Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage

Chapter 228 - 229: The Brother-In-Law is Truly Considerate

Chapter 228: Chapter 229: The Brother-In-Law is Truly Considerate

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Liu Ruyan did not expect Xia Yangyang to retort.

Normally this girl would keep silent, being as soft as a persimmon, but today she suddenly became sharp-tongued.

Liu Ruyan laughed awkwardly: “What’s got into you, kid? How can you speak like that? Of course, Ah Chen is a part of our family.”

Xia Liangdong quickly stepped in: “Alright, alright, let’s all sit down and eat. Yangyang, come and sit too.”

Gu Qichen just watched Xia Yangyang the entire time, acting as a bystander.

Xia Liangdong sat to the right of Gu Qichen, the position of honor.

To Gu Qichen’s left, Xia Weiwei sat down without any hesitation.

Xia Liangdong reproached, “Weiwei, how can you be so inconsiderate? Let your sister sit there.”

Xia Weiwei declared boldly: “This is originally my seat. I am used to sitting here.”

Xia Yangyang did not say a word and sat down directly at the spot furthest from Gu Qichen.

She also did not look at Gu Qichen.

Because Xia Yangyang could not figure it out either.

If he left so angrily yesterday, why would he appear all of a sudden today?

What was he here for?

Liu Ruyan changed the subject: “Let’s start eating, the food is getting cold. Ah Chen, this pork dish with sunflower seeds was specially made for you. Your sister mentioned to me once before that this was your favorite dish.”

Gu Qichen replied lightly, “Thankyou, Aunt Liu.”

Liu Ruyan’s face changed slightly upon hearing the name ‘Aunt Liu’.

He called Xia Liangdong father but still referred to her as ‘Aunt Liu’.

Simply because Xia Yangyang refused to call her ‘mother’, he followed suit.

Xia Yangyang just kept her head down and ate, indifferent to everything else.

Throughout the meal, Gu Qichen held conversations with Xia Liangdong about stocks, financing, and land price.

Xia Weiwei kept interrupting, her comments clearly off the mark.

Liu Ruyan cooked a dish, deep-fried prawns with chilli and salt.

These prawns had hard shell with spikes which takes quite an effort to peel, but they were Xia Weiwei’s favorite.

At some point, a prawn prickled her hand, drawing blood.

Xia Weiwei stretched her finger towards Gu Qichen: “Brother-in-law, look, I pricked my finger.”

Gu Qichen calmly replied, “Put a band-aid on it.”

Xia Weiwei suddenly smiled, “This petty wound is nothing, thanks for your concern, brother-in-law.”

Next, Gu Qichen started peeling prawns.

He continued conversing with Xia Liangdong while peeling the prawns casually.

Xia Weiwei admired the way Gu Qichen peeled prawns. His fingers were slender like a jade flute, his actions were not hurried or slow, exuding an indescribable sense of laziness. The peeled prawns were put on a fresh plate and were sparkling and translucent. Yet, there was not a speck of grease on Gu Qichen’s fingertips.

Xia Weiwei was delighted to see Gu Qichen start peeling prawns after her comment about her pricked finger. Was he peeling them for her?

She couldn’t help but raise her unspoken expectations.

And this anticipation only grew stronger.

After a while, Gu Qichen stopped his action, he cleaned his hand with a wet wipe.

Then he naturally picked up the plate and handed it to Xia Weiwei.

As expected, he had peeled them for her.

Xia Weiwei was overjoyed.

She couldn’t wait to reach out for the plate.

“Thanks, bro…”

Before she could finish the words ‘brother-in-law’, Gu Qichen said lightly, “Could you pass this to your sister.”

Xia Weiwei’s face instantly turned pale, then purple, her expression was incredibly awkward.

But Gu Qichen responded with a polite smile: “Thankyou.”

Xia Weiwei clenched her teeth, managed to squeeze out a smile: “Alright, brother-in-law.”

Then she got up, carrying a plate of peeled prawns to Xia Yangyang.

Despite restraining herself, she put the plate heavily next to Xia Yangyang. Keeping her voice high, she said sarcastically, “Sister, you are so lucky to have such a considerate brother-in-law.”

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