Walking by the Abyss on Thin Ice

Chapter 341: Whoever has the bigger fist, is the boss

Chapter 341: Whoever has the bigger fist, is the boss

The speed of Tianfeng is getting faster and faster. After refining and blessing with the aura of the nine great demons, thunderclouds have grown under her wings.

Those are dark and oppressive thunderclouds. As her wings flap downwards, the thunderclouds suddenly condense and then erupt with thunder and hurricane, instantly boosting her speed!

When her wings lift up, the erupting thunder and fire explode beneath her wings. When Tianfeng strikes again, the black cloud and thunder and fire condense once more!

Su Yun observes and can't help but marvel. This flying method can surpass the speed of sound by many times!

The previous Tianfeng was just a fledgling bird that had just learned to fly, but now she has been stimulated by the nine great demons and has become like a demonic black phoenix in her adult form!

Even so, Tianfeng is unable to catch up to the Golden Crow. Fortunately, wherever the Golden Crow passes, the accumulated snow melts, indicating a path for them.

They are getting farther and farther away from the imperial city of Daxia, heading straight for Nanlie City on the southern border of Daxia.

Nanlie City is located in the south of Daxia, the hottest place in the country. There are many tall buildings and the people are prosperous, often walking on the streets with their chests exposed. Luo Yujin walks in the long palace corridor to meet the lord of Nanlie City.

The corridor is long, with a red carpet laid on the ground, and on both sides are solemn and sacred statues of gods and demons.

Luo Yujin walks in front, followed by a girl in a red dress and a black flood dragon, looking around as they walk. The lifelike statues of gods and demons on both sides are carved with Kylin, Overlord, and other sacred beings.

The lord of Nanlie City is fat and sits on the throne like a pile of meat.

Luo Yujin stops and pays his respects, saying, "Luo Yujin, the former holy emperor of Daqin, greets the lord."

The lord of Nanlie City sits slumped, and dozens of maids constantly bring plates of food, offering them to him. The food is poured with strong liquor and set on fire, bubbling and scorching hot.

The lord of Nanlie City reaches into the fire and grabs the food to eat, saying, "The holy emperor has honored me. Please forgive my inconvenience and inability to pay my respects. The holy emperor has come from afar, and wherever he passes, there is heavy snowfall. However, it is quite hot here, and I'm afraid I have neglected Your Majesty. Come, prepare a feast!"

The sound of silk and bamboo music starts, and the attendants come one after another, setting up a banquet to entertain Luo Yujin.

There are also more than a dozen strange-looking people who take their seats one by one and toast Luo Yujin.

The lord of Nanlie City is also eating voraciously, his mouth full of meat. He laughs and says, "I heard that Your Majesty has captured many gods and demons on this journey. Such achievements have never been seen before. Even if the Three Emperors were resurrected, they would not be able to compare."

Luo Yujin bows and says, "The lord overpraises. Everywhere I go, I search for hidden gods and demons. I have already captured half of the ninety-six gods and demons."

The many guests are amazed, and one guest with tiger ears says, "Can Your Majesty allow us to have a look?"

"Why not?"

Luo Yujin readily agrees and takes out more than forty jade tablets. Each tablet displays different imprints, with Winged Dragon as the leader, swimming and changing in the tablet but unable to escape.

The other gods and demons such as Flood Dragon and Overlord are the same.

The many guests and the lord of Nanlie City laugh heartily and say, "I heard that Winged Dragon is a hero among the gods and demons, the first war god of the First Holy Emperor, who killed the demon gods Chi You and Kuafu. He is unparalleled in the world, but who would have thought he would end up like this!"

"Luo Yujin, you have great methods!"

Luo Yujin smiles and, after everyone has admired them, says, "But it is difficult to find the remaining demon gods. These gods and demons have learned that I am hunting them, so they have all gone into hiding. Among them, there is a kind of god and demon called Huo Dou, a fire god who likes to devour fire and takes the form of a large dog. Has the lord of the city ever seen it?"

The lord of Nanlie City laughs and says, "How could I have seen it?"

Luo Yujin smiles and takes out a mirror, placing it in front of the lord of Nanlie City. "Then let me show you!"

The lord of Nanlie City's gaze falls on the mirror, and he exclaims, unable to control himself, transforming into a flaming giant dog over ten zhang long, spewing flames all around!

Huo Dou, being a sacred being, pounces towards Luo Yujin and says, "Since you have discovered me..."

