Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 1011 Leaving The Chapter osed World Of Drayds (Part 1)

"Mom, is it ready?" Elora asked while licking her lips as she looked at the fruit pudding Anastasia was making.

"Just wait for five minutes and it will be ready," Anastasia said while patting Elora's head.

Elora didn't shift her eyes from the pudding and just nodded her head.

Evan was sitting on the sofa, looking at both of them with dead eyes.

'I wonder what kind of reaction she will show if she finds out Elora is treating her as the replacement for her previous cook, Biscuit,' He thought while rubbing his eyebrows and reflecting on the events of the past few days.

It's been ten days since Elora woke up and Evan tried to mess with Anastasia. To stop the shadow dragon from doing something stupid, Evan clearly explained everything about Elora.

After finding out Elora was a weapon spirit, Anastasia was quite surprised, but when she recalled the strange feeling of destruction she felt when she first met her, she knew Evan wasn't lying.

After resolving the misunderstanding, when Anastasia found out Elora was a foodie, she asked her to call her "Mom," and in return, she would give her tasty food.

Hearing she could get tasty food just by calling her "Mom," Elora didn't hesitate and immediately started to call her Mom.

'Well, as long as both of them are happy...' Evan thought and shrugged his shoulders, not caring too much about what they call each other.

He took out his communication crystal from his storage ring and looked at the information he received a few hours ago.

'The Gehenna Empire and Dragon Islands have already started to move, and minor conflicts are happening between both parties every day, but there is no major event, and only people below rank two are engaging in conflict...' Evan thought while rubbing his chin.

'From the looks of it, it seems they are trying to delay the war so that they can properly investigate the situation of Eldrakar and Baphomet.' He said inwardly and his eyes narrowed because this was not a good thing for him.

He was sure that Baphomet and Eldrakar would come out of the Tomb one day, and he wanted to ensure that the Gehenna Empire and Dragon Islands started a big war before that so that even if both of them returned, it wouldn't be easy for them to stop the war.

Currently, most people think that he is somehow related to the Shadow Monarch, but Eldrakar and Baphomet know that he is not related to him but is the Shadow Monarch himself.

Once they come out, it would be impossible to hide his true identity from the other factions.

But if the war between the Dragon Islands and the Gehenna Empire escalated to the point of no return, Eldrakar and Baphomet would have to first solve the situation of the war after coming out before doing anything about him.

'I just need some time to grow properly, and once I am strong enough...' Evan said inwardly and stopped looking at the information on the communication crystal.

His gaze shifted towards Anastasia and thinking about what they would be doing in a few days, his lips slightly arched upwards.

Although what they were planning to do was quite risky and could be said to be complete madness, he couldn't help but feel excited.

'If everything goes according to plan, the Bloodmoon Empire will also get involved in this mess, and once that happens...' Evan shook his head and tried to stay calm.

Soon Elora ran towards him while holding her fruit pudding and sat down beside him.lightsnovel

"Father, do you want some?" She asked while scooping a spoonful of pudding and extending it towards his mouth.

"Sure," Evan said, and as he took a bite, the sweet flavour of fruits exploded in his mouth.

"It's good," He said and once again sighed, marvelling at how a dragon had become such a good cook.

"Really?" Hearing Evan, Elora also took a bite and her eyes immediately lit up.

Anastasia walked out of the kitchen and, seeing Elora eating, she sighed because this little girl was really a glutton and she had to cook five or six times a day.

'I wonder what kind of person she was before he turned her into a weapon spirit,' Anastasia thought with a strange look on her face, thinking about the amount of food that Elora had eaten in the past ten days. 'Even a normal Rank Four core evolver can't match this girl in digesting high-level food.'

As Anastasia came back and sat down beside Evan, Evan's communication crystal rang.

As he accepted the call, Sylvan's excited voice came from the other end.

"The Core World Pill is ready," He simply said and ended the call.

Evan raised an eyebrow when Sylvan ended the call so quickly and shook his head.

"It seems he is really excited to recover his rank," He said and stood up.

Seeing Evan was planning to leave, Elora finished the pudding in one bite and turned into a black-golden streak of light, disappearing inside his body.

Evan didn't say anything when Elora entered his soul space and looked at Anastasia.


Anastasia grabbed Evan's hand, and the next second, the surroundings around them blurred. In an instant, they arrived right outside Sylvan's cave.

Evan felt a little dizzy because Anastasia didn't use teleportation or any other skill; she simply moved using her high agility, which is why he couldn't adapt to the change in location immediately.

Once Evan recovered, both of them entered the cave and when they reached the end, they saw Ashley, Alaric, Octavius, and Sylvan already there.

Ashley had created a space barrier in one of the corners of the cave, extending its space, and Sylvan was sitting in the middle of it, holding a pure white pill.

"He can't wait to heal his core, huh," Anastasia said with a chuckle when she saw that Sylvan was already ready to take the Core World Pill.

Alaric and Ashley nodded when they heard Anastasia and Octavius come back to stand beside Evan.

"So you really succeeded in refining it," Evan said to Octavius, who didn't say anything and just lifted his chin in a proud manner. Evan shook his head when he saw this and shifted his gaze towards Sylvan, who finally couldn't hold back anymore and popped the pill into his mouth.

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