Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 1136: Return to School

Chapter 1136: Return to School

New York, at Lin Rui’s home.

Three days had passed since Lin Rui returned home. During these three days, he appeared as if everything was back to normal, resting at home for two days and even waking up early on the third day to attend school.

Lin Hai and Mary were naturally delighted with Lin Rui’s behavior at home. Given Lin Rui’s excellence, just three days were not enough to quench their pride.

During these three days, on the surface, Lin Rui had indeed stopped paying attention to the situation of Sorcerers. He spent his days playing games, going out for walks, and quietly familiarizing himself with his growing powers in the evenings. However, in secret, Lin Rui was quietly in contact with J.A.R.V.I.S.

Through the information provided by J.A.R.V.I.S., Lin Rui had a general idea that the Sorcerers had been under attack by Zealots in recent days. However, the specifics were not clear even to J.A.R.V.I.S., so Lin Rui was even less likely to know.

On this day, Lin Rui was seated in the classroom after a long time, listening to the teacher at the podium lecture about subjects he no longer needed to study. The classmates around him were either openly or secretly observing Lin Rui.

After all, Lin Rui’s experiences had already become legendary in the school, and they didn’t expect him to return to classes.

“Sigh… I wonder how things are going with Sorcerers now? J.A.R.V.I.S. hasn’t been able to gather much information.” Although he appeared to be listening to the lecture at the podium, Lin Rui’s mind was far from the classroom.

With Lin Rui’s current strength and powerful mental energy, he had developed a faint sense of foreboding about the future, somewhat akin to Peter’s spider senses, though not as strong.

Lin Rui had a vague feeling that a massive threat was rapidly approaching. Needless to say, this looming threat was none other than Dormammu.

However, Lin Rui also understood that if he chose not to involve himself in the plight of Sorcerers this time, even if Dormammu descended upon Earth, he might not detect it. This impending event lay entirely beyond the scope of Earth’s current technological capabilities to detect.

Whether it was Dormammu, who had crossed over from another universe, or the Sorcerers who could create the Mirror Dimension, both were capable of annihilating the entire world while eluding the eyes of ordinary people.

“Still, even though J.A.R.V.I.S. hasn’t monitored much, at least what’s known now is that Ancient One is unharmed. That’s already reassuring. With Ancient One present, Dormammu shouldn’t be able to devour Earth.” Ignoring the curious gazes of his classmates in the classroom, Lin Rui continued pondering. He remained confident in the strength of Ancient One.

“I’ve done what I could. Since there’s no way for me to intervene, all I can do is wait for the final outcome. Hopefully, a few days from now, I’ll still be able to see this beautiful world.”

Thump, Thump, Thump~

As Lin Rui contemplated these matters, the teacher at the podium suddenly ceased lecturing, tapping the desk forcefully a few times. The classroom quieted down, and the young lifeform teacher turned to look at Lin Rui, who was lost in thought.

“Jackson Lin, I know you’ve been shadowing Mr. Stark and learning from him lately. Plus, you’ve been absent from school for so long. How about you take over the latter half of this class? It can satisfy everyone’s curiosity about you as well.” As Lin Rui’s attention shifted to her, the teacher on the podium smiled and spoke.

This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened today. The physics teacher in the previous class had also handed over the remaining time to Lin Rui after teaching for a few minutes.

After all, the return of Lin Rui had left his classmates disinterested in the regular curriculum. It seemed better to let the genius that had caught Tony Stark’s attention share something interesting with the students.

“Uh…” Hearing the teacher’s words, Lin Rui, who had finally returned from his thoughts, was momentarily stunned. He had already taught most of a class earlier today; did he really need to teach another one in the afternoon?

“No need to be shy. Come up here. Everyone’s curious about what you’ve learned from Mr. Stark, especially since he’s famous for high-tech physics and artificial intelligence. But I believe he must have done considerable research in the field of Biology as well.” Seeing Lin Rui’s baffled expression, the teacher stepped down from the podium and continued speaking as she approached him.

As the teacher approached Lin Rui’s desk, he remained motionless. It wasn’t because Lin Rui hadn’t yet comprehended the situation, but rather he was unsure of what to say.

Earlier that morning, he had already delved into advanced physics topics with his classmates for most of the class. Did he now have to explain the intricate connections and distinctions between extraterrestrial lifeforms and local Earth lifeforms?

“Never mind! Let’s just teach the class! It’s not like it’s the first time!” Eventually, under the teacher’s expectant gaze, Lin Rui stood up from his seat and made his way to the podium.

Applause echoed through the classroom as Lin Rui walked to the front, indicating that the students were truly intrigued by him.

Then, Lin Rui began explaining the knowledge about lifeforms that he had learned from Tony Stark. Most of it was incomprehensible to his peers, but even the teacher sitting at Lin Rui’s desk made an effort to follow along with his lecture.

In the afternoon, after Lin Rui had finished three classes, the dismissal bell finally rang. Lin Rui swiftly grabbed his backpack and dashed out of the classroom, leaving the school at a speed that no one could catch up with.

Lin Rui wasn’t sure whether he came to school to attend classes or to teach them today. If every time he came to school turned out like this, he might reconsider coming at all.

It should be noted that when Lin Rui was asked to teach the third class, not only were his classmates present, but even other idle teachers and the principal crowded into the classroom to listen. The subject of Lin Rui’s third class was a highly popular topic: Artificial Intelligence.

Being someone who frequently interacted and communicated with J.A.R.V.I.S., Lin Rui had a solid understanding of artificial intelligence. Moreover, under Jerry’s influence, Lin Rui had made some progress in network technology as well. Thus, though he only provided a brief overview, it was enough to benefit his fellow students and teachers.

Exhaling, as Lin Rui exited the school and turned a corner, a figure suddenly descended from a nearby building to his side. It was Peter, who had clearly transformed into Spider-Man and had been swinging between skyscrapers.

“Hey, Jackson, I was eavesdropping on your class just now! You’ve got some teaching potential!” After a quick transformation, Peter walked up to Lin Rui with a grin.

“Sigh… Let’s not talk about it. I hope it won’t be like this in the future!” Hearing Peter’s words, Lin Rui couldn’t help but express his exasperation.

“Hehe, you never know.”


Just as Lin Rui was about to voice some more complaints, his expression suddenly changed, and he grabbed Peter before both of them disappeared from their location in an instant.


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