Football singularity

Chapter 145 145 Vs St Arthur's Prep

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(Lisa Pov)

"I told you we were going to be late," Emma spoke up from behind me as we made our way through the stands. With this being the last game of the year, the boys will have quite a lot of people showing up to support.

"I know but work ran a little long today, plus you had that cheer meeting," I answered her as we took our seats next to Emma's girlfriends. Surprisingly, May's brother Reece and his friend are here which is new since they don't seem to get along with Liam and Rakim.

I'm not quite sure what went on with the boys, but they seemed to have split into two groups. Maybe it's due to the slight two-year age gap between the younger pair and them. The fact that Liam and Rakim are smart enough to be in the same grade as them doesn't help the ordeal. Oh well, it doesn't really matter as long as they don't start fighting.

"Hi, Rakim's Mom," Lexi who was sitting a row in front of us with her friends greeted me bringing me out of my musing. This girl is someone I didn't expect my son to make friends with as she seems like the definition of a girly girl.

It's not a terrible thing if u ask me, especially with how rigid he was when he started school. If not for the fact that I told him he could join the school team I'm sure he would have protested against attending with all his might. It was only when Ben joked about having to play for the school so bigger teams could notice that he finally relented.

What we didn't expect was that not even five games into the season a scout had actually noticed his talent. Talk about a coincidence but Rakim already integrated into the school and didn't want to stop going. Which is good since there is no chance, I would have let him stop going to school.

However, I know that a lot of that has to do with this girl here and Liam making him feel welcome from day one. After all, he went from only talking about football to telling me about some kind of prank he and Liam pulled. Although I would rather, he focuses on class rather than goofing off he aces his classes so I can't really complain.

"Hi," I responded to her but before we could continue to talk the whistle signalling the start of the match rang throughout the field. It was only now that I noticed Rakim sitting on the bench and not playing which is odd.


[Wheet Wheet Wheeeeet]

With the ringing of the referee's whistle signalling the start of the match, the Eagles kicked off the game. The Eagles were in a 4-3-1 formation In between the sticks was Mike who was getting his second start of this season. The back line was made up of Logan Foster 2 (RB), Ole Wagner 5 (CB), Jake Smith 4(CB), and Ryan Garcia 3 (Lb). Jake especially was looking to cement his starting role ever since Henric suffered an injury.

The midfield 3 is composed of Max Taylor 7 (CM), Finn Parker 8 (CM), and Ben Miller 10 (CM). Tom donning the number 11 Jersey once again assumed the role of the lone striker calmly facing the St Arthurs players in their sky-blue jerseys. Retaining his composure, he expectedly knocked the ball back to Ben who was lurking outside the centre circle.

The Eagles playmaker received the ball with ease as he scanned the sea of blue that was charging at him. In a split-moment decision, the midfielder hooked the ball with his right foot making a quick U-turn. His sudden move forced the opposing striker who had been charging towards him to stop abruptly or risk fouling him.lights

Ben didn't mind him though as he sent a weighted pass to Ole in the backcourt and immediately repositioned himself. The defender didn't have trouble stopping the ball showcasing his on-the-ball skills as he sent it to Logan on the right flank. The right-back only had a few seconds before one of St Arthur's players came charging at him to steal the ball.

lightsΝοvel He didn't panic though passing the ball to Max who had dropped back to create a passing option. Max didn't bother turning with the ball after spotting an opposing midfielder who had followed after him. With one touch he sent the ball back to Ole who had dropped all the way to the edge of their box.

Knowing the Danger, he was in especially with two opposing strikers looking to pincer him he quickly swung his foot. With a soft thud, he chipped the ball over Max and his marker to the open Finn who was standing close to the centre circle. The midfielder spread his arms out holding off one of the St Arthurs midfielders as he chested the ball down.

Not wanting to take any unnecessary risk he calmly squared a weighted pass to Ryan on the left flank. Just like that the Eagles continued to ping the ball around in their own half maintaining possession of the ball. This continued for the first five minutes of the game as the Eagles made sure every player got comfortable on the ball.

6th minute of the game the Eagles initiated their first attack when Jake sent a quick grounded pass to Finn from the edge of his box. The midfielder remained cool-headed as he brought the ball under his control. Using his left hand to hold off the opposing midfielder he raised his foot ready to send a pass back. However, in the last moment out of the corner of his eye, he spotted one of the opposing wingers jumping the gun and rushing to his intended target. In that split second, he changed his mind using his raised foot to snatch the ball back performing an improvised Cruyff turn.

His sudden change of direction left his marker flat-footed allowing Finn to create some separation between them. Quickly dribbling past the halfway line Finn sent a sharp through ball towards the speedy Ben who managed to lose his marker. Bringing the ball under his control with his first touch he inserted himself towards the middle of the field.

Using a quick one-two pass with Tom he managed to lose the pursuit of a defender that latched onto to him. Now at the edge of with only one defender in his way, he took his chance. With a swing of his leg, he sent the ball soaring past the oncoming defender heading towards the goal.

By the time the defender had the chance to turn around to see the outcome of the shot he watched his keeper soaring across his line. In the next moment, the goalie stretched out his gloves firmly palming the ball away from his goal. Escaping the shot at their goal through the keeper's intervention St Arthurs's Prep left back swiftly took control of the ball.

Finally gaining possession of the ball the St Arthurs Prep players had no intention of easily giving it up. With that in mind, the left back calmly dribbled the ball forward forcing Max to step up to pressure him. The left-back had no plans on dribbling past Max as he came to a quick stop sending a swift pass to one of his midfielders.

With it being his first touch of the ball since the game started, he needed to take an extra touch to bring the ball under his control. It didn't take him more than a second to make a swift turn charging towards the Eagle's half. His movements set off a chain reaction as his teammates switched from their defensive mindset to full-on attack.

By the time he crossed the halfway line Ben who had sprinted back caught up to him looking to steal the ball. Just as he was shoulder to shoulder with him the St Arthur's midfielder gave him a quick nudge of the shoulder. The sudden contact was enough to send Ben stumbling to the ground, but the midfielder didn't mind that.

He continued dribbling forward a couple of steps before sending a defence-splitting through ball down his left flank. His team's number nine was there to latch onto the ball after slipping past Ole who dropped back to cover his defenders. Taking control of the ball at the edge of the box he swiftly slipped in looking to take a shot at goal. Logan who was caught flat-footed by his sudden insertion immediately gave chase to the striker. 

To Be Continued... 

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