Just at this moment, a thick and heavy beam of light falls from the sky above the hall, crashing down and crushing the hall. Huo Dou is pressed to the ground by the beam of light and in the next moment, it turns into a Huo Dou jade tablet!

Looking up from the hole in the hall, one can only see a huge immortal scroll rotating in the sky. The scroll seems to have no boundaries, only tadpole-like characters swimming in the air!

"Human and demon Yujin, if you don't drink the toast, you will drink the punishment!"

Suddenly, a sharp cry is heard, and one of the guests rises into the air, feathers all over his body surging outward, transforming into a Three-legged Golden Crow and pouncing towards Luo Yujin!

Luo Yujin extends his hand to block, but the Three-legged Golden Crow's attack is extremely fierce. Suddenly, with a loud bang, the divine fire inside the Golden Crow swells and explodes, incinerating the entire hall!

Luo Yujin presses down with his palm, suppressing the divine fire back into the Golden Crow's body. The Golden Crow grunts and staggers back.

Another guest suddenly splits into nine and attacks from the side. It is Kaiming. The nine brothers sometimes appear as one person and sometimes as nine people, besieging Luo Yujin.

Luo Yujin grows countless arms and withstands Kaiming's full-force attacks. Under his counterattack, Kaiming immediately falls into a disadvantage, repeatedly hit by several divine techniques and spitting out blood.

"You all might as well reveal yourselves!" Luo Yujin laughs heartily.

"As you wish!"

The heaven and earth aura of Nanlie City suddenly explodes, and each figure becomes larger and larger, towering into the sky, attacking Luo Yujin!

Luo Yujin's figure floats in the air, getting higher and higher, directly confronting the siege of the gods. He loudly says, "Everyone, activate the immortal scroll!"

On the other side, Su Yun peeks out of the window and sees a chaotic and unformed scene in the southern border of Daxia. There are occasional earth-shattering thunderclaps, and the massive thunderbolts are like a towering sword, splitting the sky and chaos from east to west!

After the sky and chaos are split, they will quickly heal. Even with just a glimpse, another world can be seen through the cracks.

Every time the thunderbolt strikes, the sky cracks open, revealing a different world.In addition, there are huge heavenly realms, which, when viewed from below, resemble giant whirlpools, perhaps thousands of miles wide. The heavenly qi, like a raging tornado, surges out from these heavenly realms and rolls towards the same direction.

"It's the divine beings mobilizing their qi!"

The ugly woman looked up and smirked, "Twenty-four divine beings, wow, this is a big move!"

The ugly woman is another demon god that Su Yun found. She is an ugly woman with a fish basket hanging from her waist, and a green rainbow crab always crawls out of it. There is also a fish dragon in the basket, half-dragon and half-fish, with a fierce gaze, unlike anything in this world.

Glutton, Poverty-stricken, and Plague God Fei all respect her, and no one dares to act rashly when she speaks.

Su Yun felt like he had invited a formidable demon god.

"The ugly woman is a corpse demon. She was caught by the ten brothers of the Golden Crow, and they never managed to kill her after refining her for so many years."

Xiang Liu whispered, "Boss, besides normal divine beings, there are some abnormal ones imprisoned in your prison. The ugly woman is their leader."

Ying Ying asked quietly, "Old Liu, are Glutton and Poverty-stricken normal or abnormal?"

"Of course, they are normal! I am the most normal one among them!"

Xiang Liu said confidently, "The abnormal ones are like the ugly woman. They are corpses turned into demon gods. Shebi, Jubai, Prince Ye, Huang Zhu, Rong Xuanwang, Xiang Gu, Hanba, Xia Geng, they are all corpse demon gods. They were gods when they were alive, but after death, they turned into fierce demon gods. The ugliest one is the ugly woman. It is said that she came from the North Sea, where there are other demon gods, and there are gods guarding there..."

As he was speaking, the surroundings had already become completely dark, with howling winds and swirling snowballs rolling in the air like large balls colliding with each other.

The Heavenly Phoenix flew unsteadily, swaying and unable to stabilize its figure.

Xiang Liu shouted, his aura bursting out, forming nine-headed vipers in the sky above the Heavenly Phoenix, attacking from all directions and shattering the snowballs.

The twenty-four heavenly qi in the sky, like huge tornadoes, swept across the heavens and the earth. The Heavenly Phoenix flew through these twenty-four tornadoes, truly breathtaking.

Suddenly, a terrifying wave came, shaking the sky and cutting off the heavenly qi.

