Hitman With A Badass System

Chapter 1309 Attack On Mazeroth Academy I

After using the portal to reach the Stormville Mountain range, Michael slowly marched toward the giant warship hovering in the air, Nithroel's formidable vessel. She was standing atop a mountain peak, overlooking the stormy expanse of the range. The storm was raging, and the wind howled fiercely, yet there was no rain, a testament to Rainar's death, another kill credited to Michael.

As he walked toward her with his demon army marching behind him, the elves who had set up a perimeter to protect their empress froze. They quickly stepped forward, trying to hide their confusion and fear.

"Don't move!" one of the elves shouted, his voice tinged with uncertainty as he eyed the approaching demons.

"What the fuck are those things?" another elf muttered under his breath, his eyes wide with shock.

"I thought demons were just myths," whispered an older elf, trying to recall ancient texts that described beings like these.

"They look like something out of a nightmare," another one said, his voice shaking slightly.

Despite their fear, the seasoned warriors knew that Nithroel only made decisions for the betterment of their empire. They stood their ground, weapons ready but clearly hesitant.

Michael halted his steps and looked up at Nithroel. She gazed down at him, her expression calm and unreadable.

"Let them come through," Nithroel said, her voice carrying authority and confidence.

The elves stepped aside, still whispering among themselves, as Michael and his demon army moved forward. The sight of the demons, beings they had only read about in ancient texts, left them in awe and fear. But with Nithroel's command, they knew better than to question further.

Nithroel looked at the demon army behind Michael with a hint of amusement. She had also been surprised by the sudden Skyhall attack, but she was a strategist and cunning enough to awaken Mugashuku from his slumber, make a deal with him, and send him to deal with the Celestial Cannon at the right time. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity and approval as she took in the sight of the imposing demons now under Michael's command.

"You never fail to surprise me, Dark Lord," Nithroel said, her voice carrying a mix of admiration and intrigue. "You somehow turned the demon army of Skyhall into your army. I'm impressed."

Michael chuckled but didn't reveal anything about how he accomplished it. He would never disclose the existence of the system, a secret that gave him an unmatched edge. Instead, he just shrugged nonchalantly.

"Being the Dark Lord has its perks," he replied, a sly grin spreading across his face.

Although Nithroel was curious about how he managed such a feat, she didn't probe, knowing that everyone had their secrets. She took a deep breath, her gaze lingering on the demons for a moment before turning back to Michael.

"Let's go to my war room and discuss our attack plan," she said, her tone all business.

With a clap of her hands, steps materialized from the warship hovering in the sky down to their feet. The magical stairs shimmered with an ethereal glow, solid and inviting.

"Azazel, Elidyr, and the elder vampires are waiting for you in the war room," Nithroel added.

Michael nodded and began to ascend the steps, his demon army following in disciplined silence. The demon army calmly walked behind Michael and Nithroel, climbing the stairs with an eerie, synchronized precision. They entered the warship, stepping into a hallway lit with orbs that struggled to keep the place bright after the death of Noah, the god of light. Even in the dim light, Michael could see the pristine carpet, the clear interior adorned with portraits of elven kings and queens, and the faint fragrance of jasmine.

As he followed Nithroel, the elven guards patrolling the hallway tensed at the sight of the Dark Lord and the demon army. But with a single glance from Nithroel, they stood down, respecting her silent command. She led him to a metal door inscribed with several runes. Standing before the door, she turned to look at Michael.

"Leave your army here," she instructed. She then placed her hand on the door. The runes trembled before the door creaked open, revealing a spacious, empty hall.

Michael knew he couldn't parade around the ship with his demon army behind him. So he nodded and addressed his new soldiers.

"Stay here until I call you."

The demon army didn't hesitate and entered the hall without a word. Once all fifty demons were inside, Nithroel waved her hand, and the door closed behind them.lightsnovel

"Now, let's go to the war room," She then looked at Michael and said.

