I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 13: The Holy Emperor Is Impressed

Chapter 13: The Holy Emperor Is Impressed

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Slowly, the skull condensed into a faint layer, lingering on the sword’s body. It could vanish anytime.

“What’s the matter!?” The skull was disappointed. It looked around in a daze.

“This, this is...a checkerboard?

“No, this isn’t an ordinary checkerboard. Could this be another Immortal Machine?

“Damn it!”

The skull called out in rage, “Is he really an ordinary man? I don’t care anymore. Once I gain control of this ordinary man, these will all belong to me!”

Though it had just suffered two consecutive blows, the skull was still confident at controlling this ordinary man. It cautiously went around the checkerboard. The door was not far from it.

One step at a time, the skull was getting closer and closer to the door.

Suddenly, a gold ray of light glared at him, forcing it back like an enchantment.

“What now?”

The skull knew it would not be easy to get through that door. It took a closer look and saw a bookshelf beside it with a yellowish book. Printed on it were two words in bold—Ranga Sutra.

Rays of gold light emitted from the surface of the book, its divine glow trapping the skull from leaving.

“This is...” The skull looked at the sutra in a daze. It seemed like an ordinary book!

However, the golden light transformed into the shape of a bald monk. When the monk saw the skull, his expression changed and he clasped his hands together. With a tone full of pity, he said, “Amitabha, the benefactor is too devilish. Why not put down your knife and take refuge in Buddha?”

“Who’re you kidding! I want to kill you!” The skull raised its hand and a ray of Sword Qi lashed at the monk’s head.

The monk’s expression changed again. He said coldly, “You’re making a fool of yourself! Heavenly Dragon, Blessed Jizo, Prajna Buddha, Prajba Makong!”

Instantly, the gold rays spread across the space. It sounded as if countless monks were chanting the scripture that drowned the Sword Demon completely. The golden rays lashed toward it, penetrating the Fallen Demon Sword. It did not take long before everything returned to normal.


Li Nianfan pushed the door open. “I’m sure I heard something coming from in here.” He glanced around the room and saw the Fallen Demon Sword leaning by the door. He halted slightly and mumbled, “Hmm, I remember putting it in the corner. Why’s it here now? What a treasure, it can even move!”

Li Nianfan smiled and placed the sword back in the corner once again.

“Treasure your arse! I’m rubbish compared to what you have in this room. Please, let me go!” the Demon Sword called out. However damned it might be, it already figured by now that Li Nianfan was not an ordinary man. He was likely some supernatural bigshot that came out to roleplay as an ordinary man.

“I was told that bigshots love using the world as their chessboard to play around. Have I become his chosen chess piece?” The Demon Sword trembled. “I don’t want to be your chess piece! Please, let me go! Also, get me out of here! These monks are driving me crazy with their chanting!”

Unfortunately, the sword was sealed by the monk so that it could not speak anymore.

Of course, Li Nianfan did not hear the cries of the Demon Sword. He was busy thinking about how the inner court lacked vitality. He thought he could plant something, but sadly, he did not manage to find a suitable plant when he was wandering around the forest earlier in the afternoon. Perhaps he could find an opportunity to ask Luo Shiyu. Since she was a cultivator, she should be able to bring some bonsai plants over. After all, he did make her dinner and gave her an amazing strategy, a bonsai plant was not too much to ask for, right? She seemed nice anyway. He hoped she would not reject.

Little did he know that meanwhile, at the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty, the Holy Emperor was in his study room frowning furiously.


He tossed the notice and slammed on his desk angrily. “Outrageous! This is outrageous! Am I the Holy Emperor, or he is the Holy Emperor?!”

The surrounding eunuchs bowed with their heads down. None of them dared to breathe nor make a sound.

Cluck, cluck, cluck.

A eunuch walked toward the study room in a rush. “Your Holy Emperor, the Princess and the Empress would like to meet you.”

“What’re they doing here?” the Holy Emperor halted. “Let them in.”

Luo Shiyu and Zhong Xiu walked in hastily. They greeted in unison, “Your Holy Emperor.”

“Shiyu, why did the two of you come?” the Holy Emperor asked. His brows relaxed a little as he looked at Luo Shiyu with a glint of love and guilt. She was his first daughter and also his favorite. All he wanted was for her to live a happy life, yet he had no authority to do so even as the Holy Emperor.

“Your Holy Emperor, we heard your agitation from outside. What happened?” Zhong Xiu asked.

“Duan Muzhen had the guts to mention the marriage of his son to Shiyu. Is he forcing me to marry off my daughter? How outrageous!” The Holy Emperor growled in a low voice.

Zhong Xiu and Luo Shiyu exchanged a look and let out a sigh simultaneously. They did not expect Duan Muzhen to be so rampant. Luckily, they were advised by the expert, or else the situation would have been bad.

