Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 820 Guesses

“Uchiha?!” muttered the masked man, looking at the Uchiha Clansmen. For a while, his gaze stayed on the Uchiha Patriarch, then shifted to Uchiha Itachi, and finally rested on Uchiha Shisui.

Looking at the Uchiha Shisui who seemed to be ready for battle, his expression under the mask turned gloomy, as he thought, ‘So it seems that Shinichi was working under the orders of Uchiha.’

By now, there is no doubt that the person who ordered Shinichi to enter Akatsuki as a spy is the Uchiha Clan, the fact that Uchiha Clansmen came for Shinichi’s rescue after his defection from the Akatsuki Organization proves this.

But for the masked man, this is very surprising considering Uchiha Patriarch’s nature.

In his opinion, the current Patriarch of the Uchiha Clan is an indecisive person. He never expected that such a man would order Shinichi to join the Akatsuki as a spy.

Precisely why, the masked man never put the man in his eyes, and he only considered Uchiha Shisui as a genuine threat from the Uchiha Clan.

However, now it seems that he was mistaken about Uchiha Fugaku, and he will have to pay more attention to Uchiha Fugaku as well.

The exhausted Shinichi stood up with support from a Uchiha Clansman, and complained to Fugaku, “Patriarch-sama, what took you so long? If you had come a little late, I would have been dead!”

Fugaku didn’t answer and remained silent.

He was thinking about the outcome of the battle should they face the masked man.

Fugaku has an understanding of Shinichi’s strengths. Considering his Mangekyou Sharingan, Shinichi is no pushover, yet the masked man was able to easily push him into such a desperate state without any injury.

‘It seems even Shinichi doesn’t have any good counter against his space-time Jutsu.’ Fugaku thought as he looked at the masked man.

However, even if that’s the case, Fugaku is not afraid. No matter how difficult to kill the masked man is, he won’t be able to harm them. After all, he and Shisui both have Mangekyou Sharingan.

But of course, even if Fugaku is not afraid, he can’t deny the possibility of the presence of other members of Akatsuki around, therefore, he didn’t make any rash move.

If it’s up to him, he wouldn’t want to incite a conflict with the Akatsuki at this stage, not when the village is not ready to fight the Akatsuki.

Similar to Fugaku, the masked man was also weighing things.

The masked man doesn’t care about the presence of other Uchiha, even the presence of the Uchiha Patriarch can be ignored. However, Uchiha Shisui… ‘I can’t risk a battle against him’ These are his genuine thoughts.

It’s not that he can’t fight Uchiha Shisui, no that’s not the problem, the problem is Uchiha Shisui’s Mangekyou Sharingan ability. If by some chance, Uchiha Shisui manages to affect him with his ‘Kotoamatsukami’, that would be troublesome.

The masked man doesn’t have any counter for ‘Kotoamatsukami’, therefore, he doesn’t want to take such a risk.

Moreover, he has to consider the possibility of interference from Amatsukami.

Konoha has been cooperating with the Amatsukami for a while now, and he wouldn’t be surprised if members of that organization were to appear here all of a sudden.

‘No, I can’t risk it.’ Thought the masked man as he took one last glance at Shinichi, ‘You get to live’ and then disappeared.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the masked man left, then under Fugaku’s order, they quickly left the area, and took Shinichi back to Konoha.

Ancor Vantian

Caw! Caw! Caw!

As he noticed the crow summon coming to the room, Kuroto raised his hand and allowed it to land on his hand.

After that, he took out the small scroll tied to its leg read the content of the scroll, and nodded to himself, “Good.” There was no change in his expression.

The scroll was sent by Shisui, and it told Kuroto that they had successfully met with Uchiha Shinichi and were on their way to Konoha.

This entire Uchiha Shinichi rescue operation was obviously arranged by Kuroto. And how did Kuroto know of this?

Well, before Shinichi went after the puppet, he had already sent his summon cat to Kuroto, in order to tell Kuroto what he is going to do and that he would probably need some help later. Along with that, he also informed Kuroto about his current situation at the organization and told him that leaving it would be better since he is useless there.

Kuroto didn’t oppose Shinichi’s actions and allowed him to do what he was doing, as for helping him, although he could have gone, he was busy with something very important, therefore, he told Shisui and instructed him to disclose this information to the Uchiha Patriarch.

Fugaku has been seeking Shinichi’s return to the Uchiha Clan, so upon learning this news from Shinichi, he immediately leads an elite unit out of Konoha in order to make sure that Shinichi is safely brought back to the village.

Putting the matter of Shinichi to the side for a while, Kuroto thought about the person who approached the Akatsuki.

He didn’t have to guess too much, it was obvious that the person was Hyuga Aoki.

However, this confused Kuroto.

The information that Aoki is exchanging with Akatsuki, Kuroto is not worried about that. It’s quite obvious that Aoki doesn’t know the identity of the leader of Amatsukami nor does he know any secret about the Amatsukami.

Why is Kuroto so sure?

The answer is simple. If Aoki really knew the identity of the leader of Amatsukami, he wouldn’t try to recruit Kuroto as a subordinate.

That’s why Kuroto believes that Aoki is either trying to fool the Akatsuki or has made some misjudgment about the identity of the leader of Amatsukami.

Rather than the misjudgment that Aoki has made about the identity of the leader of Amatsukami, what concerns Kuroto more is Aoki’s intention to cooperate with the Akatsuki. Based on Kuroto’s judgment of Aoki’s attitude after he obtained the Giant Tenseigan of the Hyuga Clan unless exposed to a stronger threat, he wouldn’t try to cooperate with the Akatsuki.

And what’s important here is that Aoki has labeled Amatsukami as the common enemy of both Akatsuki and, which is quite interesting. Kuroto doesn’t think he had any interaction with Aoki while acting as a member of Amatsukami, so what kind of enmity?

In the current shinobi world, other than Amatsukami, Akatsuki, and Five Great Shinobi Villages, the only other power that can put enough pressure on Aoki is the Otsutsuki Clan on the moon. Kuroto had an encounter with the Toneri’s puppet, it wouldn’t be strange if Aoki also encountered that puppet.

If that is indeed true, then Aoki has probably mistaken the Otsutsuki on the moon to be the power behind Amatsukami. This also explains why he and Amatsukami have enmity.

‘I guess this is a good development for me…’ thought Kuroto as he thought of how to use this misjudgment to his advantage.

“I suppose I will wait until I have the opportunity to make those moves.” Muttered Kuroto with a smile as he put his attention back on the Biological Armor he had been working on.



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