The Extra of The Lunerra

Chapter 249 Volume IV - 94: Leaving the Enemy Base

Chapter 249 Volume IV - Chapter 94: Leaving the Enemy Base

The expressionless clones quickly rushed at the dwarves after I gave them the order. I ignored them, fearless because I was invisible, but in a hurry, I ran at the dwarves and rushed through them to the open door.

When I stepped out into the corridor, the sight I saw was one I had expected. On both sides, countless soldiers were pointing their weapons at the door of the archive room. Whoever came out of there would be showered with bullets.

I sighed deeply, thinking what a useful artifact the charm on my lapel had been, and was deeply disappointed when I remembered again that it was damaged.

I quickly started rushing toward our predetermined point of departure from this base, a warehouse in the area of the gate I was supposed to repair in the first place.

It was still about an hour away from the time we were supposed to meet, but I don't think it was hard for Gurdas, Durvan, and Rulhan to figure out what was going on with all the commotion.

Even though we're leaving a little early, I've captured a lot more than we were aiming for, so I don't see any problem in changing the operation a little bit.

All I need to do now is get to that warehouse safely and then leave as a team.


I knew where the gate was, so it wasn't too difficult to get there. Thanks to my invisibility, I made my way through with almost no problems, the artifact concealing even my mana made it almost impossible to detect me.

The only thing that might have been a problem was that the two clones I created in the archive room had already fallen.

A man who suddenly disappeared, clones and flame mastery... They must have already identified me.

"Emergency! Emergency! This is an announcement to all soldiers on the base..."

There were announcements all the time. Frederick Owell's name kept being mentioned, and I kept running into armed soldiers in the corridors.

In short, I'd better hurry. Even though I can turn invisible, my mana is not unlimited and the charm is already damaged enough.

I started looking for the warehouse, the meeting point. I had memorized most of the places I had visited in the area, but I wasn't sure where the warehouse was. I mean, it had to be in one of the spots I didn't have memorized.

So I was moving from corridor to corridor, past countless soldiers without any problem, when a single dwarf caught my eye.

I couldn't see his face because he was wearing a helmet, but he was different from the soldiers on the base.

Unlike all the dwarves I had seen so far, he was alone, running in a different direction and his body structure was familiar.

He must have been either Durvan or Rulhan.

I quickly followed him, and even though he didn't notice me, I followed behind him. Even though I had guesses as to who he was, I didn't risk it, I passed through the corridors he passed through without breaking my invisibility.

When he finally turned right down a corridor and slowed down as he approached the door to a room in a secluded corner, I slowed down with him.

The dwarf showed something like a card on a screen next to the door, opened it, and looked around one last time before entering. He made sure no one saw him, then stepped into the room.

I quickly went in with him before the door closed, so that I could see another dwarf waiting in the slightly darkened room, which was obviously a warehouse.

The two dwarves gripped their weapons as soon as they saw each other. Yet they did not pull the trigger. After two seconds of silence, they spoke at the same time.



When they spoke at the same time, they had no doubts. They lowered their weapons, then they took off their helmets and looked at each other. Then a smile appeared on both of their faces.

Rulhan spoke first, he was the one waiting in the room. The one I followed was Durvan.

"Did ye set the bombs?"

"O' course, ye doubtin' me or somethin'?"

Durvan looked around after saying these words. His smiling face suddenly turned serious, and his eyebrows furrowed.

"Where are Gurdas and Aiden?"

"They haven't arrived yet-"

Before Rulhan could finish the word, the door to the warehouse opened again, and a dwarf rushed in. Then, without waiting for the door to close on its own, he quickly shut it. Gasping for breath, he slowly turned around and saw the two dwarves looking at him with a puzzled expression.

"What be it? I had to kill someone chasin' me, so I'm in a right hurry."

Gurdas... made a rather unexpected entrance.

"Where's Aiden? I reckoned he'd be the first to come here after causin' all this ruckus."

"Oh, I'm here."

My voice suddenly echoed around the room, causing all three dwarves to jump in their seats and look around, gripping their weapons.

I burst out laughing, stopped transferring mana to the charm on my collar, and laughed uncontrollably as my invisibility slowly faded.

My body became visible again, and the trio stared at me in shock as I appeared out of nowhere. The surprise didn't last long though. As I continued to laugh, the three of them smiled back.

"Good, we're all here. Let's make it snappy. They must've already caught wind of three suspicious dwarves sneakin' into a warehouse."

Having said that, Rulhan reached into a small bag at his waist and pulled out a device almost the size of a fist. Without waiting a second, he pressed the button on it, then threw it carelessly in front of us.

For the first two seconds nothing happened. After the silence of these two seconds, though, the intensity and flow of mana in the room suddenly changed. A small gate, dark blue in color, barely a meter and a half tall, slowly took shape above the device.

"Go, go, go! Fast, it will be open for fifteen seconds at most!"

The gate was unstable. In fact, it was already a miracle that it was able to open with such a simple mechanism. That's why it was able to create a very small gate for a very short time, and on top of that, it was only for single use.

Rulhan was the first to enter. After him, Durvan and Gurdas jumped in without waiting because they had fifteen seconds. I also entered the gate in the last seconds.

A warm sensation enveloped my whole body. My vision went white for a moment and then my eyes were suddenly dazzled.

I closed my eyes and tried to look around as the warm sensation slowly faded and the dazzling light slowly faded.

A breeze was the first thing to hit my face. Then I noticed the light of the setting sun, greeting me warmly through the tree leaves.


At the sound of Gurdas' voice, I finally tore my eyes away from the sun to see the three dwarves who had fallen to the ground.

Now, safe, if only for a short time, they were all watching me. I didn't even have to wait for them to open their mouths to know what they meant.

"I broke into the archive room, got some important information, and while I was doing it, I put Pulvar Sou'hard in a flaming bath."

I think they were expecting me to have done something big, they were prepared, but when they heard my last sentence, all three of them froze in place.

"Wh- what did you say you did?!"

"Pulvar Sou'hard... You killed that maniac of a general...?!"

I plastered a smile on my face, puffed out my chest, and squinted my eyes. Their reaction was certainly enough to make me feel proud, even for a brief moment.

One thing we had to remember though, the operation was still not complete. So I ignored their questions and spoke with a serious expression.

"We are tired but we need to move. We need to leave."

They were curious. They were eager to hear the details, it was not hard to see it in their expressions. Yet they were experienced soldiers, they knew they were still on a mission.

"When we're back, I'll be hearin' 'bout what ye done in all the juicy details!"

Saying this, Gurdas stood up. Durvan and Rulhan followed him.

"Aye, looks like ye had yerself quite the action, unlike us."

I smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Sure, that's my intention, but... which way do we go now?"

At my question, Rulhan quickly tapped on the device on his wrist. Then a small square holographic screen opened in front of him.

There was a small arrow on the screen. It pointed in the northwest direction.

"We're headin' in there. A vehicle'll be waitin' for us at the spot we're goin' 'bout half an hour from now."

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