The Apple of the Ruthless CEO's Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable

Chapter 156 - 156: Intern at Li Group

Chapter 156: Intern at Li Group

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Lei Yi brought Qiao Mu to the design department, and a tall woman in high heels walked over with a smile. ” Assistant Lei Te, what brings you to our department? ”

” Manager Ye, this is an intern who just arrived. She’s going to intern in the design department. ” Lei Yi handed the information on Qiao Mu to Ye Lin.

Qiao Mu smiled and politely said, ‘”‘ Hello, Manager Ye. My name is Qiao Mu.

Please take care of me. ‘

Ye Lin shifted her gaze and sized up Qiao Mu. The corners of her lips curled up. ‘ Assistant Reiter is really timely. It just so happens that our department has been quite busy recently, so he arranged interns for us. ”

Lei Yi spoke indifferently, his words hinting at something.” Qiao Mu is still a student and will only be interning in the company for a month. I’ll have to trouble Manager Ye to take care of the newcomer. I’ll leave her to you. I’ll go and get busy. ‘

Li Yan did not say that he had to take special care of Qiao Mu, so Lei Yi did not go too far. After all, in such a competitive company, being labeled as a backdoor would incur the jealousy of others.

After Lei Yi left, Ye Lin looked at Qiao Mu’s information and raised her eyelids. ‘ Major in fashion design? Qiao Mu, interior design and real estate design aren’t as simple as fashion design. Since you’ve come to our department, you’d better work hard. I hate people without ability the most. If you can’t do a good job, you can leave immediately.”

Qiao Mu nodded. ” Don’t worry, Manager Ye. I’ll work hard. ” May I ask what I need to do?”

She had come for an internship because she wanted to accumulate experience. It was not a bad thing to have a strict boss.

Ye Lin pointed to a corner. ” That’s your desk. Look through the documents on the table and get to know the company first. ‘

Qiao Mu introduced herself to the people in the design department’s office before sitting down at her desk. When she saw the documents on the desk, she felt a headache coming on.

The female employees gathered together and whispered, “Who is this Qiao Mu? A university student who doesn’t specialize in the right field. Isn’t this forcing trash into our department?!”

“He probably got into the company because of the higher-ups.”

‘ What Manager Ye dislikes the most is those employees who have no ability and go through the back door. I wonder how long this university student who doesn’t know anything can stay. ‘

‘ But Oiao Mu was personally arranged by Assistant Lei Te, and Lei Yi is the CEO’s direct subordinate. We can’t afford to offend him! ”

Some people wanted to say something, but Ye Lin threw the document on their table. ” It’s working hours. Why are you daydreaming?! ‘

Ye Lin glanced at Qiao Mu before coldly retracting her gaze. The corners of her lips curled up in disapproval.

During lunch break, Qiao Mu got up and stretched her waist, her eyes hurting from reading the documents.

Suddenly, someone patted her shoulder. Qiao Mu turned around, and a female colleague said with a smile, ‘”‘ Qiao Mu, according to the rules, new employees have to treat their department colleagues to a meal to improve mutual understanding. You’ll have to pay for lunch today! ”

Qiao Mu realized that the others were all looking at her. There were so many people in the department, and anything they ate would cost more than a thousand yuan. Her wallet could not withstand her torture.

She smiled embarrassedly. ” I really can’t do it today. I have something to do later. There’s still a long time. I’ll definitely treat you guys to a meal another day!

Qiao Mu’s phone rang and helped her out of the predicament.

Her colleagues went to the cafeteria to eat in disappointment.. They were afraid that their new colleagues would be fired before they could treat them to a meal!

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