most of the job done easily.

There anyway weren't many patients who needed some extra high level care. On the off chance that they did appear, they could be given a recommendation letter and transported to a nearby advance facility.

Alex roughly had around fourteen million dollars after buying the properties and with the equipment costs. He would be left with around ten million after the hospital starts running.

His funds were exhausting quickly and he needed to start the company as soon as possible.

To start it, the algorithm was a must. To create the algorithm, Hazel was needed, and to contact Hazel, a research article was needed. This article was in his memories but to access it, sharper memory was needed, and this could only be done when Alex cultivated.

Samuel was looking after the startup's establishment. They had to go online and have an app before they could start contacting other streaming companies. If there was not a platform available, it would be a waste of time to contact them.

The algorithm can be established after the site and app are made. Hazel could work with the developers and things could be sorted easily.

As for the company's other employee, Carl, his condition was getting better. He wasn't as depressed anymore and collecting information on the various streaming sites around the world.

He was given some money by Alex to live properly and focus on the job. This money was also used to pay for the streaming sites and as of now, Carl had spent around a thousand dollars to buy subscriptions of around a hundred websites.

His job was to compare and research on content. It was an arduous task but Carl preferred it much more than being a taxi driver.

Alex had sent these two guys an invitation to tonight's party as well along with the location of the venue.

Linc was done booking the venue and all Alex had to do now was dress up and leave with his family.


Shanghai, China.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in." A hoarse voice rang from the inside of an office.

The person knocking on the door, a salaried man, walked in and saw a man with a pot belly smoking a cigar.

The man bowed and said, "Department head, there has been a report."

"Regarding?" The cigar smoking man said nonchalantly.

"The 13th floor property in Texas."

Taking a puff of his cigar, the man asked, "what of it? Some shifts in the status quo?"

"No." The man replied. "Rather, some other party is showing interest in it and those LCB guys are leaning towards handing it to them."

"What?" Some seriousness appeared on the pot belly man's face now.

The salaried man simply nodded his head in response.

"The higher ups won't be happy with this…" a frown appeared on the man's face.

"Don't worry, department head. The property isn't sold yet. There's just someone showing interest. I am sure that those other guys got notified of it too and will do something about it."

The department head nodded. "Keep an eye on them and this new party."

The salaried man nodded in agreement and then handed him a file. "Here's the details of this new party."

"Oh? It's disclosed?" The man said with an interested look and checked the files.

There was a photo of a handsome American guy with black hair and blue eyes. He seemed young and with how he looked, the man said, "is this guy some rich second generation kid from a big family?"

The salaried man shook his head. "He is from an ordinary family and is a normal doctor. His name is Alexander Gray."

The department head had another look at the photo after hearing that. "Tch. The Americans sure look good."

The guy's remarks weren't off the charts. With how handsome Alex looked, no one would mistake him in China at least to be from some rich family.

No tan on the skin meaning he didn't go out in the sun to work hard, add to that the clear skin and no wrinkles… something achievable by creams that only rich people can buy.

"Anyway, keep an eye, don't come in contact with him. I think he's just a local trying to buy some property."

"Understood," the salaried man said and left.


Tokyo, Japan.

In a run down ramen shop where there were no customers, a man with a short stature and appearing like an overworked office employee, entered inside.

The ramen shop owner, a short old man, looked at the guy and welcomed him.

"The usual." The overworked employee sighed and said in a tired tone.

"Tonkotsu ramen with extra pork?" The old man asked in a low voice.

"Yes. Extra leaks too, please."

The old man nodded and left to get this guy his ramen.

A minute later, another customer walked in, a similar office employee.

This guy sat right beside the overworked employee and folded his sleeves to the back, revealing a small dragon tattoo at the side of his wrist.

"Old man, a tantanmen for me." The guy said in a loud voice.

He then fell silent and a few minutes later, the old man appeared with two ramen bowls and handed them to respective individuals.

The two started eating it and the guy who ordered tantanmen exclaimed, "the spice this old man puts in the bowl is just right. I feel refreshed eating it."

The man beside him nodded. "This food can only be tasted here in the outskirts of Tokyo. I paid a visit to America a while ago and there was not a single ramen shop I found."

"Argh, what can you even expect? Ramen is a specialty of Japan."

"That's right. Well, while I was there, I found an interesting thing." The overworked guy said.

The two were talking in code words and the old man was fully aware of it and eavesdropping.

"There are haunted floors too in America, cursed with evil spirits. I came across one such." The guy continued.

"Oh? Interesting."

"There was a guy who, despite being warned, went inside the floor."

"Did he not think there could be danger?"

"Probably not. He's a local, afterall. Locals there don't believe in such stuff."

"I see. Then… what happened to him? Did some evil spirits haunt him?"

Slurping down the noodles, the man replied, "no evil spirits harmed him. I think they kept their distance and were just watching."

The dragon tattoo guy had an interested look on his face.

Before he could reply however, the old man, listening to their conversation, said, "youngsters these days don't fear anything."

"Seems like it, old man."

"It's good you left him alone. Otherwise you would be caught by some evil spirits too." The old man said to the tonkotsu ramen guy.

The guy nodded. "I wasn't instructed to roam around by my company, so I kept my distance. Anyway, he'll meet his doom if he annoys those spirits."

The old man then smiled lightly. "If you're done with your food, pay the bill and get out."

"Thanks for the meal."


Mexico City, Mexico.

A man with glasses and short hair was staring at his computer. He was in a small office and there were a few workers working in their respective cubicles, a bit away from this man's office.

A worker got up from his cubicle and knocked on this man's door. He was holding files and it seemed slightly important.

The man with glasses gestured to him to come inside.

"Sir, the Liberty Commerce Bank's property that we were chasing in Austin… some new party seems to have shown interest in it." The guy said.

"Hmm? New?"

"Yes. The party is apparently a local. Here's the details shared to us by the LCB."

The man nudged his glasses and checked the files handed to him.

A minute later, he said, "it's really just a local… hmm… no worries, I'll inform the higher ups."

The worker shook his head. "I say, sir, we wait and watch."


"Aren't there other parties after this property? Let them fight with this guy. We can save ourselves that trouble and jump in when there's more benefits available for us."

The man with glasses stared at the guy for a few seconds and then nodded his head. "Alright. You can go now."

The guy nodded and left.

The man then looked at his computer and started typing in a few things while reading them out loud.

"New… party… investigate…"


Rome, Italy.

Inside a dimly lit room, four people, covered in black cloaks, were sitting around a table and discussing something.

At this point, a new person appeared and joined the table.

Without wasting any time, he said, "the 13th floor in the LCB building is being sold to some new guy."


"Yes. He seems to be a rich local, completely unrelated to the ones fighting for this property."


Silence ensued in the room.

A few minutes later, a person said, "what are the other guys doing about it?"


"Tsk. And I am sure they are thinking we'll be watching too." Another person said.

"We can't waste time anymore. We seriously need 'that'."

"Yes. Let's make haste then." Someone said.

The discussion then went on between these guys and finally, the fifth person who had arrived, suggested, "we can help that guy get that property, then kill him and get it for ourselves."

"No. We shouldn't kill anyone for the time being." A person said.

"Then, how can we get the property?"

"It's simple. As you mentioned, we'll have him buy it, but then threaten him and take the property to ourselves. We need to be fast, lest others grab this opportunity."

"It's decided then."

"Aveem." The five guys said simultaneously and drew an x mark on their chests.

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