Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 120 - 110: "The Ancient House" (End)

Chapter 120: Dating the Strongest Boss Chapter 110: "The Ancient House" (End)

Su Lele felt ridiculous.

I remembered everything I had experienced since I entered this house.

The owner of the house, the gray eyes, the same-sex-related murals, want to find his bride ...

One by one, one by one, re-sketched in her mind, and then completely formed into a line, connected, and a ready answer emerged completely.

Su Lele felt like a joke, a toy for jokes.

Xiao Chen is another owner of this house!

She was shivering with anger, her expression began to be cruel, and her face began to twitch.

She can't survive! Xiao Chen will never let her go!

Thinking this way, her knees were soft and she knelt directly.

She gave a sharp laughter in the sky, with a little overwhelming and self-compassionate, very sad and harsh, and these laughter-like laughter were pitiful,

Finally, Su Lele lowered her head, her eyes were indifferent, and returned to calm, saying, "Kill me."

The man raised his eyebrows and didn't speak. Instead, he squinted unpredictably, his gray eyes showed no waves.

Xiao Chen turned his head, looked at the man's eyes, and smiled at each other.

Wang Xue, who was next to him, looked at the scene in front of him, and looked at the man who suddenly appeared next to Xiao Chen, who was very intimate with Xiao Chen's movements, a little puzzled and a little horrified.

The man turned around and glared at Wang Xueke, who immediately murmured and dared not move.

Jing Hezhi hugged Xiao Chen's waist and hooked the corner of his mouth.

The next second, the two disappeared at the same time.

Wang Xueke opened his mouth wide and was just about to say something.

Suddenly, there was a burst of pain in the head, and the sky collapsed, feeling a wave of shaking, and the body could not help but lean to the side. Before she could relax, the surrounding scene was no longer the ghost place full of corpses.

She sat up slowly, looking around left and right, her face full of incredible.

She is lying in a girl's heart full of pink tone with a white room, next to which are piled up with large and small puppet toys, next to it are a lot of jk uniform suits.

She covered her mouth and wept bitterly.

she is back.

Su Lele knelt stiffly on the spot, she could even clearly feel the earth-shaking changes in her environment, just like an instant transfer, from a place to a new place directly.

She turned back suddenly and found that the corpses that were lying around had disappeared, and she inexplicably came to a small and strange room. Just like a dream, everything in front of her seemed very unreal.

this place...

Su Lele breathing accelerated, trembling all over, patted the wall behind him with his hands, and found that no matter how it was done, it was a real, solid wall.

She squatted against the wall, trembling all over her body, holding her head with both hands.

When she killed her boyfriend, she didn't blink. She knew her face was indifferent when she knew she was going to be killed.

But at this moment, she was in a trance, and even had a fear in her eyes.

It is completely inconsistent with what it just showed.

Surrounded by copper walls and iron walls, generally square and square, no windows, no furniture, empty room, only a locked iron door proves that this is a room.

Before she could respond, the empty room began to change.

An iron chair appeared out of nowhere in the iron door. On the chair was a middle-aged man with a big belly, his hands and feet were bound by the iron chains on the chair. The skin of the man is embedded in his flesh and blood. If he wants to untie it, he will definitely open the flesh.

And his eyes were blindfolded by black cloth strips, his head was pressed against the table that came with the chair, and his face was sideways, unable to move.

And just above his head was an axe shining with cold light. It seemed that as soon as the axe fell, the axe would immediately separate the man's body.

Something was also stuffed into the man's mouth, only to make a whine of swallowing, but no other sound.

After seeing him, Su Lele reacted very violently and rolled up from the ground. Both eyes were bloodshot, and his fingers were directly squeezed into fists.

Before she could react, the air rang out from the air with a cold, shady voice that shook the old man.

"Do you hate him?"

Su Lele didn't speak, until she was trembling all over, and both eyes were about to be glared out, which had completely exposed her inner hatred.

"Want to go out alive"

Su Lele still had a pale face, her breathing speeded up, her expression distorted.

