Villain Reborn: Netori Harem in an Erotic RPG!

Chapter 96 18: Last Minute Training

Lucifer stood at the huge forest entrance, thinking to himself about the death of Toshiro, the power of Celestina, a demigod who could transmigrate the soul of a criminal into his body. He felt a sense of danger and constant trouble that might come from her in the future to come.

I don't want to be caught with my pants down...

He didn't want to waste time and wait for all the women to join him—this would be faster if Lucifer fought alone and let them prepare the defences and finalise everything else.

"Well, Gwen wouldn't mind, and they get part of the experience anyway."

[You just want to have fun alone—don't lie!]

Ignoring Sylvia and her smart mouth, he began walking towards the forest, planning to kill as many orcs as possible today to thin huge numbers that would attack tomorrow.

Coming back to the Ghastine forest was quite nostalgic, but the sight had completely changed with huge tents in the distance, the tree's now completely chopped down, and thousands of orcs in the distance, some fighting, others fucking, and the rest eating a strange broth of meat.

Lucifer couldn't smell anything in the distance, but he knew for sure that the broth wasn't something to eat willingly.

Taking out his polearm, he slowly approached the closest Orc, trying to remain undetected while placing his hand on the Orc's head, draining its life force as much as possible before cutting off its head in one swing.

The body fell to the ground silently as Lucifer grabbed it by the arms and dragged it to a bush far away, hiding it in case anyone found it later.

Kill, hide, repeat.

It became his routine as he killed dozens of orcs, taking the loot of potions and ingredients from each corpse, using Vampiric Drain to kill most of the Orcs silently.

By the time Lucifer noticed, he'd already killed over three hundred orcs, making his way towards the centre, growing bored of the stealthy combat style and looked towards the tents filled with warriors as he tossed the head of one of the orcs straight into the main tent.

"Oi, Pigs, come out and face me."

Lucifer yelled loudly, attracting hundreds of orcs from all around him as they began rushing towards him, swinging their clubs and axes.

Standing still, he waited for them to reach him as he took a deep breath, charging forwards with a Serpent strike, piercing straight through the eye of the first Orc, tossing his body aside as he twirled his spear, decapitating another orc before stabbing straight towards the heart of another one.

His movements were too fast for the orc warriors; using his spear, he massacred them, using his spear and vampire magic, draining them with his left hand while the others struggled to inflict any wounds on the powerful vampire lord.

Parrying the axe of an incoming orc, Lucifer kicked it straight in the chest, crushing its ribs and sending it flying away as he swung his polearm in a wide arc, decapitating four orcs at once.

As more and more orcs rushed towards Lucifer, he began feeling excited, losing himself in the thrill of battle as he cut apart the orcs, dancing between the crowd, dodging every blow coming towards him with ease as he slaughtered them, not even using his spear sometimes his hands, clawing their flesh apart and devouring their blood dry.

He became lost in the addictive pleasure of Prana flooding his body, something that had not happened for so long; ever since he became a Lord, it only happened during sex.

Now, every kill flooded his body with pleasant feelings.

Lucifer realised that he missed this rush, this pleasure and enjoyment of fighting alone, slaughtering his foes with ease, feeling like a true Vampire Lord—he forgot what it meant to fight alone, always having Gwen or someone else beside him.

Sometimes, playing solo is better than partying with e-girls, after all...

[You nerd... They are probably cumming their faces off right now, you know?]

Good thing they are in the inn! Or I might have to kill every male in the village, haha.

Ignoring Sylvia and her sarcastic remarks, Lucifer danced between the orcs, enjoying the thrill of solo fighting, killing hundreds of orcs while collecting loot and potions, realising how much money he could make with these items.

A grand wedding with Gwen and all the women he loved, becoming a rich Vampire Lord—Lucifer dreamt big, realising how easy it would become with his current wealth and skills.

After slaughtering hundreds of orcs, Lucifer stopped in his tracks, looking at the last tent, realising that it was bigger than the other ones.

Not only that, but he had accidentally slaughtered the entire advanced force...