Zhong Xiu smiled. “Your Holy Emperor shouldn’t worry too much. It might not be a bad thing that Duan Muzhen seems impatient.”

“Care to share your thoughts?” The Holy Emperor was slightly stunned.

For the sake of the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty, he had no choice but to agree to the Nation Master’s proposal of the marriage between Luo Shiyu and his son. For this reason, Luo Shiyu argued with him when she found out. Zhong Xiu did not seem pleased about this arrangement either, but they had no choice.

What changed their minds?

Surprisingly, Luo Shiyu smiled at him. “Father Emperor, you can relax now and agree to Duan Muzhen’s proposal.”

“You’re asking me to relax?” the Holy Emperor asked in shock and disbelief. “Have you fallen for Duan Muzhen’s son?”

Luo Shiyu scoffed instinctively. “Ew, I’d rather die than marry that douche!”

“Then, what are you doing?” The Holy Emperor was confused.

Luo Shiyu exclaimed with a sparkle in her eye, “Father Emperor, I have a solution.”

“Really?” The Holy Emperor was delighted, but after a second thought, he frowned. “If you have a solution, why’d you ask me to accept his proposal, then?”

“Father Emperor, we could...”

Luo Shiyu explained to him the solution that Li Nianfan proposed.

“Brilliant. This is brilliant!” the Holy Emperor exclaimed. He felt as if the dark clouds had lifted, leaving nothing but clear blue skies. With this strategy, not only would the opposing powers wear themselves out, but he could also use this opportunity to strengthen his power! This was a brilliant idea!

The Holy Emperor looked at Luo Shiyu lovingly. “Well, this is such a humbling task for you.”

The task not only required the Holy Emperor to allow his daughter to marry the son of Duan Muzhen, but Luo Shiyu also had to seduce the son of the Prime Minister. This was quite a humbling task.

“I’ll be fine. Both of them are douches anyway. It’d actually be fun to teach them a lesson!” Luo Shiyu smirked playfully.

She was confident with herself. Be it the son of the Nation Master or the son of the Prime Minister, the way they looked at her was pretty obvious. She was confident they would be eating out the palm of her hand!

This feeling was awesome!

“Hahaha! Shiyu, I’m always so fond of you. Look at you, you’ve just solved my problem!” The Holy Emperor laughed in joy. He was very pleased.

Luo Shiyu smiled awkwardly. “Father Emperor, to be honest, this wasn’t my idea. An expert was the one who told me the solution.”

“An expert? What a talented man! Very talented indeed. He must be called upon to the Immortal Dynasty right away. I’ll reward him handsomely!” the Holy Emperor said eagerly.

However, Luo Shiyu smiled bitterly. “Father Emperor, I’m afraid he might not be impressed.”

The Holy Emperor frowned in anger. “What arrogance! Does he think he’s an Immortal?”

Luo Shiyu could not help recall the disdainful smile on Li Nianfan’s face. He even looked down on the Immortals!

Zhong Xiu could not help adding in, “Your Holy Emperor, this man is a hidden expert. I’m afraid that...he might actually be an Immortal!”

“What?!” The Holy Emperor jumped up in shock. He knew the Empress would not joke around with these things, so if she said so, then it was very likely to be true.

“Father Emperor, this expert is ingenious!” Luo Shiyu exclaimed, her eyes glowing with respect and adoration. She could not help retelling the story of her first and second encounter with Li Nianfan.


After listening to Luo Shiyu’s description, even the Holy Emperor’s heart thumped heavily.

A watermelon that was comparable to Spiritual Fruits? Extremely delicious food? A simple remark that could solve their problem and save the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty?

This was what an Immortal would do. This man was likely to be an Immortal!

“An expert who resides in my territory! I can’t believe this expert’s living in my Ganlong Immortal Dynasty!” the Holy Emperor exclaimed in awe.

At this moment, he was thinking way more than Luo Shiyu. He knew that experts like Li Nianfan were skilled at thinking and planning. One could easily stir things and people. He could easily resolve the Dynasty’s problem, so he could also destroy the entire Dynasty without much effort. Furthermore, he did not even have to show up in person. All he had to do was to say a few words behind the scenes and that would be enough to control the world.

“We cannot offend him. We cannot afford to offend him!” The Holy Emperor concluded with terror. “It’s a blessing to come across an expert like this. We have to do our best to please him.”

Luo Shiyu reassured, “Father Emperor, mum and I are aware of this. The first time I met the expert, I gave him the jade pendant you gave me.”

“You did the right thing,” the Holy Emperor said with approval. “He must’ve been moved by your sincerity during the first meeting and decided to help us out.”

“It was just a jade pendant. It must be nothing to an expert like him. We have to show him more sincerity.”

The Holy Emperor had decided in his mind. However, before he could meet the expert, he had to do some planning.

‘Nation Master and Prime Minister, now that the expert is on my side, you won’t stand a chance!’

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