"Do you want to kill him?" The old man's voice like a devil's whisper kept bewitching her heart.

Su Lele took a breath and clenched her teeth.

"Remember this room?" The old man's voice paused. "He was here to take away your child / zhen, haven't you been looking for him for so many years?"

Su Lele's fingernails were embedded in her own skin, and she could even clearly feel a tingling in her palm.

Not dreaming.

"You become what you are today, don't you just worship him? Jie Jie."

"Do you want him to die?"

"As long as you pull the rope next to you, the axe will fall off, and you can walk out of here!"

The old man gave a chubby laugh, with a little sneer, "Are you willing?"

Su Lele's expression changed slightly.

"No one except us will know what happened today!"

Do you want to?

But there is nothing behind the iron gate, which is unknown.

Is it hope or endless or even deeper despair?

Do you really think you escaped the demon game?

Xiao Chendun was there, watching everything after the surrounding changes.

The man also appeared behind him, his fingers slowly sliding on his waist.

The red candle wobbled and swayed gently.

The two of them went back to the master bedroom where they all started.

The man's long hair was licked behind his ears, and he slouched down in a consistent red dress.

The red of the house is full of happy words of the whole room.

It matches well with men's clothes.

Xiao Chen raised an eyebrow and turned back.

Jing Hezhi smiled, slowly took off the mask on Xiao Chen's face, and dropped it casually on the ground. A strong force supported Xiao Chen's thin waist.

The man kissed Xiao Chen's nose.

Xiao Chen still cherishes the paintings on the walls and sneers. "I don't know that you painted so many paintings."

Jing He, one of them choked, smiled, "I don't know where I am, and I always love you. Only you can make me miss you."

Xiao Chen was not angry at all, and it was even more impossible to say anything when he heard a man's love.

He hooked the man's neck with his backhand, looked at the red double happiness in the room, smiled, and asked, knowingly, "What do you want to do in this room."

The man pursed his lips and raised his lips.

Jing Hezhi's fingers stopped at Xiao Chen's waist, and his voice was a little bit of a play, and he answered unreasonably, "Of course it is for marriage."

Xiao Chen's Ruifeng eyes raised slightly, with a smile and affection that he could not hide.

"I want to give you a formal ceremony. I want to hold a wedding with you." Jing Hezhi's voice was not slow.

Although Xiao Chen saw this room for the first time, he had guessed something in his heart, but when he really heard the man say this, his heart still touched in every way. Like something straight, hitting Xiao Chen's heart bit by bit, not painful, crisp and numb, giving him a feeling of indescribable, a sour.

"I have always regretted that in every world, we can't give each other a bright and honorable place, and we have never held a wedding that belongs to you and me." Jinghe Zhisheng's voice was a little bit lingering Meaning.

This is also the ultimate goal he proposed to enter this new world.

Xiao Chen slightly opened his lips, but did not make a sound, his eyes were slightly red.

In the next second, I don't know where Jing Hezhi changed into a red wedding dress, which was held in his palm. !

This dress, the pattern is very cumbersome, black pattern cloud sleeves, and a set of elements echoing the man's body, embroidered with roses and snakes intertwined pattern, exactly the same as the tattoo on Xiao Chen's back.

"So," the man said with a smile on his lips, and said straight, "Baby, would you like to hold this ceremony with me tonight?"

It sounds like asking young people's opinions, but no one in the world knows Xiao Chen better than Jing Hezhi. It is impossible for his baby to refuse his request.

In every time and space, happiness is worth recalling, they have blamed each time, and spent the rest of their lives.

But unfortunately, in every world, they have not been able to connect together, and have never held a ceremony that means they will become each other's life partner.

Even if it was the last time and space, they exchanged rings, and there was no decent process.

Xiao Chen pursed her lips, buried her head in the man's chest, and then nodded slightly, her hands tightly hooked the man's neck.

Seemingly calm, but only the man knows that his baby is shaking at the moment.