Su Yun looked and could vaguely see a round plaque floating in the chaos, like a rotating thin altar, with something falling from it!

And around the round plaque altar, there were gates standing, giving Su Yun a familiar feeling!

"It's the Xianlu and Chao Tianque!"

Su Yun's heart pounded violently, "It's the Seven-Faced Chao Tianque! It's true, that old bastard Xue Qingfu has joined forces with the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance! The remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance borrowed the Seven-Faced Chao Tianque from Xue Qingfu to activate the power of the Xianlu!"

When the Chao Tianque acts on the Heavenly Gate, it opens the portal to another world. But when it acts on the Xianlu, its power is beyond Su Yun's imagination.

The Heavenly Phoenix was about to arrive at the battlefield, and the nine demon gods in the small building had no idea of the terrifying power of the Chao Tianque and Xianlu. They were excited and transformed into a half-snake half-human form, holding four spiritual weapons, looking fierce, and shouting, "Today, we will kill the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance and then kill the Kylin and Dragon Phoenix. We, the demon gods, will rule the world!"

The other demon gods were also excited, mobilizing their own heavenly qi, waiting for the battle. Xiang Liu excitedly said, "Support the boss as the Holy Emperor and make our son the Emperor!"

Su Yun remained silent, activating the four altars and their powers. As the power of the altars gradually increased, suddenly, one of the twenty-four heavenly qi extinguished.

The nine demon gods didn't pay much attention to it, but Su Yun's heart skipped a beat, "The extinguished heavenly qi is from the Divine Heaven Wu! The twenty-four divine beings besieged the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance and the other eight demon gods, and Divine Heaven Wu was actually sealed!"

He didn't have time to think about it and continued to activate the altars. Then, the second heavenly qi extinguished.

"The Basalt's qi has also been extinguished..." Su Yun thought.

Having observed the ninety-six divine beings, in this situation, the heavenly qi became extremely intense, so his perception became extremely sharp, and he knew exactly which divine being was damaged.

Soon, the third divine being, Xie Zhi, disappeared!

Then, the fourth divine being, the fifth divine being!

The Kylin, leading the gods in the battle against the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance, was actually on the verge of a complete defeat!

Xiang Liu, Glutton, and the other demon gods also sensed that something was wrong, showing a look of astonishment and uncertainty. The Heavenly Phoenix continued to fly towards the battlefield, but Xiang Liu quietly moved backward. As long as he saw that the situation was not right, he would immediately flee, regardless of righteousness or unrighteousness.

The defeat of the Kylin and the other gods was beyond imagination. In the blink of an eye, more than ten tornadoes formed by the heavenly qi were broken!

Xiang Liu exclaimed and was about to escape. At this moment, a huge finger descended from the sky and hung in the air above the Heavenly Phoenix.

Xiang Liu's body stiffened, and the faces of Glutton, the ugly woman, and others changed drastically as they looked towards Su Yun with an unfriendly expression, "Boss, what are you doing?"

"No one is allowed to leave!"

Su Yun's face darkened, and he shouted, "Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, to the Ghost Market of the Heavenly Gate, the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance will never let you go! At this critical moment, only by uniting together do we have a chance of winning!"

The ugly woman grabbed the green rainbow crab from the fish basket and sneered, "Boss, if we don't leave, we will be captured and sacrificed by the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance. Escaping gives us a chance to survive. If you insist on keeping us here, then everything will be ruined!"

Ying Ying was extremely nervous. These nine demon gods were obviously frightened by the methods of the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance and had no intention of fighting. They only wanted to escape.

If Su Yun didn't let them escape, they might actually kill him!

"Do you prefer to ruin everything with me rather than face the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance?"

Su Yun laughed heartily, "I, a fourteen-year-old boy, dare to fight against the remnants of the Human-Demon Alliance, but you dare not. Do you even deserve to be called the ancestors of demons?"

Xiang Liu's face changed constantly, Glutton touched the horns on her forehead, revealing a fierce look, and Poverty-stricken opened his mouth, taking out a file and grinding his teeth.

The woman suddenly laughed, "The jailer has quite the manly spirit. Good, tell us, what should we do?"

"What should we do? Of course, we should directly screw his mother!" The Snake Friend waved his four spiritual weapons, excitedly said.

Su Yun snorted, "Vulgar. We should go straight and kill him, fairy charm against fairy charm, and then screw his mother! Without his fairy charm, what's left is whoever has the bigger fist, is the boss!"

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