Cultivation Online

Chapter 1529 Divine Blacksmith Gathering

1529 Divine Blacksmith Gathering

After spending several days in each other's arms, Zi Xuan, her voice filled with curiosity, asked him while she rested on the bed, "How close are you to crafting your first Celestial-grade treasure?"

"I think I can start working on my first one in a few years," he confidently responded.

"It'll be a sword, right?"

"Of course."

"I can't wait to witness the birth of your first Celestial-grade treasure! And don't start without me!"

"Don't worry, I'll contact you before I start."

Zi Xuan left shortly after, and Tian Qiyuan returned to his training.

Four years later, Tian Qiyuan contacted Zi Xuan through her communication jade slip, notifying her that he would begin crafting his first-ever Celestial-grade treasure.

When she received this momentous news, Zi Xuan dropped whatever she was doing and rushed over to his world.

By the time she'd arrived, Tian Qiyuan was already in meditation, working on the Celestial-grade treasure inside his head.

Zi Xuan patiently waited for him, and seven days later, he emerged from his meditation.

Without uttering a word to Zi Xuan or even looking at her to acknowledge her presence, he immediately started refining the materials.

Zi Xuan knew that he was completely focused and didn't dare to make any sounds. Even her breathing was kept to a minimum.

Feng Tianru was already flying above him before he emerged from his meditation, so she started spewing flames the moment he approached the anvil.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tian Qiyuan kept the rhythm constant for the next two months, only stopping to change the material. Due to the immense quality and durability of the materials, it typically takes weeks to refine just one material, even for a Divine Blacksmith. As for those without sufficient skills, they could hammer the material for the rest of their life, and it wouldn't budge.

After spending six months just preparing the materials, Tian Qiyuan finally began crafting the sword.

One month… two months… six months…

After another year of hammering nonstop, Tian Qiyuan finally finished his first Celestial-grade treasure.

"That took longer than I wanted…" Tian Qiyuan immediately sat down the moment he finished, his body soaked in sweat.

Zi Xuan approached him shortly after, her eyes flickering with excitement.

"Congratulations, Qiyuan! You're now officially a true Divine Blacksmith! Now you can truly compete for the position of God of Creation!"

"Thank you, but let's slow down a little."

"Slow down? Knowing you, you probably have a 100 percent success rate with Celestial-grade treasures and already qualify to become the next God of Creation. You just need to prove yourself through the God of Creation Ceremony before you're recognized as one."

Tian Qiyuan then said, "Yes, you're right. I am confident that I will never fail even a Celestial-grade treasure. However, the God of Creation Ceremony requires one to craft multiple Celestial-grade treasures in one sitting. I will need at least another thousand years before I can confidently achieve that."

"Anyway, here you go." Tian Qiyuan suddenly extended his arm with the sword to Zi Xuan.

"Huh?" Zi Xuan didn't instantly comprehend his words and stared at him with a dazed face.lightsnovel

"It's a gift to you for keeping me company throughout the years. Besides Feng Feng, you're the only one I can truly be myself around."


Zi Xuan was speechless. This was the first time she's received a gift from him, after all.

"Are you sure I can have it? It would sell for a fortune if you sold it."

"I don't care about that kind of stuff. It's not like I don't have money, either. If I really need money, I can just make a few more and sell those. However, the first one will belong to you."

"Thank you…" Zi Xuan didn't know what else to say.

Sometime later, Zi Xuan spoke, "Speaking of the God of Creation Ceremony, Eternal Blacksmith recently announced that he would be partaking it in two thousand years."

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"Eternal Blacksmith, huh? He's been aDivine Blacksmith for hundreds of thousands of years, after all."

"Did Heaven and Earth Blacksmith say anything about it?" he then asked.

"Not that I know of."

"Is that so?"

Zi Xuan returned to the Unrivaled Nine Swords Sect a few days later.

Almost a thousand years later, Heaven and Earth Blacksmith suddenly announced that he would be doing the God of Creation Ceremony in a year, shocking the world.

It was clear that Heaven and Earth Blacksmith wanted to beat Eternal Blacksmith to it, but many couldn't help but wonder if he'd been too hasty with this decision.

After all, a blacksmith could only attempt the God of Creation Ceremony three times in their lifetime, and Heaven and Earth Blacksmith already attempted it once.

"Have you heard? Heaven and Earth Blacksmith will be taking his God of Creation Ceremony in a year." Zi Xuan visited Tian Qiyuan after hearing this news.

"Really? I guess I'll have to put my training on halt to watch it."

Zi Xuan then realized something, "Oh, right. It's customary for all Divine Blacksmiths to witness the God of Creation Ceremony, so it'll be a Divine Blacksmith gathering."

"Where is he going to do it?" Tian Qiyuan asked a moment later.

"The Grand Elder Summit," she said.

"That place again, huh?"

Sometime later, Tian Qiyuan and Zi Xuan made their way to the Grand Elder Summit to watch Heaven and Earth Blacksmith's God of Creation Ceremony.

A crowd had already gathered even though there was still a month until the God of Creation Ceremony, and within this crowd was Eternal Blacksmith, as well as five other Divine Blacksmiths.

Besides Exalted Blacksmith, Eternal Blacksmith, and Heaven and Earth Blacksmith, there were five other Divine Blacksmiths in their era.

These five Divine Blacksmiths were Relentless Blackmisth, Fiery Heaven Blacksmith, Yin Yang Blacksmith, Silver Flame Blacksmith, and Star Forging Blacksmith.

Even though he's been a blacksmith for thousands of years, this was Tian Qiyuan's first time seeing the other Divine Blacksmith besides Eternal Blacksmith and Heaven and Earth Blacksmith.

"It's an honor to meet my Seniors." Tian Qiyuan bowed to them in a respectful manner.

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