Jing Hezhi carefully kissed Xiao Chen's hair top, with a little pity.

The process of changing clothes is very grueling. The clothes were not taken off by Xiao Chen himself, nor were they put on by him. They were the hands of men.

The man 's slender fingers are constantly rubbing Xiao Chen 's skin, as if he is watching an extremely beautiful piece of art. He wants a viper with great self-control to observe his prey, but he is not anxious to eat his own. Feast.

On the contrary, Xiao Chen was uncomfortable with the man's body, and was repeatedly bewitched by the man's sly face. His heart was a little itchy, and he wanted to pounce.

I don't know how long the clothes have been worn. Xiao Chen feels that he is about to be worn out.

The man hooked the corner of his mouth and tied a knot on Xiao Chen's waist, looking at the young man in his arms with satisfaction.

The red dress was worn on the young man's body, making his muscles look like white snow, and he felt like a son like a jade.

The slender neck was exposed, and Ruifeng's eyes rose slightly with a self-evident temptation.

As for the light reflected by the red candle, the waves were rippling, as if they were reflected in the glowing eyes as men.

Jing Hezhi's throat knot rolled slightly.

More beautiful than he thought.

The man grabbed Xiao Chen's hand and took him out, slowly opening the closed door.

Outside the door is not lonely and indifferent, on the contrary, what surprised Xiao Chen is that the original layout of the yard has also changed, and there are many round tables with large tables.

There are even people sitting on chairs, eating and drinking, talking to the sky, dressed in gorgeous clothes, and very happy.


Xiao Chen fixed his eyes and looked at their feet, all suspended in the air.

Where is this a group of people, clearly a group of ghosts.

But they all look like dogs. They do n't have ghosts that look hard to look at. They do n't have ghosts that look as white as zombies. From a distance, they seem to be a group of ordinary people. people.

Both Xiao Chen and Jing Hezhi are men. Even if Xiao Chen is the next one, there is naturally no need to cover up the red head. He shows his face generously and wears the same style of men's red clothes as men.

And at the beginning, the old lady, who showed all kinds of loving and caring eyes to Xiao Chen, was sitting underneath with a smile on her face, looking at the two people who came out of the door cheerfully.

The scene in front of me was a little too beautiful, and Xiao Chen started to be a little bit cautious.

Xiao Chen raised his head and looked at the man, his heart beating unexpectedly accelerated.

The man smiled and took Xiao Chen forward step by step.

The old lady got up from the chair, holding a red ribbon in her hand, and walked towards them.

This ribbon is very long, and it also binds two **** shaped like flowers and bones.

Jing Hezhi took what was passed by the old lady, and then pursed her lips, with a smile, helped Xiao Chen to tie it on his wrist, and then looked at the young man with a brow, smiling very gently.

Xiao Chen paused for a moment, and understood the meaning of the other party in seconds, learning the movement of the man just now, and binding it to the man in a different manner.

To tie the knot.

The audience immediately thunderous applause.

The audience's expressions are not stiff, nor are they rigid, and they look just like ordinary people. There are even a few children who are silently eating the delicious food on the table.

The two face to face, facing each other.

Under the leadership of Jing Hezhi, Xiao Chen bowed four bows to each other.

In ancient times, it took three weeks to get married.

One worships the world, two worships the ancestors, three worships Gaotang, and finally the couples worship.

But neither of them have parents, nor do they believe in heaven, earth, or gods. Whatever the three worship and nine knocks, the tedious customs are naturally free.

It is enough for them to have each other.

Therefore, these four worship should belong to each other.

There was light in the man's eyes and smile in Xiao Chen's eyes.

The man raised his eyebrows and motioned for Xiao Chen to put his ears together.

I thought that in such a good atmosphere, what men would say to add to the atmosphere, Xiao Chen was full of expectations, eyes brightly looking at the man, ears leaned over.

Unexpectedly, the man's voice was hoarse, with a temptation to hide, said.

"The ceremonies are all over, let's go to the cave."

Oh, old man.

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