?759 x Orc Warriors Slain

?Level has risen by 5

?Gained 25 Enhancement Points

Fuck! This is too pleasant!

Lucifer couldn't stop himself from feeling the huge intensity of five levels rising suddenly as he applied all the attributes equally before falling to one knee as the Orc champion left the huge tent with huge steps carrying a massive hammer.

The Orc Champion was three meters tall, with black armour covering its body, wearing a helmet that covered its face, leaving only two red eyes visible as it roared, pointing towards Lucifer.

"You, defiler, killing my kind!"

The Orc Champion spoke human language surprisingly as Lucifer stood up, raising his eyebrows as he pointed his finger towards the Orc Champion.

"And here I thought you pigs were dumb as shit; it turns out you learned human speech for whatever reason."

"Defiler, we Orcs learn from Humans, take your body, and breed new generations to conquer the land!"

Lucifer realised that the orcs weren't as stupid as he thought as he charged towards the Orc Champion, aiming towards its neck; the Orc blocked it with its hammer, kicking Lucifer straight in the chest and sending him flying away.

Flying in the air for a few seconds, Lucifer landed on his feet gracefully as he clapped, realising that he had met a worthy opponent—feeling that something wasn't right, he used the grimoire trying to see the information of this damn Orc.

?Black Orc Champion?

?Servant of The Diva of Blight, Nortamra?

?Level 100?

?Health: 3000/3000?

Lucifer realised how strong this Orc Champion was as he gripped his Polearm tightly, taking a moment to think as he watched the damn pig roar, charging towards him with great speed.

Lucifer ducked at the last second, rolling to the side—he pulled out his black dagger and stabbed straight towards its thigh, trying to immobilise it.

Unfortunately, the Orc Champion moved sideways quickly as Lucifer cursed, realising how difficult this battle would become.

?Lord Form?

—The Crimson Eclipse Bloodline surged throughout Lucifer's body as his muscles bulged and grew larger, his veins pulsing with pure vampiric power. His pupils changed shape and colour as he entered his Lord Form, harnessing the power of the Crimson Eclipse Bloodline.

Black wings, filled with raven feathers, appeared behind Lucifer's back as he jumped into the air, flapping them as he swooped down towards the Orc Champion, tearing the sky apart with his sharp, demonic claws filled with a dark red glow.

Lucifer tore through the Orc Champion's armour with ease as it roared in anger, as he grabbed the poor pig's neck and slammed him towards the ground.

Crushing his head against the ground, the Orc Champion roared, trying to lift its hammer to retaliate while Lucifer's mouth opened as a huge red beam began to form inside his lips—the Scarlet Oblivious was a deadly attack that would destroy almost anything in its path.

Lucifer aimed towards the Orc Champion's head, his claws pushing into the flesh of the Orc, feeling the flesh and blood of its struggling body oozing around his hand before the air crackled, the red ball of energy growing rapidly as Lucifer used his wings to fling down putting more weight on the Orc.

The Scarlet Oblivion shot from Lucifer's mouth, the red beam of light causing a ringing sound in his ears before a loud explosion released towards the Orc Champion, turning everything into dust, leaving Lucifer hovering with his claws hanging in the air, panting as he deactivated Lord form, wiping the sweat off his forehead before bending down to grab the small crystalised Prana used by Nortamra to make him her apostle...

And I swallowed the crystal.

?Black Orc Champion Slain?

?Level has risen by 5

?Gained 25 Enhancement Points

? Lucifer Status ?

Title: Don Juan, Hero, Champion of Celestia, Bane of Celestina, Father of Blight.

Level: 49

Vampire Lord

Bloodline: Crimson Eclipse

Seat: 72nd

Guild Rank: D

Enhancement Points: 0

Race: Crimson Eclipse Vampire

Status: Healthy

STR: 92

AGL: 80

STA: 80

VIT: 755

INT: 80

CHA: 50

? End of Status ?

"Ha..... fuck this was too much effort...."


[Are you okay?]

Lucifer wondered what she meant, only to find that he had cast the Scarlet Oblivion in a rush, causing him to destroy his arm as it slowly tried to regenerate itself.

"I could use a hand..."

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