After walking through the hallway, they eventually reached a silver door that glistened. Michael could hear the rustling of people talking and bustling inside. Nithroel smiled and waved her hand, and the door opened, revealing her war room.

The war room was impressive. A large, intricately carved wooden table dominated the center of the room, with a detailed map of the continent spread out on top. The walls were lined with shelves holding scrolls, books, and various magical artifacts. A soft glow from enchanted lanterns bathed the room in a warm, steady light. Portraits of elven heroes and landscapes adorned the walls, giving the space an air of history and gravitas. The air was filled with the faint scent of parchment and old wood, mingling with the ever-present jasmine fragrance.

Azazel, Elidyr, and the elder vampires were already inside, standing around the table and examining the map. They looked up as Michael and Nithroel entered and immediately came forward and bowed.

"What happened after I escorted the dark army soldiers to the Crypt? Did you bring some good news, my lord?" Azazel, with concern etched on his face, asked.

"The dark castle is barely standing, but there is good news. I turned the demons into my army." Michael patted Azazel on the shoulder and explained.

Michael knew that Azazel, as a fellow demon, might feel uncomfortable seeing his own kind being controlled by someone else. He had already sensed Azazel's hurt and anger when he saw the Skyhall controlling demons. Despite his loyalty, Michael knew this situation might sadden Azazel.

"I will soon give the control of your kind back to you. If there is a way to bring back your kind, we will bring them back," Michael calmly said.

As much as Nithroel liked to see the camaraderie between the Dark Lord and the demon butler Azazel, she knew they had a war to wage. "We need to talk about the plan of attack first." She said, clearing her throat.

She then led them to the table and gestured at Elidyr to begin. Elidyr quickly grabbed a map and placed it on the table. It wasn't a map of the four continents but of the Akilan Realm, showing many floating mountains and the location of Mazeroth Academy.

"This is where we need to focus our efforts," Elidyr began, pointing to various strategic points on the map. "What's the plan, Elidyr?" Michael asked.


"The only way to get access to Skyhall is through the portal in the academy." Elidyr pointed at Mazeroth Academy on the map.

Michael listened and couldn't help but remember his time as a student there. Memories flooded back: the stoic Professor Lane who taught him alchemy, the fights he had, the times walking through the halls, the demanding yet kind Professor Kayla, and Headmaster Wulfric. He knew that now, they might see him differently, not as the student he once was, but as the Dark Lord who brought darkness to the mortal realm. But there was no place for hesitation, and he was too pissed off at the Skyhall to whine.

"We will go in as two groups. One group will keep Mazeroth and the professors busy, while the main attack team goes through the portal while they are distracted and reach Skyhall to begin our attack." Nithroel chimed in.

Michael listened to her words in silence. This was a good plan, the classic distract-and-utilize tactic. It was classic for a reason, because it was simple and efficient. However, even a child could tell that the portal and the academy would be protected by powerful spells and arrays, so distracting the professors wouldn't be simple.

But he was done playing it safe...he was done holding back. If the professors stood against him, they wouldn't just face the Dark Lord…They would face the God of Darkness.

With that, Michael cracked his neck and looked at the others. He had a plan.

"We'll send Azazel, Trista, and the demon army to distract the professors," Michael began. "Killing the demons is hard, and after they've caused enough chaos, Azazel can escort them to safety. Meanwhile, Elidyr will disrupt the defensive mechanisms and take over the portal. I'll oversee the plan and make sure everything goes smoothly, and then I'll go to Skyhall and make them pay for everything they did…"

Once they heard the cold conviction in the Dark Lord's voice, they felt a surge of confidence and nodded. Then Trista turned her gaze to Nithroel.

"So, what are you planning to do while we attack Skyhall?" Trista asked.

"I have my own plans," Nithroel responded with a cold smile. It was clear that she had her own score to settle with the Skyhall.

Then, with a firm and resolute voice, Nithroel added, "I will accompany the Dark Lord to Skyhall and end them once and for all."

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