Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5360: I Am Anima

Chapter 5360: I Am Anima

Lightgrasp glanced at the dreamwater before positioning himself to block Five-sun.

“Seems that way.” He said, becoming serious.

A duel between two dao lords was not to be interrupted by anyone at a lower level lest they wanted to be killed by the remnant blast waves.

“Either that or you will let me through.” Five-sun had no intention of relenting.

“You will have to defeat me first.” Lightgrasp said.

The two of them had no feud and Lightgrasp actually didn’t mind Five-sun’s affiliation with Divine Alliance.

However, even friends would fight for anima dreamwater, going as far as fighting to the death. Top cultivators didn’t care for mundane matters and trivial feuds. Alas, this was a key to reaching anima and creating a tree.

“I apologize for my rudeness then.” Five-sun roared and gathered energy. His five suns released unique flames but they joined together in perfect harmony.

“Five-sun Cycle!” He utilized his strongest attack and trapped Lightgrasp within a cycle of flames.

The cycle only contained death and destruction. Even an eternal body would be burned down with time.

Five-sun King had a similar flame back in Eight Desolaces. This was nothing in comparison to the dao lord’s power.

Unfortunately, this caused unwanted casualties among the spectators. Although they were on the other leaves, they were still reduced to nothingness.

“Bring it!” Lightgrasp was not afraid. His chest became resplendent and sent out rays. They circled around him and created an armor of light.

“Highest heaven!” He roared and grasped the power of light, blinding the crowd in the process.

Spectators had to look away, even those standing at the base of the tree.

“Boom!” The two of them didn’t hold back and showed the world their devastating techniques. Others could no longer climb the nine leaves as a result since they still preferred to live.

However, Ferocity was one exception.

“I’m going!” He leaped up one leaf after another while enduring the heat waves.

Everyone saw his hair fluttering crazily in the air. Many shouted his title: “Ferocity!”

“He’s taking the dreamwater now!” Xiao Hu became anxious.

“You can’t compete with him anyway so calm down.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Xiao Hu fell into silence for a moment before asking: “Young Noble, you don’t need the dreamwater?”

He preferred Li Qiye obtaining it over Ferocity.

“The water is precious and rare but I don’t need it.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Your anima tree has already pierced the heaven?” Xiao Hu didn’t quite understand who Li Qiye was at this point.

He believed that having a full-grown tree was the completion point, creating a path toward everlasting life.

“I am anima.” Li Qiye smiled.

“…?” Xiao Hu didn’t expect this response. Something flashed in his mind for a split second but he didn’t quite grasp it.

Only an apex cultivator with an immortal avatar would be able to find or create anima. How could he be anima?

“Do you mean that you are born with anima? Is that possible?” He asked.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

This was an entirely new concept to Xiao Hu since he had never heard of it before. However, Li Qiye wasn’t one to lie.

“Is there anyone else?” Xiao Hu became curious; his eyes widened with astonishment.

Li Qiye smiled and looked up at the tree, not answering the question.

Meanwhile, Ferocity stood on top of the ninth leaf and watched the fight between the two dao lords.

“Looks like the dreamwater is mine.” Ferocity laughed and took advantage of the situation.

“Ferocity lives up to the legend, I believe that he was Supreme’s rival once.” A dragon lord whispered after seeing Ferocity easily enduring the heat waves.

Recently, his reputation had taken a hit. First, he was injured by Immortal Pagoda Conqueror and had to flee. At Lesser Firmament, he fled again without putting up a fight.

Thus, some believed that his reputation was undeserved - that he was Supreme’s rival in name only due to the circumstances.

Now, his cultivation was clearly impressive in order to withstand this devastating battlefield.

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