Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5390: Just Passing By

Chapter 5390: Just Passing By

The majority of top cultivators from Dao Alliance were present - truly a force to be reckoned with.

The leader was none other than All-things Dao Lord. Others included Saberlearned, Heaven Wheel, Rumination, Worldraiser Dao Lord…

All-things sat in the center and possessed an aura brimming with life force. The faint pulses around him seemingly had the power to create life. He was the source of spring, capable of granting life to all things.

His real name was Li Er - a cultivator who preached the dao all over Eight Desolaces. Rumor has it that he had three thousand disciples or so. Today, he was the guardian of Dao Alliance.

He joined during its founding. Swordsea Dao Lord and the others were recruited afterward. They were virtually unbeatable because Illumination, Swordsea, and All-things were all apex conquerors.

Internal strife was the reason for Dao Alliance’s decline. All-things became the only one left and took the role of guardian.

His leadership has been commendable. At the very least, he always advocated and supported the Pact of Blessed while making significant contributions to maintaining balance and harmony.

A prison could also be seen with Ye Fantian inside. She meditated, unaffected by the seniors around her. This naturally impressed them.

Once Li Qiye entered the hall, everyone stood up to greet him. However, he waved his hand and said: “No need for formality, I’m only here to say one thing and when I’m done, you might actually raise your weapons against me.”

“Sir, you’re too funny. We will listen to your decision.” All-things smiled and said.

“You’re in quite a predicament.” Li Qiye walked over to the prison and said.

“Young Noble, I apologize for not being able to stand up and greet you properly.” Ye Fantian opened her eyes and responded calmly, not looking like a prisoner at all.

“That’s fine, I’m only here to ask whether you want to follow me or not.” Li Qiye said.

The others exchanged glances after hearing this. Xiao Hu’s hands broke out in cold sweat as well.

Even if Ye Fantian were to agree, would the others let her leave with Li Qiye? She was rather useful to Dao Alliance - an arrow capable of hitting two birds at once - not to mention the losses they suffered in order to capture her.

“Of course I do but I’m afraid I will not abandon my affiliation.” She said.

“That’s alright, I have plenty of time.” Li Qiye smiled and then told the rest: “Okay, I am done here, proceed with your business.”

All-things and the others heaved a sigh with relief since they wouldn’t know what to do if Li Qiye were to take Ye Fantian away.

Ye Fantian closed her eyes again, seemingly not afraid of death.

“Wow, everyone is here.” Someone else arrived as Li Qiye was about to leave - Five-sun Dao Lord.

He wasn’t surprised to see Dao Alliance’s numerous members, only Li Qiye.

“I’m just passing by, go on as usual.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

Five-sun Dao Lord heaved a sigh of relief before cupping his fist and greeting: “Long time no see, Brother All-things.”

“Yes, not since your departure.” All-things returned the gesture.

Few knew that Five-sun was once a member of Dao Alliance for a short period before leaving for Divine Alliance.

Five-sun wasn’t active in Divine Alliance and only showed himself after Swordsea was in charge.

He then greeted the rest of the crowd and said: “It’s nice to see everyone again. Unfortunately, I am here on official business and cannot drink.”

Many smiled back in response. Although they had their own stance, they still maintained a proper level of decorum.

“Virtuous Niece, I assure you that we will guarantee your safety.” Five-sun then told Ye Fantian with a solemn expression.

“Thank you, Senior.” Ye Fantian nodded.

Five-sun then spoke to All-things again: “Brother, I am a messenger today. Divine Alliance only has one condition, please release our disciple, and then bygones will be bygones.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Even if I want to release her, it is not up to me.” All-things said.

“I’m sure you have the ability to do so.” Five-sun said.

“If that’s truly the case, your Divine Alliance would not be mingling with Heaven Alliance.” All-things shook his head.

“That is a separate issue.” Five-sun smiled: “Our disciple had no feud with you or Dao Alliance. If we must be particular to the details, you were at fault for ambushing her.”

“True.” All-things said: “But Divine and Heaven Alliance have ambushed our geniuses in the past, do you consider yourselves to be at fault then?”

“It sounds to me like you are wanting to abandon the Pact of Blessed.” Five-sun remarked.

“The pact is nothing more than scrap paper at this point. If it were still effective, Heaven Alliance wouldn’t be trying to expand and Supreme wouldn’t be challenging everyone. Remember, your men appeared outside of Lesser Firmament and caused trouble. We have tried our best to exercise self-control. The current situation is due to your alliances’ future direction.”

“Here we go again, your tongue is still as sharp as ever, Brother All-things.” Five-sun started laughing.

“Nothing is stronger than the truth.” All-things smiled back.

“Alright, state your demands. We are flexible as long as you release her.” Five-sun said.

The others exchanged glances, seemingly having no intention of releasing her.

“I see.” Five-sun could read the room and continued: “There’s something I’m curious about. Don’t you feel that it’s risky to have everyone gathered in the same place?”

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