My Werewolf System

Chapter 933 You Are A Monster

Gil was speechless. He didn’t shout back; he didn’t shout to claim what they were saying were lies because there was a strange confidence and look in their faces. They weren’t scared; the city, there was no sound of panic anymore.

All signs were leading to the fact that this was the truth.

“How…” Sweat was running down the side of Gil’s face; his heart was racing even though he wasn’t moving; his body was starting to heat up. “They were one of the kings; they had so much resources.

“When we were in front of them, we felt powerless…we joined those at the top, and yet they were still taken down by you…by you…what are you…you monster!” Gil said in a soft voice, but his words were genuine. The fear that was running through him was because he felt like he really was looking at a monster.

“I’m the monster?” Gary said, standing up. He picked up the chair he was sitting on and hurled it at Gil. It had gone over his head and crashed against the wall, bending and breaking part of the concrete and plaster.

“It was you that came to this city with the Phoenix gang and attacked all of these people. They did nothing to you. If you have problems with the gang, or you have problems with me, then come to me!

“Why didn’t you come to me!” Gary pressed his finger against his chest.

“Come to you? You were in prison!” Gil replied. “You weren’t even meant to be here!”

“Not that!” Gary swung his arm wide and placed both of his hands on the hospital bed railing. “Why, back then when you were part of the color gang, why did you attack my mother in the supermarket!”

Gil’s eyes lit up as the memories were resurfacing in his mind. He hadn’t been in a gang for long, but he remembered an event tgvbhat had occurred in a supermarket. Where an annoying older woman had stopped him from doing as he wished.

“That was your mother, oh how Karma works, that was your mother, did she die, did she bang her head!” Gil asked, with a sadistic smile as if he was enjoying the pain he caused.

“She’s alive,” Gary said, to cut his smile short. The response from Gil was a click of a tongue.

“Damn, if Kirk didn’t get in the way, then maybe things would have been different,” Gil mumbled to himself, and his mumble didn’t go unheard.

“Kirk?” Gary asked. “Are we talking about the same Kirk.”

“Ah, that’s right,” Gil said, his smile quickly returning to his face. “I saw it right, an Altered with a mask had killed Kirk, and he was the one that had stopped me from doing even more to your mother…wait, don’t tell me, was it you, were you the one that killed the savior of your mother, I can’t believe it, haha it looks like the world is working in my favor after all, punishing you for everything you did!”

Gary never wanted to take out Kirk, but he was extremely loyal to Damion from the Underdogs. At the time, there was nothing Gary could do, and fighting for his life, he had to take out Kirk.

He was his idol, the person who looked after him when he worked as a transporter. And now he was learning, he was the one that had protected his mother as well. Kirk was a good person, and Gary always wanted to remember him for that.

The one thing he was thankful for was now he knew that his mother's attack it wasn’t because of him, it was a random occurrence, but still, he wanted to know why.lightsnovel

“What did I do to you, why are you like this, why are you so happy when things happen to me?” Gary asked.

“What do you mean, because you’re a monster!” Gil replied as he pulled his hand and the straps had bent part of the metal framing. “I had to live in fear each day, wondering what was going to happen, wondering if my life was going to end.

“And it appears I was right!”

“I’m the monster. The only reason why I had to stop you guys was because you and your friend attacked Tom!” Gary said. “And for what, just because I had entered the rugby team. Because I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and was good at.

“You attacked one of my friends who had nothing to do with it because he was an easy target for you; I was not the monster, you two were the monsters that started this!”

Gary was huffing and panting. Kai, who was still standing by the wall, he was surprised to see Gary so worked up. It was the first time he had seen him like this, and it was no wonder when his friends and family were involved.

This was a good trait of his, and one of the reasons why he was meant to be a leader and not himself.

“You ruined my life; I had nowhere to go; I had nothing to do; I had to be on the run, and then I found out that I wasn’t the only life that you ruined, I found Raven from the Grey Elephants as well, do you remember him!”

Gary briefly remembered him but didn’t know too much.

“Right, of course, you won’t remember us, because we are nothing to a monster like you. I bet you don’t even remember killing his brother in the karaoke bar that day, do you! We had nowhere to go, both of us, with a hatred for you, and that’s when we learned that the Phoenix gang wanted something from Slough as well.

“We both jumped at the chance to get rid of you, to let you rot in prison and then when you came out, to destroy everything you cared about, and finally get rid of you!”

As Gil continued to shout, his eyes were turning darker, the sedation was wearing off, and his powers were rising.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance, because I’m going to kill your entire fam-!”

Gil stopped; he couldn’t speak anymore as he stared into Gary’s eyes. He didn’t even see him move, but there was now a clawed hand that had ripped right through his throat.

“So that’s why all of this happened; that’s why the two of you attacked us with the Phoenix gang…that guy tried to mess with my sister; he deserved death, and you're right, it’s dangerous to keep you alive.”

Moving his hand, Gary sliced right through Gil’s neck, and Gil’s body went limp as it lay in the hospital bed, no longer showing any sign of life.

“You did what you needed to do.” Kai said.

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